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Magazine institutions (1)

  1. 1. Magazine institutions By Matt Mosey
  2. 2. Bauer Media Group Bauer media group reach over 19 million adults each week and are a major contester in the magazine industry. They are based over 15 countries across the world and are known world wide. It has been owned by the Bauer family since 1875; they successfully own over 282 magazines world wide such as the famousrock magazine “Kerrang” and the gossip magazine “Closer". They also own a range of radios stations such as “Kiss”, “Heart” and “Magic” which are all listened to bymassive number everyday. The company has also extended to television such as “4 Music” and the “Kerrang” Radio station which are also very popular. The company does not a follow a niche or mainstream market since they have such a wide range of demographic audiences from the rocker reading “Kerrang” to the mum at home reading closer
  3. 3. IPC media is also a massive magazine owner with such magazines are NME andLook. These magazine are massive contenders in there subjects therefore they are majorly popular. IPC is a worldwide company which sells 350 million magazine copies each year. IPC websites has a body of text which express IPC thought of them being the “UKs leading consumer magazine and digital publisher” this just shows how popular they are in the huge magazine market. Including the music magazine, the majority of there magazine are mainstream. therefore I can finalise that the company is “mainstream” I the magazine market.
  4. 4. EMAP Media Group EMAP is one of the smaller magazine publishers. It focuses more on businessmagazine and events. Such as planning conferences and publishing such magazine a“Retail week". They run such events as “The Prime Ministers Better Public Building Award” and “Retail Week Aloud” This magazine is a create example of being a niche market since it has quite a specific demographic audience.
  5. 5. Future PLC Media Future PLC was founded in 1985 by Chris Anderson. It has as range of magazines which mainly involve tech; such magazines are “GameMaster” and “Anime”. These magazine all relate to one specific audience who enjoy tech and cartoons etc.. Such magazines as Tech Radar (the UK’s number one consumer technology website), T3, Total Film, Bike Radar, Music Radar, Classic Rock, Games Radar, Digital Camera andMollie Makes are also owned by Future PLC media. Not only do they owna wide variety of magazine but also a range of apps which are also used by thousands of people each day. Future PLC I believe is a niche magazine company. I have come to his conclusion because all of the magazine all relate to one specific demographic target audience
  6. 6. My MagazineMy magazine company I believe will be Bauer media group. This is because it the Bauer media group has the most experience with such magazine as Kerrang. This is the number 1 magazine for rock and that is who I believe the Bauer media group will give my magazine the best brand identity etc..