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Open data ecosystems research talk at Copenhagen Business School on 25042014
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Open data ecosystems research talk at Copenhagen Business School on 25042014


Talk about Aalto Open Data Ecosystems research

Talk about Aalto Open Data Ecosystems research

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  • Paid:, Bertta, lauri, risto, anne, theresa, jan, riepula, hilkka, heikki, seppoOther: lassila, huima, laakso, honkala, mallenius, miia, paavola(?), yliluoma, 5 uutta (hendrik, tatulyytinen, meri kuikka, mikitotakada, juhanalanginvainio)
  • Information Systems and ICT enabled servicesFocus on ICT enabled services and their business models, ERP and IS implementation, consumer use of ICT, decision support, information search
  • Chydenius, muutaenglanniksi


  • 1. Matti Rossi, Aalto University School of Business Open Data Value Networks CBS 25.4.2014
  • 2. Contents Open Data Research in Aalto Definitions of Open Data Two studies: • Open Data Ecosystem • Open Data in Healthcare Future research opportunities
  • 3. Bio excerpts Professor of information systems at Aalto University School of Business Winner of the Millennium Distinction Award 2013 for Open Source and Data Research One year visits to Georgia State Univ., RSM Erasmus and Claremont Graduate College Minority owner and former board member of MetaCase Consulting (
  • 4. Information Systems Science at Aalto: Key personnel Professors (Virpi Tuunainen, Matti Rossi, Hannu Kivijärvi, Timo Saarinen) Lecturers and post docs (Johanna Bragge, Riitta Hekkala, Antti Salovaara, Merja Mattila, Jani Merikivi) Permanent visitors (Suprateek Sarker, Maung Sein, Björn Niehaves)
  • 5. ISS Research Activities In co-operation with ASF and a number of Finnish and international researcher partners, as well as with company partners • ICT enabled / supported services, e.g. – OSIO: open data and service innovations (with Hanken) – IISIn : smart phone diffusion and users’ switching behavior (with Oulu and Missouri) – RTE: efficiency of financial service processes in companies and public organizations (with Tieto) – Service co-creation with social media technologies (with University of Texas) – Consumer use of ICT and information search (Academy of Finland) • Business models for digital services, e.g. – OSIO: Open data and open source (with Hanken) – Digital service platforms and many-sided markets (with Oulu) • IS and Service Development, e.g. – ENACT: ERP development networks(with WBS, TUT, LUT, Adacemy of Finland) – Service design methods – ADR: Action Design Research as a methodical approach to both service and IS design studies (with Penn State and Chalmers)
  • 6. Open Service Innovation Observatory A platform for discussions and exchange between research and practice on open data and open innovation: en-service-innovation-observatory-osio Yearly seminars with high level keynotes, some topics: • Open Data and Media, keynotes Johanna Vehkoo, co-founder of Longplay ( and Sami Kallinen (head of Yle internet development) • Openness in healthcare • Open Data in Business Research track at Open Knowledge Festival • HICSS Mini-track on Open Data Services again in 2015 26.4.2014
  • 7. OSIO People Matti Rossi, Yulia Tammisto, Aalto School of Business Juho Lindman, Hanken School of Economics Teemu Leinonen, Aalto School of Arts, Ville Oksanen, Aalto School of Science
  • 8. Some research topics on open data and service innovation We have worked several years on open source and open data as innovation drivers • EU project Manetei -> • Tekes project NextMedia -> Now developing new ideas for research on several related areas • Open data business models • Data quality • Open data based new services development • Retail as a service 26.4.2014
  • 9. Source: Openness and freedom by Anders Chydenius Anders Chydenius, a Finnish enlightenment thinker and politician (1729-1803) was a defender of open economy and open governance in the 18th century. He played a crucial role in creating the world"s first Freedom of Information Act in the Diet of Sweden-Finland in 1766. According to Chydenius, economics exists for the benefit of "the little people" - and not the other way round.
  • 10. Open Data 1/2 Some commonly applied definitions • Wikipd: “The idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control” • Open Knowledge Foundation: “A piece of content or data is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and/or share-alike.”
  • 11. Open Data 2/2 » Data which is made available for legal and technical re-use » Interest in US, UK, Europe (varies) » Policy push » Related concepts » Open licensing » Open Government Data (OGD) » Scientific data » Public domain » Big data / Open big data » Semantic web » Open source, Open content, Open innovation, Data journalism etc.
  • 12. Openness 1. Technical openness • Interfaces and standards 2. Legal openness • Contracts, copyright, privacy, data protection, national security etc 3. Commercial openness • Price of access (?) and service design 4. Societal openness • Transparency of society
  • 13. Open Source and Open Data » Difference to Open Source » source code vs. data » Many similarities » Service business » Services built on, private-collective (?), goods » Large incumbent vs. small new software companies » Small ones often hacker driven
  • 14. Study 1: Emerging Open Data Ecosystem Tomi Kinnari, Aalto University School of Business Juho Lindman, Hanken Matti Rossi, Aalto University School of Business
  • 15. Where are we now? 26.4.2014 Photo taken from a presentation in Apps4Finland, 4.12.2012
  • 16. Open Data Business models and emerging ecosystem • Business model elements as a foundation for analysis • We have studied this in media business for two years together with Hanken School of Economics • Potential research questions: - What kind of ecosystems are needed for sustainable service development? - What organizations and processes are involved in standard setting data availability, and service development? 26.4.2014
  • 17. Five value network profiles were identified • Companies with similar offering were grouped together under same value network profile 26.4.2014
  • 18. Five value network profiles were identified 26.4.2014 2. Extract & transform (All companies / 1 organization) I. All companies performed E&T as a part of their data analysis process II. One organization released source code to extract and transform open data with free to use license
  • 19. Five value network profiles were identified 26.4.2014 3. Data analyser (3 companies) I. Create valuable content, such as visualizations, from open data II. Gather data from several sources and perform algorithm-based analysis to create new knowledge
  • 20. Five value network profiles were identified 26.4.2014 4. User experience provider (7 companies) I. Utilize open data to create attractive websites or mobile clients II. Revenue model as with any other web-based company: adds, subscription, freemium or donations
  • 21. Five value network profiles were identified 26.4.2014 5. Support services and consultancy (2 companies) I. Consulting on open data issues II. Create analyses or applications as a subcontractor
  • 22. What kind of networks are emerging: crowdsourced environmental impact measurement Connecting and visualizing data from different sources Display on map, Windshield display, or dashboards Sources: Open Data, Commercial databases, Crowd sourced measuring devices Syncron Tech Oy 23 Own sensors Cell phone ……. Water metering Energy consumption Lake water temperatures Water quality Weather Air quality Factory pollution Energy production Traffic Statistics Source: Syncron Tech Oy white paper
  • 23. Summary User experience provider was the most popular value network profile, perhaps because they have lower entry barrier and more versatile revenue model possibilities Only one entity in extract and transform, even when all companies need to perform this task The study shows the need for further analysis of business models to develop viable open data ecosystems 26.4.2014
  • 24. OPEN DATA Critical Capability in Healthcare Information Production Processes Sami Laine, Doctoral Student Department of Computer Science and Engineering Email:
  • 25. Five value network profiles were identified 26.4.2014 1. Commercial open data publisher (1 organization) I. Save costs by crowd- sourcing client development II. Save costs by crowd- sourcing data analysis (tää ois case HS Open, voidaanko tätä mainia?)
  • 26. Benchmarking claimed significant productivity differences in neurology specialty Pirkanmaa Hospital District Hospital District of Southwest Finland
  • 27. Inconsistent figures have been produced about the same issue at the same time… Ambulatory Procedures in Administrative Reports Ambulatory Procedures in Operation Room Reports Which one is correct?
  • 28. Inaccuracies and semantic mismatches exist in healthcare data “Patient bills” “Manually duplicated codes” “Planned procedures” 1568710726 Both are more accurate than expected but only for a specific & primary purpose. ”Actually Performed Ambulatory Procedures” - X % + Y % There exists semantic mismatches and error rates between contexts for good reasons.
  • 29. You can not trust or use Open Data unless you know where the data comes from and how it is actually created! All Ambulatory Procedures Planned or Billed Patient Bills or Municipality Invoices? Detailed level in actual socio-technical reality! Processes and Work Practices User Interfaces and Data Entry Protocols Data Models and Application Structures One must also describe the Data Production Process behind the interface to avoid black boxes
  • 30. Open Information Production brings Transparency and Interoperability to Software Systems and Healthcare Prevents Vendor-lock-in • Open standards and Application Interfaces • Open collaboration between stakeholders and use cases Improves Transparency • To own healthcare service production • To own information management and software systems Supports Quality Control • Own internal activity (patient services or medical device maintenance) • Service providers (e.g. software or logistics) • External Benchmarking (e.g. international productivity benchmarking)
  • 31. Medical Imaging System Electronic Patient Record Scripts collect data Scripts collect data Management Reports Scripts produce internal reports Research Results DATA SUPPLY DATA MANUFACTURING DATA CONSUMPTION Quality of Open Data and Data Extraction Processes Local Data Warehouse National Hospital Benchmarking Scripts produce external data sets National Data Registry Scripts produce public reports DATA METHODS OPEN DATA Scripts produce external data sets Scientific Data Set Scripts produce external analysis PROCESS Information Production Process of Researchers Information Production Process of Health Service Providers Information Production Process of National Organizations The problem is often the obscurity of actual data creation situations Another problem is earlier information production processes
  • 32. Summary Open data gaining momentum, but little commercial activity Hype is gone Huge opportunities in Nordic countries with good quality data Hybrids of open and closed data are probably where most of the action will be 4/26/2014
  • 33. Open data business benefits are often realized through cost savings 1. Publish data and allow the community to re-use it 2. Analysis made by the community might provide new insight and new opinions 3. Leveraging data extracted and transformed by someone else could save resources 4. Events, such as competitions or hackathons, draw attention of open data community 5. Long-term availability and continuance of the data is important for business use
  • 34. CfP: HICSS Open Data Services mini- track January 5-8, 2015, Grand Hyatt, Kauai, Deadline for submitting full manuscripts: June 15 Relevant topics: • Business value of open data services • Open data service ecosystems • Mydata and similar personal data management approaches • Open data infrastructures • Privacy issues related to open data and open data services • Aggregation of open and proprietary data MT Chairs: Juho Lindman, juho Matti Rossi, Virpi Tuunainen 26.4.2014
  • 35. References Tammisto, Y., and Lindman, J. (2011). Open Data Business Models. The 34th Information Systems Seminar in Scandinavia, Turku, Finland. Rapeli, M. (2013). Data journalism: An overview of the future processes. Master’s Thesis. Aalto school of business, Finland. Lindman, Juho, Rossi, Matti, & Tuunainen, Virpi Kristiina. (2013). Open Data Services: Research Agenda. Paper presented at the 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). Kinnari, Tomi, Lindman, Juho, & Rossi, Matti. (2014). Industrial open data: Case studies of the early open data entrepreneurs. Paper presented at the 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). 26.4.2014
  • 36. Contact Matti Rossi Aalto University School of Business Email: Phone: +358-9-43138996 Fax : +358-9-43138777 IM: Skype: motrossi