Head lice removal in toronto


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Head lice removal in toronto

  1. 1. Head lice removal in Toronto
  2. 2. While many often perceive head lice to be a menace, it is worth noting that they are not as a result of poor hygiene or dirty hair but rather due to head- tohead contact with an infected person. Similarly, sharing of infested items such as scarves, coats, hats, combs, towels and hair accessories as well as using beddings, pillows and resting one’s head on a couch, bed or rug used by someone with head lice is a way of getting head lice.
  3. 3. Head lice removal in Toronto normally begins with detecting that one has head lice. Head lice detection often begins with the symptoms which include extreme itching of the scalp, feelings of things crawling on one’s scalp and scalp sores caused by scratching of the scalp.
  4. 4. Upon detection of head lice, the residents of Toronto usually contact a health care provider who essentially checks the hair that is close to the scalp for lice and nit and runs a fine toothed lice detection comb through one’s hair; from the scalp to the tips in a bid to get hold of lice and nits. Once it is certain that an individual has head lice, treatment and removal of the same begins.
  5. 5. Methods of head lice removal in Toronto As mentioned earlier, head lice removal in Toronto begins with detection upon which a positive detection results in putting down measures to remove the head lice. The removal of head lice is usually done using either a fine toothed flea comb or lice comb; sold in most pet shops and pharmacies in Toronto.
  6. 6. Olive oil is applied to the infested person’s hair prior to combing it. The olive oil essentially helps lice and nits to get attached to the comb during combing of the hair. For best results, the hair is often combed from the scalp right to the tips in portions. The combing is done once every two to three days till there is no more trace of lice and nits.
  7. 7. After removal of head lice, most residents in Toronto often turn to ridding their homes of lice, this is done through: Dry cleaning of clothes, towels and beddings. Washing beddings, towels and clothes in hot water with temperatures of above 130 degrees and drying them in high heat.
  8. 8. Once the clothes are washed, they are normally sealed in plastic bags for a period of two weeks. Soaking combs, hair brushes and accessories in hot water (with temperatures of above 130 degrees) for about 15 minutes. Vacuuming floors and any upholstered furniture.
  9. 9. While it is relatively hard to prevent head lice infestations, most Toronto residents have opted to regularly check their children’s as well as their own hair in a bid to deal with the menace. http://www.nitworks.ca/