Buy A Franchise ? You Had Better Know This First ...


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So you're thinking about buying a franchise? A couple things you should know before you make such a huge commitment-from someone who's been there.

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Buy A Franchise ? You Had Better Know This First ...

  1. 1. Buy A Franchise? What You Had Better Consider FirstSo you’ve thought about buying a franchise? Take itfrom someone who’s been there…relax; take a deepbreath and really consider what you are doing first.Buying a franchise can be a great idea but it requires alarge amount of up front cash, a huge amount of timeand numerous headaches-plus you really shouldn’texpect to be profitable for 2-5 years…if youcan make it that long !Have you been seriously considering becoming a businessfranchisee? Before you take the plunge and put your lifesavings, house and probably your marriage at risk….Take the time to consider all the factors; financial, operational,systems and procedures and most importantly - yourself.
  2. 2. So the question you should be asking yourselfis- “Is There A Better Way To Get What IWant ?”Allow me to explain for a moment. See I’ve been a franchise owner as well, and afterthe initial struggles in the business –it’s a well-known brand with locations all over the world- webegan to do quite well. In fact, our business consistently brought in overa million dollars a year, every single year. Andwhile that sounds great to most people, when it’sa franchise, once you go over taxes, payroll,advertising , royalties and battling the city,county, and the occasional ornery customer (evenif you’re doing a great job) you’re actually left
  3. 3. with quite little left over.All while spending about 80 hours a week at thebusiness or working on it and being constantly“on call”.So I asked myself…“Is this worth it ?”But let’s face it- I didn’t really have any otheroptions at the time; most people would kill tohave the business we had.So I kept telling myself to get over it.The dirty little secret about buying afranchise…
  4. 4. is that in this economy many franchisee-ownedentities are going belly –up… but they’re certainlynot going to tell you that!In fact it’s so difficult to function in one of thesetypes of industry these days that you’re rarelyallowed to commit to buying just a singlefranchise in most organizations becausetheyknow you can’t survive on just one !So when I was presented with an alternative to ourbusiness I thought long and hard about it beforetaking the plunge…and instead of having to wait3 years to work our way out of debt from theinvestment we actually made a profit the firstmonth !We began taking home more money in oursecond month than we did in many of our best
  5. 5. months from owning a million dollar store !Why ? Because using the new mechanics ofwealthwe were able to start a profitable businesswithout all the headaches that are bringing downall the other types of small business in oureconomy, like… Royalties Advertising Fees Employees !(Ask anyone who’s owned a business if this wasn’t their biggest headache) Accounts payable and receivable Massive amounts of inventory Maintenance (No more calls at midnight telling us the A/C unit has gone out ! ) Plus earn massive tax breaks to keep what we’ve earned Let’s be honest: most people just aren’t ready for the commitment the food industry and many other quality franchise
  6. 6. opportunitiesdemand.I mean the reason you are thinking aboutbuying a franchise is to work for yourself andstop trading time for money right? But thenwhy would you commit the next three years totrading more of your time for less money ifyou knew of a better way ?What would you say if I told you that 60% ofall start-up businesses go out of businesswithin the first three years ?! And many ofthese should have closed earlier.We dont want you to be part of that 60%.So maybe you’re like us…you wantedsomething better for and were willing to goget it. If that is you-then what worked for usmight be just up your alley. Just follow thelink below to find abusiness that actuallyworks !