Chef for OpenStack: Grizzly Roadmap


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Members of the Chef for OpenStack community had a meetup on the last day of the Spring 2013 OpenStack Summit to coordinate and plan further Grizzly work. These are our notes, we'll report back at the Fall 2013 OpenStack Summit what we accomplished.

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Chef for OpenStack: Grizzly Roadmap

  1. 1. Chef for OpenStack Grizzly RoadmapOpenStack Summit April 2013Matt RayOpscodeOn the last day of the Spring 2013 Summit we gathered to plan the roadmap for the Chef for OpenStack community.
  2. 2. Who was there• AT&T• Dell• DreamHost• HubSpot• KT• Midokura• Opscode• Rackspace• SUSEThere had been several days of conversations, these companies were all represented in the meeting. Missing: eNovance, HP, IBM,KIO, Mirantis
  3. 3. Where• #openstack-chef on••• @chefopenstackThe resources were using
  4. 4. Licensing• Apache 2• Opscode CLA/CCLA required•• were all covered already
  5. 5. Where on GitHub•• chef-repo/• berkshelf, not git submodules• cookbooks all end in "-cookbook"• ie. "nova-cookbook"• "operations" cookbooks outside scope• ie. logging, monitoring, provisioningMove to community GitHub repo, not Opscodes. Opscode will upstream from this repo.
  6. 6. Cookbooks• cinder• glance• horizon• keystone• nova• quantum• swift• ceilometer & heat eventuallyThe core OpenStack services
  7. 7. Goal of incorporating into OpenStack• Get on StackForge• will provide CI• which everyone will probably slave• Gerrit for code reviews• well sort out reviewers once we start• Testing with TestKitchen initially• Grenade? Kong? SmokeStack?We want to go into "mainline" OpenStack
  8. 8. • support alternative package sources• source-built coming ("VanillaStack")• packaging recipes before configuration• ie. "nova/recipes/nova-compute-packages"PackagesUse distro packages were applicable, but not everyone wants to use them. Build from source will come in eventually.
  9. 9. Chef Style Guide• Chef 11 target release• partial search• partial templates• Full-stack Chef-client compatible• Ruby 1.9.x• Upstream community cookbooks• Foodcritic as much as possibleTable stakes
  10. 10. Chef Style Guide• openstack-common instead of osops-utils• Attribute injection• attributes may short-circuit search• few, if any, attributes in roles• environment-driven attributes• Chef Solo not actively supported• platform logic in attributes filesAlready using these patterns
  11. 11. • May release "2013.1.0"• Chef repo for Grizzly• Operating Systems (Ubuntu 12.04)• Databases (MySQL)• Hypervisors (KVM, LXC)• Nova network FlatDHCP HA & VLANInitial osops releaseOpscode employee Matt Ray and Chris McClimans are getting together after ChefConf to work on cleaning up Grizzly. Sourceswill be AT&T, Dell, HubSpot and Rackspace primarily.
  12. 12. • Operating Systems (RHEL, SUSE)• Databases (Postgres)• Hypervisors (Xen, bare metal)• Cinder (Ceph, LVM, NetApp)• Quantum (Bridge, Midokura, Nicira, OVS)• Folsom backport• HA Configurations may be stretch goalbecause of differing implementationsGrizzly RoadmapSUSE: SLES, OpenSUSE, PostgresKT: XenHubSpot: bare metalDreamHost: CephAT&T: LVMRackspace: Bridge, NetApp, OVS, RHELOpscode: NiciraMidokura: Folsom, MidoNetAT&T, SUSE, Rackspace different HA setups
  13. 13. knife-openstack v0.7.0$ knife openstackAvailable openstack subcommands: (for details, knife SUB-COMMAND --help)** OPENSTACK COMMANDS **knife openstack flavor list (options)knife openstack group list (options)knife openstack image list (options)knife openstack server create (options)knife openstack server delete SERVER [SERVER] (options)knife openstack server list (options)Currently supported features.
  14. 14. knife-openstack compatibility• Uses the OpenStack API• Diablo, Essex, Folsom, Grizzly• Cloudscaling• Crowbar• DreamHost• Nebula• Piston• Rackspace Private CloudContinue to test for compatibility, will build out CI testing for Opscode-supported knife plugins.
  15. 15. knife-openstack Roadmap•••• Continues to be managed by Opscode• Test against multiple OpenStack deploymentsfor compatibility• next major release v0.8.0 (May)• floating IP address management• network assignment on server createsMore features will undoubtedly show up
  16. 16. • Submit talk "Chef for OpenStack Fall 2013Overview & Status"• Review this deck• Report progress• Submit for developer track session as well• See you in Hong Kong!Fall 2013 OpenStack SummitWell see what actually happens in November.