Assignment 3 E Comp


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Assignment 3 E Comp

  1. 1. Assignment 3E complemented Matti Nordström This is a beginners tutorial that will help getting started with 4 different online tools
  2. 2. Thinkfree – online office suite – social bookmarking Picasa – photo sharing - Online File Storage and Collaboration
  3. 3. Thinkfree, page 1/2 Thinkfree is an online office suite service. It works much like Microsoft Office, but it’s free and can be used anywere! Instead of having your documents stored locally you’ll have everything stored on your Thinkfree workspace and it will be reachable from any computer. Start by clicking on ”Sign up” to become a member.
  4. 4. Thinkfree, page 2/2 Once logged in click on ”My Office”. You’ll problably recognize the icons for new document, new spreadsheet and new presentation from Microsoft Office. Make your choice and start using your online working system! When starting a new document a new window will appear. This looks very much like an ordinary window that you see in the Windows environment but it works and syncronizes with the online platform. When saving your document it will appear on your personal workspace. To publish a document, rightclick on your saved file and choose ”Publish”. When deleting a file it will be placed in you trashcan.
  5. 5., page 1/2 is a social bookmarking service that allows you to store all you favorite bookmarks online! Like Thinkfree this is very handy since you can reach your data from any computer. Go to and join by clicking on ”register”. You’ll have two buttons in your toolbar once the sign-up is completed. Simply click the tag-button to save a favorite site to your account. You can now add tags to your bookmark. Tags or keywords allows other users to find your shared bookmarks. Very easy and fast!
  6. 6., page 2/2 To import your local bookmarks to your account click Settings – Import and follow the instructions. They will then appear under ”your bookmarks”. To add tags, press ” edit”. To share a bookmark with others, press ”share”.
  7. 7. Picasa, page 1/3 Picasa offers a great way to store all your images in one place! Once again, it’s an online service which means you can watch the pictures from any computer, very flexible! Easy categorizing, sharing and uploading. Free to use! Go to and sign up as usual. The first thing you should do is to create a new album. Simply click the ”New album” button in the top-right corner. This is the folder were your first pictures will be placed..
  8. 8. Picasa, page 2/3 Download the picasa software and import your pictures that you have stored locally on your computer. Click on ”Import” in the upper left corner. Once your pictures are imported you can upload them to your online gallery so everyone can see them. Picasa2 is syncronized with your online account! You can also transfer your pictures directly on the web but is not as efficiant if you have alot of pictures.
  9. 9. Picasa, page 3/3 You can also download albums to your computer by clicking on ”Download album” in the left navigation menu.
  10. 10., page 1/3 is an online file storage service. Like Thinkfree you have your personal workspace were you can upload your files. The difference is that you easely can share your document with others and create workgroups. is not a freeware, but you can try it for 14 days. Start by clickin ”Start Now!”.
  11. 11., page 2/3 Once you have become a member you can start using the tools. All you have to do to start uploading files to your online file storage is to create a new folder and choose upload. You can also create collaborative folders to share your files with your friends!
  12. 12., page 3/3 Uploading files is easy. Choose a folder from the drop- down menu and click ”Add files” to browse your computer. You can also drag and drop your files to add them!
  13. 13. You should now be ready to use these great online tools. Thank you for watching!