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Social media in FM

  1. 1. Using Social Mediain FM
  2. 2. Who’s using social media?The brand of youSocial media + FM
  3. 3. Who’s using social media?Social? Business? Both? None?
  4. 4. Is social media a fad? SocialnomicsSource: Qualman (2010)
  5. 5. “Investing time in social media actually makesyou more productive”“We no longer search for the news, rather, thenews finds us”“Allows for the establishment of a quicker andmore profound connection between individuals”Source: Qualman (2010)
  6. 6. The brand of
  7. 7. ... who is looking for you and is this what you want them to see?
  8. 8. The brand of you1. Who do I know?2. Where are they?3. What do I know?4. What makes me unique?5. Where do I find more of these people?
  9. 9. Who do I know?• Current colleagues• Previous colleagues• Clients• Suppliers• People I met at events• Common groups e.g. Best Practice Club• Friends
  10. 10. Where are they? Industry sectors Built environment Media and advertising Food manufacturing Other
  11. 11. What do I know?• Think about your CV• What would you highlight?• What are you good at?• Build your own ‘asset register’ • Researching • Speaking in public • Lecturing
  12. 12. What makes me unique?• What makes you different?• Clue.... ask people!• People would rather read peer reviews than advertising jargon
  13. 13. Where do I find more of thesepeople?• Offline– Training courses– Writing articles for trade/journal publications– Ask for introductions– Conferences– Industry events
  14. 14. Where do I find more of thesepeople?• Online– LinkedIn (52 groups)– Twitter (875 followers)– Facebook (coming soon!)– Blog and guest blogging– Industry websites– Bespoke E-newsletters e.g. Let’s Talk FM.
  15. 15. • Top business networking site for professionals• Helps find people you know• People are constantly reminded of you• Access to everyone’s little black book• Soft interaction• Recommendations• Groups• Top recruiting tool• Aggregator of all other social media activity
  16. 16. Why blog?• Demonstrate industry expertise• Increases reach• Allows you to publish your own content without the need for third-party help, e.g. Journalists
  17. 17. • Micro-blog• Asks ‘what’s happening?’ (140 characters)• You choose who to follow• Newspaper in your pocket• Little bits of timely information• Quickly build a following• The more you do, the wider your network will grow
  18. 18. Anatomy of a tweet• 12 new #constructionjobs added to #jobsearch at RT @tcindex• @fmcoach is running a new training course on coaching check it out here:• Check out my new #blog ‘reasons to be careful when using the #olympic hook in publicity’
  19. 19. Bit.lyThis.... s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=se1+5rl&aq=&sll=53 .800651,- 4.064941&sspn=14.379924,36.035156&ie=UT F8&hq=&hnear=London+SE1+5RL,+United+Ki ngdom&z=16 To this...
  20. 20. Other tools for you
  21. 21. Other tools for your company
  22. 22. Social networks + FM ... Where are you from?… Where are your customers from? ... Do you speak the language?
  23. 23. FM branding, your wayI’m trying to make myself be perceived as anexpert so anyone involved in FM wouldnaturally go to me and look at my business,”.“I’m very consciously using this as a businesstool.” (Iain Murray)(FM World, June 2010)
  24. 24. FM news you want to see“It provides access in real time to constant updatesabout topical issues, whether from suppliers, consultantsor contractors, about everything from paper towels tobuilding infrastructure engineering,”“Any FM who is tapped into the right network ofsuppliers and consultants will have regular responses toany queries they may have.” (Adrian McNeece, founderof workplace advisory firm McNeece Consulting)(FM World, June 2010)
  25. 25. Interact @ FM events“You could see relationships being establishedduring the Th!nkFM conference which otherwisewouldn’t have happened,” says Neil Usher, generalmanager of group property at Rio Tinto.“I met about half a dozen people in the one day Iwas there who I wouldn’t have come into contactwith without Twitter”(FM World, June 2010)
  26. 26. Future of FM + social media“There needs to be a rethink in organisationsabout the benefits of increasing theircommunication with the outside world, whetherit’s clients or suppliers, and developing policiesaround that.” (Adrian McNeece)(FM World, June 2010)
  27. 27. Summary – where doyou want to be?• Be findable • Be relevant• Create your profile • Find the right mix of• Get a good picture tools for you• Be consistent • Start now
  28. 28. More info... Tip - go to and download chapter 1 for free... or better still just buy the book – its fantastic!
  29. 29. Thank you to...Christine Jones Director, Tiger Mouth LtdLiz Kentish Business Owner, Liz Kentish Coaching LtdFor allowing me to adapt certain materialwithin this presentation
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