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    Where did i leave my phone presentation Where did i leave my phone presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Starts with Simon talking to Barry at Barry’s house. Simon has just said goodbye when he realises he’s losthis phone. Barry doesn’t know where it is and suggests that he calls it; they listen but hear no ring tone.Simon decides to backtrack through his day to find his phone, so he goes to where he was earlier which wasTom’s house. Tom is in a bad mood when Simon arrives. Tom is on the phone to someone shouting at themsaying that they are a chicken for backing out. Simon remains silent until Tom stops talking on the phone.When Tom has finished talking on the phone Simon will ask tom if he’s seen his phone. Tom cuts him offmidsentence and will ask Simon to do him a favour. Simon will ask what it is. Tom lies and tells him that heneeds Simon to ride along with him to help him collect some heavy furniture.Simon agrees and they both leave Toms house and get in tom’s car. When they are driving they both makeconversation including Simon asking if Tom has seen his phone. Tom says no. Later during the car journeySimon sees tom putting on leather gloves and a balaclava, he asks Tom why he has these, Tom respondswhile giving a pair to Simon saying he lied and that he needs Simon’s help in robbing a bank. Simon’simmediate response is to not aid in robbing the bank, they argue briefly until Tom threatens Simon, whogives in due to intimidation.They walk in to a bank and Tom points a gun at the banker who starts panicking. The alarm sounds howeverand Tom and Simon run out of the bank only to find police by the getaway car walking sprinting towardsthem. Tom forces himself and Simon to hide in a dustbin nearby. The police are searching nearby for Tomand Simon. The story ends in a humorous way because Simon realises his phone was deep inside one ofhis pockets. He only finds this out though because his phone rings and the police hear it and find Simon andTom and place them both under arrest.
    • 23 years old White Mother and father English male. are dead.Butchers apprentice. Friends with Barry and Tom. Motivated in life in dreams of becoming a master Weak hearted butcher. and forgetful.
    • 27 year old white English male.Barry isunemployedand currentlylives with hismum and dad. Barry is friends with Simon. Barry is motivated to carry on living because his parents allow him to sleep on their couch.
    • Tom is 23 year oldEnglish white male. Tom Tom has a family but has not been allowed to see them since he was caught stealing from them.Tom is branded as thevillain of the radio drama. Tom’s job is being a handy man.
    • Website links that helped me find the rightVoice actors: £62.50 prices: • http://thevoiceovervoice.co.uk/rates/Foley artist: £5.86 • http://www.ehow.com/info_8626178_sal ary-foley-artist.htmlScript writer: £700 • http://www.radiofacilities.com/#/radio- isdn-studio/4541911462Hiring a radio studio: £112Equipment and props: £550Total spending costs: £1430.36 leaving me with £235.64left in my spending budget.
    • • 15- 25 year olds• Fans of comedy drama• Shown on a Friday• 4PM• Rush Hour