War images, comentary


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War images, comentary

  1. 1. In this image I placed my model into a stance as ifhe were aiming at a target and captured theimage. This gave me a concentrated anddetermined look of my model.In this image the place where I took the imageswere in a dark environment, this allowed me touse a flash image. The F-stop for this photo was4.5. I used this F-stop because it enabled me tocapture the image of the models face leaving theprop out of focus but still being able to see whatthe object is.
  2. 2. This image is a close up portrait thatportrays aggression, anguish and asense of fight.Again the Flash image was used inthe dark environment. The F-stop forthis photo was 4.0 and the exposuretime was 1/200 seconds. This wassimilar to the previous image exceptthis image has a slightly blurredbackground and all props are in focus.
  3. 3. In this photograph I tried to capture a lookof anger. I got up extremely close to mymodel to capture a portrait and to show allemotions. I told my model to shout as loudas he could and as he did I took the image.The F-stop for this image was 4, with theexposure time as 1/200sec. This enabledme to capture the foreground object; Themodel, in motion but also in focus butblurring the background slightly butenough to see what it is. Also using therule of thirds, putting my model on theright hand side of the screen lookingacross makes the reader wonder what mymodel is shouting at.
  4. 4. This image is a portrait of my model in acertain pose that represents the wartheme. The F-stop I used for this was 5.0.I used this F-stop because of the lighting.In a dark area I needed a flash to capturethe image there for the low F-stop wasnecessary.
  5. 5. In this image I used the rule of thirdsto capture the look of focus of mymodel. I composed this picture in thedark therefore used a flash imagewith an F-stop of 4.0. The darkness ofthe area enables me to capture a feelof war in night time.
  6. 6. In this image I tried to create animage an image of movement asmy model jumped up. To capturethis image I had to adjust myshutter speed and F-stop to 3.5.This then enabled me to capturemy model in motion.
  7. 7. This is an image of a portrait of mymodel. I told my model shout at thetop of his voice and caught it in action.This gives a determined look of mymodel creating a brilliant effect. The F-stop for this image was F.4. thisenabled me to capture my modelshouting in motion.
  8. 8. This image is a medium shot of mymodel. This creates a serious look. Theprops and costume involved portray mywar theme extremely well. The flashimage was necessary as it was in a darkenvironment. The F-stop for this imagewas 4.5.
  9. 9. This image is out of focus whichgives the image a wonderful affectas it brings the image to life. Thef-stop for this was 4.5. This imageis a rule of thirds composition.
  10. 10. This is a portrait image that I took. In this image I created ashadow to try and create a more realistic affect. This ideadidn’t work to my advantage. The f-stop for this image was3.5. This f-stop enabled me to capture my modelshouting, by keeping it in focus.