Streamlining the onboarding process while improving new hire satisfaction

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Companies everywhere are making resolutions to be more successful and find and retain top talent in the new year. Is your new hire onboarding process costing you time and resources or making a …

Companies everywhere are making resolutions to be more successful and find and retain top talent in the new year. Is your new hire onboarding process costing you time and resources or making a business impact?

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  • 1. Streamlining the onboarding process while improving new hire satisfaction
    Matt Sims, PHR
    Human Resources ManagerTenneco, Inc.
  • 2. About Tenneco
    • One of the worlds’ largest leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of emission control and ride control products and systems for the transportation original equipment market and the aftermarket.
    • 3. NYSE: TEN
    • 4. 21,000 employees worldwide
    • 5. $6.0B in annual revenue
    • 6. 80 manufacturing locations
    • 7. 14 engineering centers
    • 8. Serving over 100 countries
  • Markets Served
    Passenger car
    Light truck
    On- and off-road commercial vehicles
    Forestry vehicles
    Two-wheel vehicles
    Off-road recreational
  • 9. Going Back In Time (2004)
    No careers page
    No applicant tracking system (ATS)
    All recruitment activity handled manually, primarily via Excel
    Inconsistent recruitment processes
    Orientations were poorly executed
    Onboarding was not in the vocabulary
  • 10. Welcome to the 21st Century!
    Proposal to implement an ATS was finally approved in 2007
    Began as a North America initiative, and soon become global
    Was not even aware of electronic onboarding solutions at that time
    Decision was made to move forward with OpenHire for our ATS and RedCarpet for our electronic onboarding solution
    OpenHire implemented in early 2008
  • 11. Tenneco Onboarding in 2008
    New Hires:
    Sitting in the HR conference room for 3-4 hours, reviewing policies and manually completing forms
    Seldom did the new hires show up with everything required to “hit the ground running”
    Forgot proper identification for the I-9, forgot to bring in bank information for the direct deposit form, etc.
    Comments on new hire surveys reflected a broken process and a general dissatisfaction with our onboarding procedures.
  • 12. Tenneco Onboarding in 2008
    Quite often were not ready for the new hire
    IT entitlements were rarely executed in a timely fashion
    No computer, no phone, no e-mail when new hire arrived
    Workspaces were not cleaned, prepared and ready for use, if available at all.
    Not aware that they were responsible for managing these processes.
    Lowest marks received on the new hire survey
    Not ready for me when I arrived!
  • 13. Tenneco Onboarding in 2008
    • Human Resources:
    • 14. All new hire paperwork was actually paper(manual processes)
    • 15. Using checklists to make sure we had everything we needed from the new hire
    • 16. Payroll information had to be faxed to the payroll data entry administrator
    • 17. Providing the new hire with paper copies of all policies and procedures, some up to 30 pages in length
    • 18. Had to remember to send the new hires additional information after their start date (i.e. online payroll information, new hire survey, training requirements)
  • What Changed?
    While going through the vendor selection process for our ATS (OpenHire), an organizational decision was made to improve our onboarding processes globally
    Goal: Improve the new hire onboarding experience, while significantly reducingnon-value added orientation activities
    RedCarpet was selected by a team of global HR professionals as our electronic onboarding solution
  • 19. Why RedCarpet?
    Needed a global solution that could support several different languages
    Needed a user-friendly system, especially for our manufacturing locations
    Needed the ability to eliminate as many manual processes as possible
    Needed a system that allowed for continuous improvements
  • 20. Implementation Process
    Implementation team consisted of HR and IT individuals from the U.S., Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and France
    Implementation took approximately six months to complete (driven by Tenneco time line)
    Weekly conference calls with designated SilkRoad Technology implementation expert
    Start small, improve later
    Phased implementation, North America launching first
    Officially launched in February 2010
  • 21. Sint-Truiden, Belgium
  • 22. Reynosa, Mexico
  • 23. Immediate Benefits
    • Reduced non-value added orientation time by 95%
    • 24. 4 hours to 30 minutes (human touch still needed)
    • 25. Local facility portals allow for new hires to walk in knowing much more about their workplace
    • 26. Web-based system gives the new hire the opportunity to review the information from the comfort of their home, around their own schedule
    • 27. Friendly reminders to hiring managers so nothing “falls through the cracks”
  • Immediate Benefits
    Eliminated 95% of the paper forms used prior to implementation
    No longer required to fax payroll information
    Retrieved via RedCarpet and OpenHire
    Utilization for post hire activities
    New hire survey
    Payroll instructions
    Required e-learning
    Quality of hire questionnaire
  • 28. The Results Speak for Themselves!
    North America
  • 29. The Results Speak for Themselves!
  • 30. SilkRoad: 1-866-329-3363//
    Tenneco: Matt Sims//