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Chameleon CMS

  1. 1. Commercial in Confidence Find Convert Retain New Customers Online The world is getting richer customers will pay more to meet their aspirational needs, but less when a koolivoo product is perceived as a commodity.
  2. 2. KOOLIVOO Koolivoo works on the behalf of some of the world’s best niche Tour Operators and Tourism product suppliers to elevate destination, experience and brand presentation whilst dramatically reducing the production costs. These alliances deliver impressive results in terms of revenue growth, compounding goodwill and brand recognition. We have developed a Web .0 Content Management System ideal for those tour operators wishing to build their online presence based on detailed presentation supporting by inhouse staff tailormaking expertise. koolivoo KOOLIVOO // PAGE
  3. 3. chameLeOn Our aim is simple: to deliver a totally self managed and flexible programme supported by a visually pleasing chameleon design that puts you in control of your online presence. Through our modules you can tailor your presence to specifically target and satisfy your customers. Our systems also allows you to be at the forefront of the latest technology with Web .0 presentations including mashups such as Google Maps, Video and User Generated Content. Through our use of CSS, your presentation can be refreshed at koolivoo anytime without having to re-enter content offering a significant short term opportunity for ROI. KOOLIVOO // PAGE
  4. 4. ORGanISe YOUR cOnTenT Itineraries are very complex to present and users want to understand the depth of your offerings, therefore we have developed an incredible way for you to logically link your modules and maximise user ablity. Each Itinerary includes Countries, Locations and Regions Hotels and Resorts Transport inc Cars, Aircraft, Yachts, Trains Guides and Tours Operators Attractions including natural Flora and Fauna Dining and Shopping Categorise itineraries by Types of Travellers - Families, Adventurous, Indulgent Cost - Budget, Moderate, Expensive Locations Any category you choose! Itineraries can be allocated to a Staff Member with the expertise to deliver on enquiries. Through our categorisation and linking process, koolivoo users can very quickly understand the value of your offerings and make purchasing decisions. KOOLIVOO // PAGE
  5. 5. SeaRch YOUR cOnTenT Search Engines generate traffic and leads, and continuously rank relevancy of search terms. Chameleon offers you the opportunity to take control of your search optimisation • Add your descriptions of products and services to create relevance • Control your page URLs names • Add in your own Meta Search words, terms and phrases • Name your images for relevancy • Link your content within the site and to other sites • Build Search opportunities through user generated content. Use Google Analytics to monitor your contents performance and continuously manage your presence. koolivoo KOOLIVOO // PAGE
  6. 6. ReTaIn YOUR cUSTOmeRS Captured users and past clients represent a significant marketing asset. Use Chameleon to Capture Enquiries of products and services Users signup for news and special offers Users signup for copies of brochures to be delivered Create a shopping basket of your products for storage and emailing for quoting. All these contact details are stored in the CRM database in Chameleon Use the CRM database to sendout Newsletters emails built within Chameleon Special offers emails built within Chameleon Product Updates within Chameleon koolivoo KOOLIVOO // PAGE
  7. 7. LOOKInG TO The fUTURe fUTURe OppORTUnITIeS koolivoo KOOLIVOO // PAGE
  8. 8. The fUTURe Our software is being continously enhanced to include all the latest and new media forms that evolve online both for PC and Mobile This includes - Video - Podcasting - Webinars - D Barcodes User Interactions including My Accounts - Secure Log In - Build product list - Store Quotes - Store Travel Information - Mobile Itinerary Mobi Site “We do believe that within the next five to ten years way more people will access the Internet through the mobile phone than through the PC.” Marco Boerries: Executive Vice President Yahoo!
  9. 9. WhO IS USInG chameLeOn We are working with some of the world’s best tour operators including GLOBAL American Express Global Partner Network USA ATS Tours - Los Angeles Africa Adventure Company - Fort Lauderdale AUSTRALIA Outback Encounter ATS Pacific UNITED KINGDOM World Market Travel - Bath Off the Beat Travel - Northwich OUR CLIENT LISTS // PAGE
  10. 10. The BenefITS fOR YOU + Total flexibility to manage your own content + Specific CMS for tour operators not generic CMS + Refresh your site branding simply + Manage your own Search Engine Optimisation + Capture e-leads and convert using powerful tools + Accelerate your opportunity for return on online investment + Software is continuously updated so you have access to the latest online opportunities koolivoo For a full presentation on Chameleon’s power call Matt McKinley 0 0 0 8 or KOOLIVOO // PAGE 10
  11. 11. aBOUT KOOLIVOO Worldwide it is believed that the next level of competitive advantage will come from alliance companies, which excel at interconnecting their resources to their joint business objectives, vision, strategy and performance. Koolivoo exclusively specializes in creating and implementing strategic alliances to target new evolving markets in tourism today. The art of the alliance is the strategy of maximising reach, servicing and satisfaction of target markets whilst minimising costs. koolivoo alliance content creative strategy ABOUT KOOLIVOO // PAGE 11