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Matt Swenson / Medical Sales & Marketing Professional
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Matt Swenson / Medical Sales & Marketing Professional


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  • 1. MATT SWENSON /SALES & MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE “Faith is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the staircase.”
  • 2. MATT SWENSON / YOUR BUSINESS EDGE1. Perspective & Related Strengths2. Creative Business Approach3. Bottom Line Results & Awards4. Resume“You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective.”
  • 3. • Expert in building trust• Keen observer and exceptional communicator• Laser-focus on profitable results across all endeavors• Whole-brained thinker: equal parts analytical and creative• Envisions and implements unique, evidence-based solutions that produce results• Translates deep technical knowledge for a variety of audiences to demonstrate benefits PERSPECTIVE / RELATED STRENGTHS “Character equals the ability to meet the demands of reality.”
  • 4. Building Trust –Office Team Education CREATIVE / BUSINESS APPROACH
  • 5. Social Media Marketing CREATIVE / BUSINESS APPROACH
  • 6. Ridge Preservation –Clinical Education CREATIVE / BUSINESS APPROACH
  • 7. Implant Study Club –Clinical Education Series CREATIVE / BUSINESS APPROACH
  • 8. In-Office Clinical Training –Endo, Implants & Biologics CREATIVE / BUSINESS APPROACH
  • 10. BOTTOM LINE RESULTS / AWARDS• Sales Results 2011 (Minneapolis South): • 101% to total sales quota: 103.59% to endo quota; 95% to implant quota. • $1,558,989.00 in total sales; 112% to PY. • $1,109,013.00 in endo sales; 108% to PY. • $449,977.00 in implant & biologic sales; 118% to PY. • $87,760.00 in biologic sales; 127% to PY. • Closed 40 GuttaCore system sales, including 1 endodontist. • Closed 1 new implant surgical specialists and 1 general practitioner implant system. • Closed 3 new biologic surgical specialists and 2 new general practitioner biologic users. • Closed 1 new endodontic specialist (reciprocating).
  • 11. BOTTOM LINE RESULTS / AWARDS• Sales Results 2010 (Minneapolis South): • 98.89% to total sales quota: 112.76% to implant quota and 94.59% to rotary quota. • $1,400,479.00 in total sales; 106% to PY. • $719,798.00 in rotary sales; 107% to PY. • $268,989.00 in implant sales; 137% to PY. • $68,985.00 in biologic sales; 202% to PY. • $167,414.00 in sales to ADP; Largest dollar volume for entire group by $68,000.00. • Closed 11 new ultrasonic system sales. • Closed 3 new implant surgical specialists and 1 general practitioner implant system. • Closed 1 new endodontic specialist and rebuilt 1 endodontic specialist.
  • 12. BOTTOM LINE RESULTS / AWARDS• Sales Results 2009 (Minneapolis South): • 106.50% to total sales quota: 152.44% to implant quota and 114% to rotary quota. • Earned DENTSPLY Tulsa “Budget Buster” Award for total quota achievement over 105%. • Closed 4 new implant surgical specialists, and 2 general practitioner implant systems. • Closed 4 new endodontic specialists, and rebuilt 2 endodontic specialists.• Sales Results 2008 & 2009 (Denver West): • Through April 2009, I rebuilt Denver West to 107.36% of total sales quota: 104.09% to implant quota and 126.17% to rotary quota. Closed 2 new general practitioner implant systems and rebuilt 3 implant surgical specialists. • Rebuilt 1 endodontic specialist. • In November and December 2008, grew Denver West’s percentage to sales quota by 13.44%. Closed 1 new implant surgical specialist.
  • 13. BOTTOM LINE RESULTS / AWARDS• Sales Results 2007 (Mountain Region): • Fifth-ranked region in percentage to quota (102.69%) with $9,319,034.87 in sales. • First-ranked region in implant sales (110.93% to previous year) with $1,972,955.98 in sales. • Five of eight territories over 100% to quota. • Direct report promoted to Regional Sales Manager. • Direct report finished third in country, in sales percentage. • Finished year $16,000 under allotted regional expense budget.• Sales Results 2006 (Mountain Region): • First-ranked region in percentage to quota (97.63%) with 19.1% regional sales growth (2006 versus 2005). • Four of six territories over 100% to quota in 2006. • Hired, trained, and coached 2006 national Rookie of the Year. • Managed two national education center courses (Southwest Center for Dentistry and the Dr. Dick Barnes Group). • Directly closed $210,423.87 in sales at the Southwest Center for Dentistry educational center course.
  • 14. BOTTOM LINE RESULTS / AWARDS• Sales & Marketing Results 2004-2005 (Senior Product & Marketing Manager): • Managed XiVE product line that grew 25.69% in sales, from $2,693,662.00 to $3,385,672.00 (2004 versus 2003). • Managed marketing for ANKYLOS product line that finished 2005 145% to budget, $4,300,000.00 in total sales. • Product Launches (Four): FRIADENT Plus Surface; XiVE D3.0; PepGen P-15 PUTTY; and ANKYLOS.• Sales Results 2003 (Territory Sales Manager): • Q/4 2002 – 105% to quota; Q/1 2003 – 117% to quota; Q/2 2003 – 96% to quota; Q/3 2003 – 106% to quota; (12-Month Average – 106%).• Sales & Marketing Results 1995-2002 (Founder/Owner): • Grew client base from two to 27 clients and reached total sales of over $175,000 (Wisconsin: 1/00 – 8/02). • Grew client base from zero to 61 clients and reached total sales of over $550,000 (Minnesota: 7/95 – 12/99).
  • 15. BOTTOM LINE RESULTS / AWARDS• DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties 100% sales achievement recognition (2010).• DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties “212 Degree” Award (April 2010)• DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties “Budget Buster” Award for total quota achievement over 105% (2009).• DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties 100% sales achievement recognition (2007).• HOW Design’s “Identity Solutions” (2003) Inclusion in book featuring outstanding corporate identity solutions.• Apex Awards (2002) One Award of Excellence.• Summit Awards (2002, 2001, 2000 & 1999) Five Total Silver and Three Total Bronze.• West Bend Daily News (April 2002) Featured in article about marketing.• West Bend Daily News (April 2001) Featured in article about international design awards.• Digital Output Magazine (November 1997) Featured in article focusing on the use of stockart.• Art Direction Magazine (March 1995) Photo and article featuring Best Buy Co. advertisement.
  • 16. BOTTOM LINE RESULTS / AWARDS “A system’s elements should have some positive meaning behind them, yet they should also reflect the company in a way that allows for shifts in meaning over time, as the company grows and changes.” -- Matt Swenson
  • 17. KIND WORDS / ADVOCATES“My experience with Matt is that he is a true professionalwith high ethics, works hard for his customers andendeavors to continue learning about the marketplace.” -- Greg Phillips / TDS “Matt - love the title of this email,actually got me to look at it this morning, while drinking my hot tea nonetheless … you know us all too well!” -- Dr. Mora Cervenka / Tulsa Customer“The reason this company is doing well is because of peoplelike Matt, I cannot express my thanks enough … ” -- Benjamin McBride / TDS “Matt - This is simply brilliant. It is so professional and so well balanced, I am overwhelmed.” -- Dr. Dennis Thomson / TDS“I know I speak for Jim when I say that we reallyappreciated your efforts and closing it out strong “Matt that is awesome, what a great help the team.” -- Steve Andregg / TDS Man, you are a marketing genius.” -- Mike Braun/ TDS
  • 18. KIND WORDS / ADVOCATES“… I just wanted you to know that I appreciate all that you’redoing. You’re a leader that I’m proud to have on our team ...” -- Bill Newell / TDS “This was a great brain child from you that helped drive some very needed sales. Great job!” -- Todd Ames/ DFC“Great job, Matt! … As expected.” -- John Zick / DENTSPLY Int. “Great, great direction. This is what management and leadership is about.” -- Tom Stratton/ DFC“You can take doctors and labs through our productsremotely. This is a great thing considering “Absolutely fantastic work on this project!our expense budgets are getting smaller ...” Perfect example of leveraging our partnerships -- Jeff Denney/ DFC to find win-win solutions for our customers.” -- Robin Marks/ DFC “Great service for our customers.” -- Liz Moore/ DFC & TDS
  • 19. MATT SWENSON / RESUME “Where there is balanced organization working toward a common objective, there is success.”
  • 20. MATT SWENSON /SALES & MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE “If you pursue your passions, your ideas will be more likely to succeed.”