Using video in e learning
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Using video in e learning






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Using video in e learning Using video in e learning Presentation Transcript

  • Video in eLearning can be great* *and by great we mean expensive** **especially if it’s boringMatt SullivaneLearning and Tech Comm@mattrsullivanmatt@mattrsullivan.com
  • eLearning• Definition for my demonstration: – Recorded content – or content delivered live via online connection• Includes: – PDF, PPT & YouTube, LMS Content – Webinars & Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)
  • Treat tools as tools• Learn tools, but study speakers• Instead, follow inspiring speakers – Nancy Duarte – Steve Jobs – Martin Luther King
  • Above all, tell stories,engage your audience
  • Webinars/Live Training• Audience Poll: – Webinar Hosts – Online training sessions – Successful? – Stressful? – What were the main trouble spots?
  • Online trainer perks• It’s cool to train in fuzzy slippers/Ugg boots• No bad hair days• Great office fridge• The Daily Show + DVR = 20 minutes• Exercise before work easy without commute – Tougher to duck getting kids ready for school
  • Common downsides• Students do not read hardware and software requirements prior to class• Ensure – Appropriate hardware – Appropriate software – Use 2 screens
  • Overhead costs are near zerocompared to brick and mortar• Adobe Connect: $45/month• Overheard at the Sullivan household— “But sweetheart, that $1,000 monitor will make webinars so much easier…and it’s tax- deductible”Nearly $0.00
  • Example of webinar recording• Cue 8:30 and 11:00 in webinar recording “Publishing to Amazon and iOS”
  • Online is still a tough sell for manyregional clients• Let’s be real: eye contact is a good thing• They think VILT is 3-6 hours of boring lecture – (Sometimes they’re right)• Ways to increase interaction – Camera – Screen sharing – Polls – Troubleshooting InterAct
  • Nobody fills out evaluations afteronline training is over• Best way to get an inaccurate evaluation: Force students to fill out eval after conclusion of presentation• Fill out eval’s prior to start of last lecture period
  • Definition of an Expert• One who has done every possible thing wrong• And (hopefully) has learned from those mistakes
  • Things I’ve done wrong in VILT• Rely on a wireless internet connection• Rely on a hotel internet connection• Rely on a hotel wireless internet connection• Speak monontonously (for more than a few minutes)• Let students hide from you• Refrain from engagement
  • Concept-based training:POWERPOINT& ADOBE PRESENTER
  • Adobe Presenter Defined• Adobe Presenter publishes PPT as a recorded, interactive module suited for eLearning/LMS
  • PowerPoint & Presenter are only tools• Find inspiring examples of presenters and PowerPoint content – Mark Fidleman • – Jesse Desjardins • steal-this-presentation-5038209
  • Use the right tool for the job• PPT/Presenter = Concepts• Captivate = Software skills• Overlap – Quizzing with scoring, random pools – Publishing – SCORM
  • Use continuity• Understand Animation Pane (don’t go crazy)• Use video and/or .swf where appropriate• Record audio to enhance and/or narrate
  • Presenter & Captivate in combination Find your cut line Software Concepts Documentation + S/W Documentation+ Concepts Presenter w/placed CPT Captivate with PPT
  • Understand publishing options• Subtle differences between packages – Assign personas to Presenter skin/player – Captivate is faster at creating many quiz questions at once
  • How do you get to Carnegie Hall? • Storyboard • Script • Practice, Practice, Practice • Record • Edit (lather, rinse, repeat) • Record audio, edit audio • Publish
  • Recording only 2% oftotal time spent on project• So record with PURPOSE – Understand your script – Make precise clicks – Avoid mistakes
  • Best Practices• It’s easier to delete than to create – When in doubt, capture it! • Text captions • Transition slides• One thing at a time – Recording in audio in real time is tough – Use computer gen audio to work out scripts
  • Understand Defaults and Pref’s• Eliminate – Repetitive formatting – Cumbersome content• Rely on previous assets/styles
  • Recap• Regardless of method – Tell a good story, be accessible – Make your audience the hero – Define “What is” – Show “What could be”
  • Thanks for being here!Questions?Contact infoMatt Sullivan714 960-6840matt@mattrsullivan.comTwitter: @mattrsullivanSlideshare: