Cold war


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  • Cold war

    1. 1. Cold War 1985-1991
    2. 2. DefinedA state of political hostility between countries,characterized by threats, violent propaganda, subversiveactivities, and more.It was between the United States and it’s NATO a#ies,and the Soviet Union and it’s sate#ite states.
    3. 3. Yalta and PotsdamThey a# gathered to decide the fate of thedefeated Nazi Germany. The establishmentof post-war order. As we# as the peace treatyissues.Took place in 1945It was the decision to divide Germany intotwo different places. West Germany, whichwas democratic and East Germany, whichwas Communist.
    4. 4. Truman DoctrineIt was a policy that the U.S. would supportGreece and Turkey with economic and militaryaid to prevent their fa#ing into the soviet sphere.Marsha# plan: A program of financial aid andother initiatives, sponsored by the US, designed toboost the economies of western Europeancountries.Containment: A program of financial aid and other initiatives,sponsored by the US, designed to boost the economies ofwestern European countries.
    5. 5. The Berlin WallIt was the separation of the democratic andcommunist sides of Germany on August 13,1961.The Berlin airli was when the U.S. gaveeconomic aid to Berlin.The Iron Curtain symbolized the ideologicalfighting and physical boundaries dividingEurope.
    6. 6. Mao ZedongHe was the chairman of the central committeein 1945.The great leap forward was a 5 year plan, muchlike Stalin’s 5 year plan to improve theeconomical growth.The cultural revolution was basica#y when Maole the main seat of power and began to start arevolution for the people.
    7. 7. Soviet Map
    8. 8. Space Race/ Arms RaceThe space race was the race between the U.S.and the USSR to space. This was to provetechnological superiority and mark themselvesin history.The arms race by definition is a race betweentwo parties to produce the most weapons andbuild the largest armies as possible. Thisdespite a# of the competition is what happenedbetween the U.S. and the USSR.
    9. 9. Korean WarThe Korean war was a war between the Republic ofKorea and Democratic people’s Republic of Korea. It wasfought because of the political division of Korea. The 38thpara#el is the border between north and south Korea. Inthe result of the war the Chinese came out with a sense ofnational pride and Mao gained more political influence.
    10. 10. VietnamThis war was between north and south Vietnam.During the war the U.S. decided that they would give aid to the South if they wouldnot conform to communism.The Vietcong were a political army of Southern Vietnam.The end of the war was technica#y a stalemate, nobody rea#y lost. as far as the UnitedStates, we packed up and le as soon as the fighting stopped. The Casualties for theU.S. was said to be around 1.1 mi#ion.