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Git It

Git It



Quick presentation given a bunch of weeks ago fro our predocs primer.

Quick presentation given a bunch of weeks ago fro our predocs primer.

It's very basic overview of git, with some nice links at the end.



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    Git It Git It Presentation Transcript

    • Git It! Michele Mattionimattioni@ebi.ac.uk @mattions
    • <1>
    • My ideal version control system● Fast● Flexible● Offline● Smart
    • CVS/SVN● CVS: – I never used CVS. Im too young.● SVN: – I cant commit locally – I cant branch as I wish – The Merging just doesnt work. – All the operation are on-line. (No connection no cookies)
    • Bazaar● Good things: – No network needed – Really cool way to export your code in a tarball● Problems: – SVN interface didnt work properly – Branching and merging is ok but not as fast as git.
    • What is Git?Git is an opensource distributed verson control system which makes you happy.
    • Hey, but I work alone!● Do you develop in linear fashon?● Do you usually make a massive commit and then you cant track what you had really changed?
    • Or... I have just a bunch of files● Dont you change them quite often?● Dont you need to keep track of what is going on?● ...
    • </1>
    • <2>
    • Different Way of thinking: Delta Storage
    • Local Rules: With No Network you can:● Performing a diff● Viewing file history● Committing changes● Merging branches● Obtaining any other revision of a file● Switching branches
    • Non Linear Development: Try your ideas
    • Freedom!!!!
    • You can move around a lot of branches and try different things$ git checkout -b feature_x#hack #hack$ git commit -am ”Adding new feature_x”$ git checkout master$ git merge feature_x Its fast You retain control
    • </2>
    • <3>
    • Basic use: git init – Init a new repositorygit add file1-- Add file1 to the repogit commit -m ”My first initial commit” -- Commit
    • Stage Idea
    • add a file you dont commit it but you put it in the index
    • If you just add a file this is staged but not committed
    • Commit: You commit everything that you have added
    • When you commit the file is recorded in the repo.
    • Scenario File1 -- Correct a typoFile2 -- introduced a new methodFile3 -- Introduced new method
    • Control gives you flexibility$ git add file1$ git commit -m ”corrected a typo.”$ git add file2 file3$ git commit -m ”Introduced the newfeature to land on the moon.”
    • Mantra: Small commit are goodDo a lot of commit and divide your change logically in small part. It will help you a lot when you will break everything (and you will...)
    • -a switchgit commit -am ”I commit all 3 files in one go.”
    • </3>
    • <4>
    • Working online$ git push origin master$ git pull origin masterCan be any branch$ git push origin feature_x
    • github.com/edu
    • Github is just good
    • Easy docs for your project hosted automatically
    • Nice way to collaborate
    • </4>
    • Bonus info#git branchparse_git_branch() {git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e /^[^*]/d -e s/* (.*)/(1)/}#greyPS1=[33[0;32m]u[33[1;32m]@ [33[0;32m]h[33[00m]: [33[01;34m]W[33[1;30m]$ (parse_git_branch)[33[00m]$
    • Results
    • Useful resources: Git http://git-scm.com/ Github http://github.com Nice guide http://rogerdudler.github.com/git-guide/ my profile https://github.com/mattionsCredits: Some of the slides were taken from Scott Chacon https://github.com/schacon