Planning and production


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Planning and production

  1. 1. Final MajorProjectUnit 4Planning andProductionName: Matthew Wheeler
  2. 2. Production Title:Gluten documentarySubmission of Production:Monday 24thJune 2013Length of production:Ten minutes in length7:00Crew names:Alex Goodall: CameramanJames Sinton: Sound technician and health and safety officerMatthew Wheeler: director and production managerActors names:Interviewees:Matthew Wheeler: presenter
  3. 3. Production roles for crewName RoleMatthew Wheeler:Alex Goodall:James SintonPresenter, Director and production managerCameramanHealth and safety officer, Sound technicianDeadlinesCrew responsibility Deadline for completionComplete the pre-production (MatthewWheeler)Complete the filming process (MatthewWheeler, James Sinton, Alex Goodall andinterviewees)Editing of footage into sequence to createfinal version of documentary. (MatthewWheeler and editor who is being hired)14thJune 201317thJune 201319thJune 2013Agreed contentIntroduction: The presenter will introduce the documentary, explaining what thedocumentary is talking about and giving the audience a rough outline of what will becovered during the documentary.
  4. 4. Interviews: Interviews will be conducted throughout the documentary, to get a betterinsight of what GF sufferers feel about being Gluten free. Interviews will also be including aprofessional who can give the audience an insight on what Gluten is and how it affectspeople. The presenter (Matt) will also be interviewed throughout the documentary as hedescribes his negatives and positives of being on a Gluten free diet.Inside topics: the documentary will discuss what Gluten is, who is affected by Gluten, Whatthe effects are for people who eat Gluten, The Gluten free product market and experts’advice on how to counter Gluten.Please read the information above this box to see the agreed content.Detailed outline of productionContent outline of documentary: Will be talking about what “Gluten free” is. Will be discussing who is affected by Gluten. (who has to be on a Gluten free diet) Will talk about what kind of effects people have when they eat Gluten? Some being moresevere than others. What people who are affected by Gluten are doing to try and counter the effects that Glutenhas on them. What are experts doing to try and cure this problem?Name Role Days when they arepresenting, shootingor editingContact number:Matthew Wheeler ProducerPresenter (part of thefilm cast)Production manager14thJune- 17thJune2013 for overseeingand presenting thedocumentary when itis filmed.18thand 19thof June2013 overseeing the07783409221
  5. 5. editing of the footageas it is put intosequence.Alex Goodall Cameraman 14thJune- 17thJune2013 filming thescenes and interviewsfor the documentary.07722295053James Sinton Sound TechnicianHealth and safety14thJune- 17thJune2013 Overseeing thatthe sound qualityduring filming is goodquality. Will also bedoing health andsafety checks on eachlocation the crew andcast films at.07827450522Editor (no name due tothe fact that they arebeing hired along withthe editing suite)Editing 18thand 19thof June2013 editing thefootage into sequenceto create thedocumentary.Company phonenumber:+44 (0) 20 8549 9966Team meetings, meetings with actors and crewDate Location Attendees outcome13ThJune 201315thJune 201318thJune 2013HP14 4AJHP14 4AJHP14 4AjAll the cast and crewAll the cast and crewAll the crew (no cast)Brief and feedbackBrief and feedbackBrief and feedbackEquipment requiredItem/ person Cost How manydaysTotal CostSony PMW-F3K XDCAM EX Complete Shooting Kit£890 per week A week £890Editing suite £480 per day Two days £960
  6. 6. priceEditorQuote price£210 per day Two days £420Cameraman£350 per day Four days £1400Sound technician£220 per day Four days £880Accommodation for crew (includes breakfast)£66 per person,for each dayFour days £792Minibus hire for travelQuote£190 per day Four days £760Food and drink for crew £50 per day, Four days £600Total costs £6702Locations usedLocations Date To filmDr John Richer’shouseRecording studio15thJune 201316thJune 2013InterviewsInterviews and presentingContingency / back up plansCamera equipment: below is a list of backup websites I can use for hiring the required filming
  7. 7. equipment if necessary. suite: If my first choice editing suite us suddenly unavailable then I would use the websitebelow to hire a new editing suite. If my first choice film editor that I am hiring is not available then I would use the websitebelow to hire a new film editor. If my original cameraman that I am hiring suddenly becomes unavailable I would usethe website below to hire a new cameraman. Technician: If my first choice sound technician was suddenly unavailable, I would use thewebsite below to hire a new sound technician. assessmentOn the two locations that me and the production crew filmed at there were no hazards orrisks found during the health and safety check.
  8. 8. Production management (Detail how you managed each stage)Managing the pre-production and the production rolesDates for set deadlines What needs to be finished Who is required for this task tobe finished7thJune- 13thJune 2013 Completing the pre-productionfor the documentary.Matthew Wheeler14thJune- 17thJune 2013 Filming the content for thedocumentary.Entire crew:Matthew WheelerAlex GoodallJames Sinton18thand 19thof June 2013 Editing the footage intosequence to make thedocumentary.Matthew WheelerFilm Editor (being hired withthe editing suite)Managing the production phaseMatthew Wheeler:14th-17thJune 2013: Matthew will be directing and presenting (interviewing too) thedocumentary during the filming dates.18th-19thJune 2013: Matthew will be overseeing the editing as the editor puts the footageinto sequence.Alex Goodall:14th-17thJune 2013: Alex will be shooting (to a professional standard) the documentarysequences and interviews.James Sinton:14th-17thJune 2013: James will be the sound technician during the shooting of thedocumentary. He will be making sure the sound quality being picked up by the mike on thecamera is of good enough quality to be able to hear. He will also be conducting health andsafety on each location we visit to film at.Post production phasePost production phase is listed above separately from this word document.
  9. 9. Detail how you solved problemsProblem One: The first problem I had was when I was interviewing Dr John Richer in hisback garden. He didn’t want us to interview him in his house, so we respected that andfilmed him outside.However, at points throughout the interview the wind was very strong causing adisturbance for the audio. We had no mike shield for the microphone so had to carry on.The audio disturbance was obvious when we came to editing the interview. We managed totone out most of the wind disturbance though which relatively solved the problem.Prioritising (How and what did you prioritise during your producing)Priority One: The first priority was getting the interview filmed with Dr John Richer. Thereason for this was that he had very little free time during his work for us. So we decided todo the interview first (seeing as that was a large part of the documentary). Also this way, ifsomething did go wrong we would still have a chance of meeting him again to reshoot.After the interview (main part of documentary) has been shot we then began shooting therest of the documentary in the order of the shooting script from intro to summary. This waywe were reducing the chance of missing anything out during filming.Modifications (Why did you modify your work and what was changed during post-production)There was only one modification during the post-production phase. We had booked a dateto interview a celiac group for their thoughts and opinions on gluten, however theycontacted me by email a few days before the filming date with them was scheduled andinformed me that they could no longer take part in the documentary.They apologised and I was fine with it however it left me with little time to make changesthat were now required. In the end I emailed Dr Richer with a set of additional questions forhim to answer. This was to help fill up the space of where we would originally have beeninterviewing the celiac group.
  10. 10. Additional informationInterview Script (questions):What is Gluten?Who is affected by Gluten? (celiac)What are some of the effects on people when they eat Gluten?Is there any way to counter being gluten free? (apart from being on diet diet)Are young patients finding it easier to keep to their exclusion diets now that glutenfree foods are readily available in supermarkets?The questions above were emailed to Dr John Richer two weeks in advance of the scheduledinterview with him. This was so that he had plenty of time to prepare himself with theanswers he would give.Shooting ScriptIntroduction:Medium still shot of presenter as they introduce the documentary and thetopic. At end of introduction the shot will fade out to black.Interview: Two cameras will be used for this interview. The location for filming theinterview is at Dr John Richers house.One camera will be filming a medium still shot of the presenter/ interviewer as they ask theinterviewee questions.The other camera will be filming the interviewee to capture their repsonses to the questionsgiven to them by the interviewer.Using two cameras rather than one is far more proffessional as it captures everything andeach camera can be focued on a specific person the whole time rather than panning acrossfrom one person to another.
  11. 11. “Products that contain gluten” Scene: One camera shall be filming the presenter using astill medium shot to capture it. When the scene ends the screen will fade to black.“Gluten free product market” scene: One camera shall be filming the presenter using a stillmedium shot to capture it. When the scene ends the screen will fade to black.Summary/ end of documentary: One camera shall be filming the presenter using a stillmedium shot to capture it. When the scene ends the screen will fade to black.