The Metrics Monster


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Achieving VOI and ROI through Effective Metrics
From ITSM Academy's April 2009 Webinar

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The Metrics Monster

  1. 1. The Metrics Monster Achieving VOI and ROI th A hi i d through h Effective Metrics © ITSM Academy
  2. 2. About ITSM Academy Certified Woman Owned Business Accredited ITSM Education Provider cc ed ed S duca o o de ITIL® Foundation / V3 Bridge ITIL® V2 Practitioner, V3 Capability ITIL® Service Manager / V3 Bridge ISO/IEC 20000 & MOF Certifications Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) Practical Workshops – including Visible Ops and Apollo 13 PMI Global Registered Education Provider Public Training in Fort Lauderdale, Dallas & DC Corporate on site classes on-site Courseware licensing Over 15,000 learners trained since 2003 2007 - Awarded Federal Government Schedule Contract (GSA) 2 © ITSM Academy
  3. 3. Agenda The Metrics Monster Using the 7-Step Ui th 7 St Improvement Process to Achieve VOI and ROI 3 © ITSM Academy
  4. 4. The Metrics Monster The issues that arise when we use measurements and metrics to drive behavior instead of using metrics to achieve VOI and ROI Letting only financial goals drive our desire for VOI and ROI, instead of seeing g the results of ITSM VOI = Value on Investment = warm fuzzies ROI = Return on Investment = cold facts 4 © ITSM Academy
  5. 5. The Metrics Monster The disconnect that results from reverse engineering IT Services from a set of measurements and metrics Building from the bottom up, up without top down design Identifying processes and technologies as services You cannot deliver “Change g Management” like a product 5 © ITSM Academy
  6. 6. What should you measure? Focus first on the customer and their needs (i.e. IT Services) Identify your customer or market segments Gather customer requirements for services they desire Identify quantifiable aspects of the requirements by breaking down the requirements into more granular pieces. g p 6 © ITSM Academy
  7. 7. What should you measure? Gather requirements like you would for any other q y y needs Build measurements and metrics based on the most granular pieces Aggregate together to gg g g find meaningful points to baseline 7 © ITSM Academy
  8. 8. What can you measure? Validate the measurements and the metrics What will they do with the information and knowledge you will provide to them? How will they use the information to see VOI and ROI? 8 © ITSM Academy
  9. 9. Gather the data Using various outputs, gather only the data needed to fulfill the measurements Look in all your Service L ki ll S i Management tools Differentiate between data and information Do not waste time collecting unusable or unimportant information i t ti f ti 9 © ITSM Academy
  10. 10. Process the data Identify the “currency” that your customers use Translate dollars into hours or hours into dollars 40 FTE Hours * $100= $4000 Slice and dice Excel is your friend Pivot tables Histograms Hi t Statistical tools 10 © ITSM Academy
  11. 11. Analyze the data Analyze the information using proven statistical, analysis and critical thinking methods and techniques ROI Calculator Control charts Advanced Statistical tools Brain power 11 © ITSM Academy
  12. 12. ROI Worksheet: Fewer IT Service Outages _____ outages per month Average outage: _____ minutes Average users impacted: _______ g p Average user rate: $_______/hour Outage costs = $________/minute Outage costs = $________/hour Outage costs = $_________/month Reduce by 20% = $________/month Reduce by 35% = $________/month Reduce by 50% = $________/month 12 © ITSM Academy
  13. 13. Sample ROI: Fewer IT Service Outages Annuall A 10 outages per month t th Cost: Average outage: 15 minutes 120 Average users impacted: 100 Outages Average user rate: $50/hour x .25 hours Outage costs: $83/minute Outage costs: $5,000/hour x 100 users Outage costs: $12,500/month x $50 Reduce by 50%: $6,250/month hourly = $150,000 At 1000 I Impacted U t d Users: $1 5M $1.5M 13 © ITSM Academy
  14. 14. Present the data Translate the analysis into meaningful pieces of information and knowledge Understand how y your customers intend to use the information and knowledge Use their language 0%, 50%, 100% Options Recommended solution 14 © ITSM Academy
  15. 15. Take action Be willing to throw out measurements and metrics if the customer sees no value in them Follow up on the chosen recommendation Begin a project Identify accountable individuals Identify funding Begin the cycle again Remember: Metrics are the results and the goal not the beginning goal, 15 © ITSM Academy
  16. 16. Questions?? 16 © ITSM Academy
  17. 17. Want to Learn More? Now available ITIL® V3 Foundation / Bridge ITIL V3 Capability | Lifecycle ITIL® V3 Service Manager Bridge ITIL® V3 Books ISO/IEC 20000 (ISO 20K) Foundation Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)® Coming soon Managing Across the Lifecycle ISO 20K Professional Level Modules ITIL Workshops 17 © ITSM Academy
  18. 18. ITIL® V3 Certification Scheme 18 © ITSM Academy
  19. 19. ITSM Academy, Inc. 19 © ITSM Academy