The road so far...


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The road so far...

  1. 1. ....Hello… how bout that ride in? I guess that’s why theycall it Hamilton haha. You guys might not know this but Iconsider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myselfas a one man wolf pack. But when McMaster becameour home, I knew you were all one of my own. And mywolf pack, it grew by 19. So there… there was 19 of us inthe wolf pack. I was alone first in the pack and you guysjoined in later. And 3 or 4 years ago, when Macintroduced me to you guys I thought “wait a second,could it be?” And now I know for sure, I just added 19more guys and gals to my wolf pack. 19 of us wolves,running around the student ghetto together in Hamilton,looking for strippers and cocaine....
  2. 2. Chris VianiThen Now!aka: Crusty Vigani, Salty, Slime-Wheel-Slime some more
  3. 3. Michael “Prettyboy” PetersonThen NowIs that an angel baby? No! That’s his dance moves!
  4. 4. Mathew PicavetThen Now! Aka: Matticus, Your Fearless Leader
  5. 5. Adrienne BrownsonThen Now! Aka: Aidz, The AID
  6. 6. Alyson FrenchThen Now! Watch out for her Body Rolls!
  7. 7. Annie Chamberlain Then Now!Resumé Fact: Able to become the darkest human in her house when camping
  8. 8. Bryanna Barrow Then Now!Original text was blown of the slide by a soul shattering screech
  9. 9. Bryce “Youngblood” DelyeaThen Now!The only transformation to span between species!
  10. 10. Myia KellyThen Now! “When I place my legs in a cage of spandex I dance like hell to release the madness”
  11. 11. Dylan Hickson Then Now!Aka: D-Money, Blobby, the Blob, Pillsbury Dillboy, Dillfat, Dilliscious
  12. 12. Elise deLegeThen Now! High Kicks! High Kicks! This is how we do it!
  13. 13. Joe “Joben” NeaseThen Now! Speaks for itself
  14. 14. Kate LeanneThen Now!*Insert cat and other various noises here*
  15. 15. Melissa “Van Dam” Vandersluis Now! Then“look almond halves are half off!...but you only get haaalllffffff”
  16. 16. Mikaela LuiThen Now! Mwuhuhuhuhuh!
  17. 17. Lauren “Laurnaynay” Yamasaki Then Now!“Im a dance floor tiger lady pumping everything she has”
  18. 18. Sean MercerThen Now! To many talents/screams/quotes to list
  19. 19. Shawn “Go for Speed” Strucel Then Now!Aka: Grimey, Grimey Struce, Bitch Lightning, Struce the Deuce, Grimey Bitch Shit
  20. 20. Tricia “Jew Church” ChisnallThen Now! She’s not from here
  21. 21. Shikaela
  22. 22. Lauren andBen
  23. 23. Kylan and Date
  24. 24. Joe and tricia(god damn it!, there no non-perfect pics of you)
  25. 25. Elise and Aly
  26. 26. Besties withTesties
  27. 27. The GruesomeTwosome
  28. 28. Joe’s CottageNiagra
  29. 29. HalloweenCamping
  30. 30. 84 EmersonHizzle
  31. 31. 112 WestwoodAbode
  32. 32. The EmeraldPalace
  33. 33. Oh my fuck are examtimes evershitty..........but i supposethey’re necessary to keepthe memories a comin’!!!