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  1. 1. Inspir ing success in business and indust ry pr ofessionalsRECRUITMENT GROUPMatthew PartingtonGeneral Dial: (02) 8222 3007Mobile: 0424 493 445 Inspire Recruitment Group Pty Limited – ABN: 14 143 238 608 Level 4, 10 Spring Street, Sydney NSW 2000 - Phone: (02) 8222 3000 - Fax: (02) 8222 3030
  2. 2. Our extensive experience in permanent recruitment ensures we will present you with the best possibletalent and culture fit for your organisation, leaving you to concentrate on developing and building your corebusiness.Candidates are sourced through our extensive local and international networks, including Internet andmedia advertising where appropriate.By working with you to understand your business, we are able to deliver excellent candidates in astructured, timely manner.There are numerous reasons why contract recruitment is the most effective solution to your staffingrequirements, project work, special skill requirements and head count restrictions.We work closely with our ever-growing Contractor database to ensure our talent pool is second to none.We pride ourselves in delivering resources quickly and efficiently to satisfy your contract needs.Finding the right solution to your recruitment needs may require a mix of our services including a targetedcampaign. Through our previous experience and expertise we can provide guidance on selecting the mostsuitable method to use, such as an exclusive assignment or contingent.Benefits of contingent and exclusive arrangements:-• Smaller, more targeted searches can also enhance the client’s brand• The client has one point of contact for all queries and questions• The client can; in most cases; negotiate a reduced fee when engaging the recruiter on either arrangement!Phone: (02) 8222 3000 - Fax: (02) 8222 Inspiring success in business and indust ry prof essionals 2 RECRUITMENT GROUP
  3. 3. Inspire Recruitment offer specialised recruitment solutions for the ICT market. We operate a verticallyaligned structure to ensure the greatest knowledge in the chosen fields and effective speed to market forboth permanent and contract roles.Since our inception in 2006 we have gone from strength to strength, demonstrating an innate ability to findthe right candidates for the right roles!Matthew Partington – General ManagerMatt Partington has recruited in Australia and the UK for the last 13 years across IT and Financialdisciplines. As a recruiter he has managed multiple campaign levels from Graduate recruitmentProgrammes through to Board Level appointments.At Inspire, Matt specialises exclusively in the Business Intelligence, ETL and Data Warehousing, whichgives Inspire the ability to successfully help businesses maximise their BI capability within permanent andcontract resource.Matt is an experienced consultant who has a developed contact base as well as a tacit level of experiencein hunting out candidates utilising a wide variety of tools both here and in the United Kingdom. He is arecruiter who approaches each role as a brand ambassador for his clients, taking a wholly professional andconsultative approach.Dominic Roberts has spent over 13 years in the IT/Telco & Recruitment markets, both in the UK andAustralia.After an extensive career in the aforementioned industries, he started his own venture within the Telcospace and grew it successfully over a 3 year period. From here he sold the company and travelled toAustralia. Whilst working in a successful management position in Sydney he quickly indentified a gap in themarket for a strong, vertically aligned IT recruitment specialist and hence Inspire Recruitment Group wasborn to address the needs of small, medium and corporate clients alike.Phone: (02) 8222 3000 - Fax: (02) 8222 Inspiring success in business and indust ry prof essionals 2 RECRUITMENT GROUP
  4. 4. Inspire Recruitment Group is a niche Recruitment specialist working within the ICT sectors.Our experienced recruiters work within strict vertical markets to provide a more efficient, personalisedservice for clients and candidates alike.Inspire works within the Permanent and Contract markets and can offer services within Contingent,Retained, Client advertising and Exclusive assignments.Our dedicated and targeted approach ensures that we constantly achieve 85% repeat business within awide range of clients. Some of the sectors we cover are:-• Telecommunications• Infrastructure & Security• Software Development• Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse• SAP, ERP and CRMIn addition to our technology verticals we also have business recruitment specialists. Some of their rolesinclude:-• Project Managers• Change Managers• Transformation Managers• Business Analysts• System Analyst• Program ManagersMatthew PartingtonGeneral Dial: (02) 8222 3007 Inspiring success in business and indust ry prof essionals 4 RECRUITMENT GROUPMobile: 0424 493 445