Audience Research:Immediate audience: My immediate audience would be people who are gluten free or suffer fromgluten for a...
Audience research
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Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience Research:Immediate audience: My immediate audience would be people who are gluten free or suffer fromgluten for a different reason, or maybe it could be a viewer who knows someone who suffers fromgluten. The reason these people would be watching it is because they are affected or knowsomeone who is affected by the topic (gluten) being discussed in the documentary.Age: The age of my ideal audience would need to be at the ages of fourteen and above. The purereasoning behind this is that when I am explaining what gluten is and how it affects people in mydocumentary, I fear that younger aged audience (13 and under) may find it difficult to follow andunderstand some of the words being used.Gender: The gender for my audience shall be mixed (male and female). It makes no sense for me totarget one specific gender of audience for this documentary because the documentary does notswing in the favour of one or the other genders favour. For example I was to do a documentary onracing car’s mixed with gun’s and explosions you could immediately relate that to male gendertarget audience. However gluten is a concern and interest to both genders (none more than theother) so I would rather target both genders than one.Socio-economic: There is no point in choosing an audience class (upper, middle and lower class) insocio-economic category. The reason behind this being that my documentaries topic (gluten) doesnot favour any specific class because it affects people and interest’s people within all three classes.For example if I was doing a documentary on how upper class individuals were about to be taxedallot more, that would make sense for me to choose upper class as my target audience because it isaffecting them. However with gluten, because it affects and interests audiences from all threeclasses I will prefer to target all three classes or none at all.Demographics: It is difficult for me to choose a specific group or groups from the demographic chartbecause I feel that my topic is of importance to individuals from all the groups. If I had to choose agroup, it would probably be group A which consists of doctors and professionals. They may takegreat interest in the documentary because it is covering something in their expertise or somethingthey have heard of but are still curious about.