SFSU ISYS 363- Fall 2013- Section [01]- Coyote Group


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SFSU ISYS 363- Fall 2013- Section [01]- Coyote Group

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363- FALL 2013- SECTION [01]- COYOTE GROUP
  2. 2. Collaboration: In order for our business to be successful we have compiled highly intelligent individuals dedicated to success. Currently our business is operating via online collaboration.With a blend of different devices we are looking for the latest technology in group collaboration.The most important factors to this equation are as followed: • Easily executed file sharing in real time • That all of our employees have the same version of the product therefore eliminating cross-platform errors • Immediate feedback via notifications • Free collaboration options at our current budget
  3. 3. Plan Moving Forward In order for future growth we will need to execute flawlessly and eliminate confusion across the company.With an ever advancing economy our technology needs to be up to date.The current market leaders for our collaboration consist of many different applications. E-mail, instant messaging, and text messaging lack the depth of productivity we desire.The following our the market leaders we chose to test: • Skype (Instant Messaging &Video Collaboration) • Dropbox (File Sharing) • Yammer (Social Networking) • Zoho (Project Management) • Google Docs (Web Based Office Suite)
  4. 4. Skype is a collaboration service that allows you to chat in various platform, regardless of what part of the world you are living in. Skype is available on your mobile phone, computer, and smartTV. Skype collaboration is done through individual conferences or group conferences.You can also call, send text messages, and instant messages. Pros: • Offers phone call services, voicemail service, call waiting texting, and IM • Easily download the application via the SkypeWebsite or app store through mobile phone or SmartTV • Skype is a voice-over-internet service Cons: • Skype requires an active internet connection and webcam • The call and connection quality on the free introductory version have subpar quality at times • It lacks key features needed for business including call return and call blocking Skype
  5. 5. Dropbox is a service that lets you share pictures, videos, and any other type of document with all your personal devices. Dropbox allows anyone you choose to share with and all you need to start sharing is an email. Pros: • Able to share documents with as many people as you would like • Easily accessible on a computer or mobile phone • Automatic notification that let you know when documents are updated or moved Cons: • There is only a limited amount of free space provided, if you desire more, you have to purchase more storage • You don’t have the ability to set read- only users • Anyone that is already sharing is able to invite others to access the document, which causes privacy issues Dropbox
  6. 6. Yammer is seen as the business version ofTwitter. Employees can share photos, files, ideas, and comment back with opinions to other employees.With this social media app, employees are able to discuss topics without the need to be in the office or face to face.This app is efficient, affordable, useful, time saving, and a great organizational tool. Pros: • Companies have the discretion to set accessibility functions to their employees • Company e-mail is the only necessary information to join • Yammer employs "hash tags", with hash tagging, employees are able to jump directly to a group discussion or a specific project Cons: • Vast amount of notifications may lead to employees being unproductive • It is a confined community and doesn’t encourage networking to outside communities, a main proponent of social networking • If you are involved in multipleYammer Groups there is no way to post content collectively, it must e done individually Yammer
  7. 7. The Zoho Project ManagementTool is a project management tool designed for increased collaboration among groups. Zoho is a multi platform available on any computer or mobile device. Pros: • Zoho has status updates, notifications, group chatting, and forums to help communicate with fellow partners with ease • Program has task tracker, task assign with prioritize and duration of task, to truly maximize efficiency. • Allows unlimited participation on projects and is absolutely free to use with any valid email address Cons: • The free trial limits you to one project at a time with a maximum of 10MB storage • Zoho lacks audio video conferencing which make it impossible to talk with audio • AlthoughZoho has it benefits, in order for you to use this on a corporate business scale you most likely would have to upgrade to comply with the scale of your business Zoho Project Management
  8. 8. Google Docs is web based office suite allowing users to create, view, and edit documents through online collaboration. Pros: • Extraordinary accessibility to view and edit a variety of documents at any given time • Great for businesses who do extensive amounts of traveling • There is only one version so you do not have to worry about the format as you do on applications like Microsoft Office • Google Docs is extremely easy to learn if you have any experience with other word processing programs Cons: • Internet access is required to edit the program • Weak display program and falls drastically short of competitors such as Microsoft Power Point • Many have concerns over the privacy of critical documents over a Google server Google Docs
  9. 9. Main Business CollaborationTool: Google Docs • For our business to maximize its full potential we need to collaborate as efficiently as possible • Most important reasons Google Docs has been chosen are its version control is the same universally and we will not need to adjust any formats moving forward • Real time editing and collaboration is necessary for us as we do not have an office to communicate directly, we need direct collaboration in which we will have no time to waste • With a variety of different devices used throughout our business its prevalent Google Docs is an internet based service which all we will need is to login to our account for immediate access.
  10. 10. References: • http://www.pcpro.co.uk/realworld/380488/dropbox-for-teams-is-it- fit-for-business • http://www.smallbusinesscomputing.com/buyersguide/article.php/ 10729_3816716_2/The-Pros-and-Cons-of-Skype-for-Business.htm • http://www.pcworld.com/article/260517/what_is_heck_is_yammer. html • http://www.pcworld.com/article/254457/google_drive_the_pros_an d_cons.html • http://www.trackvia.com/blog/productivity/google-docs-a-good- fit-for-your-business • http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2011/may/27/look-pros-and- cons-google-docs/