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Your beliefs and values
Your beliefs and values
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Your beliefs and values


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  • 1. Your Beliefs and Values I believe that I’m more of a left sider but still in the middle ground. A capitalist society to grant some freedoms but the liberal to have laws in place to keep us safe for the greater good of the society. People are entitled to the money they earn but they are also in debt to society (because that’s who made them rich or better off) to repay them by means of which the government takes into hand of taxation. With this money all people of the faction are entitled to benefit, whether it’s by public roads, welfare for the less fortunate, or public recreation est. The so called “no freedom” of government is lightly taken to some, through government many needs are met though roads, transport, safety laws (seat belts, speed limits) environmental limitations est. without these protocols or laws that we are regarded to follow, society as a whole will have separation between the classes and will eventually lead to an uprising up the lower majorities to over throw management and create equality throughout all. Only through government standards are we really free from not only our selves but others in general, and the “free decisions” they make. In regards to the past and conservatism. If we always try to keep old traditions and the ways of our fore fathers we will always get what they did. There will be not advancement from technology and only one way to come to any conclusion about topics regarding. By trying new ideas new inventions or innovations we are able to come to endless new possibilities and creations.
  • 2. With a Christian background it has lead me to believe that good can come from any situation regardless of the control. We have the right to free choice but should have some regulations over others for our safety even if this may affect our rights of freedom, but this is to the greater good. People and governments can be trusted to limitations on each of them, and “it is our right, nay our responsibility to stand up for what we believe in and what we think is right.”