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Lava con 2011 amazon and apple publishing workshop2
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Lava con 2011 amazon and apple publishing workshop2


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Creating ePub and Kindle formats using Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.5

Creating ePub and Kindle formats using Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.5

Published in: Technology, Business

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No notes for slide
  • Thanks to the Adobe team, Jack Molisani, and everyone in attendance for this ½ day session graciously sponsored by Adobe!
  • mattrsullivan is my social media id
  • Do demo of qr code creation for 7145852335
  • Transcript

    • 1. eBooks: Distributingand monetizingcontent created withAdobe TCS 3.5Matt Sullivan
    • 2. AgendaCreate Content Deliver Content• Producing ePub via • Kindle Account lab RoboHelp 9 • Apple Bookstore• Producing ePub via options FrameMaker 10 • Testing/Transfer• Producing .mobi via – iPad Calibre – Kindle
    • 3. Contact info•••• @mattrsullivan•
    • 4. Mobile Contact info Matt’s meCard 714 585-2335
    • 5. Print meCard and Twitter Codes• Come see us at the Adobe booth (booth N) to print out your own meCard badge and twitter “follow” badge• Save time by creating your code at and – emailing to, subj: Print QR Badge for “subject” – saving to phone or usb
    • 6. Part One: Producing ePub
    • 7. Our example files• Content in a FrameMaker Book – Easy formatting and organization of content via template-based workflow• FM Book linked into RoboHelp project – Allows definition of all formats, paths, outputs
    • 8. Mappings are already completed• For linking details, see – – – –
    • 9. Why FrameMaker? • allows the greatest range of print and PDF output • easy ePub output, and integration with RoboHelp for other online formats
    • 10. FrameMaker Best Practices(not exclusive to linked projects!!)• Consistent and rigid style usage• Enforce template usage across docu team• Ensure book and chapter files open without “missing resource” messages• Ensure book file updates without Book Error Log messages• Save early, save often!
    • 11. When to author in RoboHelp? • Primary output is Help, not print • Customization of HTML is required
    • 12. RoboHelp Single Source Layouts are inplace for: – XML Output (required by FM to generate ePub output) – AIR – WebHelp (for quick testing)
    • 13. You actually mentioned MS Word… • FrameMaker and RoboHelp allow importing or linking of MS Word content • Importing=content to manage within RoboHelp • Linking=content to be managed by SME’s
    • 14. Generate final ePub with RoboHelp• Select File > Generate > ePub Output… – If not present, select Tools > Scripts > ePub – To reset toolbar, right-click on menu bar, choose Customize, then choose Reset• Cover will be the first page in FrameMaker file• Cover image may not show in Adobe Digital Editions
    • 15. ePub Details (RH) • RoboHelp used the XML Output to process ePub • Select the appropriate TOC from within the XML Output SSL
    • 16. Linking best practices• Link• Identify the FrameMaker TOC• Map• Update• Modify the Single Source Layout
    • 17. When working with linked content• Format options differ between print and online formats• Content maps according to project settings• “Odd” representations of Frame content will create challenging formatting issues in other deliverables• HTML in RH containing FM_ is likely unmapped and will not be controllable in RH
    • 18. CSS for online formats• RHStylemapping.css is the default, but easily changed in File >Project Settings• An additional .css will be created by FrameMaker to address mapping omissions – Do not try to edit the generated .css• Do not change the .css mappings for linked content inside of the RoboHelp project
    • 19. Part Two: Delivering Content• Setting up distribution to handheld devices
    • 20. Testing ePub by Transferring toAndroid• Via USB• Drag ePub to
    • 21. Processing ePub with Calibre• Add books• Convert books• Save to disk
    • 22. Testing by Transferring to Kindle• Via USB• Kindle allows transfer of both PDF and .mobi• Drag files (all files with book title) into the Kindle > Documents directory
    • 23. Testing by Transferring to iPad• Drag ePub onto iPad in iTunes – File will be stored in Books section of iTunes – Book is found under iBooks app
    • 24. KindleGetting Started
    • 25. Amazon Direct Publishing Account• Sign in to or create a new Amazon account –• Create Direct Publishing Account –• Accept the Kindle Direct Publishing Terms of service (click Agree)
    • 26. Your account is incomplete…• Click “Update Now”
    • 27. Details• Fill in Company/Personal Contact Info• Tax Info
    • 28. Choose Royalty Options• To reduce accounting clutter, I recommend EFT and USD ($) for all 4 Amazon outlets – – – –
    • 29. Bank account info• Fill in – Name of bank – Account # – Routing #
    • 30. Submitting for Kindle approval• self-publishing/signin
    • 31. Self-Publishing on iOS Devices – Apple iTunes Connect – e-invites-indie-authors-to-self-publish-on-ipad- bookstore/ – unesConnect.woa/wo/
    • 32. VERY IMPORTANT• AppleID’s are difficult to manage – iTunes – iBookstore – App Development• Consider creating unique accounts for each business function (consumer, author, dev)
    • 33. Application• Fill out all requested info
    • 34. Too confusing?• Use an Apple iBookstore aggregator – unesConnect.woa/wo/