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The making of the analytics platform of the future
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The making of the analytics platform of the future


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Building Piwik the Analytics Platform of the future …

Building Piwik the Analytics Platform of the future
Presentation at the Munich meetup on Tuesday July 29th, 2014.

Published in: Software

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  • It helps you to:
    • understand your visitors
    • improve the navigation and usability
    • identify the value of marketing campaigns
    • track Ecommerce sales
    * Monitor historical trends
  • Better Privacy features
    * Assist users to make sure they are compliant with local privacy laws (Germany, France, Netherlands)
    * Enable IP Anonimisation by default
  • The key values for our community
    * Be Open – listen to community feedback, open issue tracker, nothing is hidden, all user guides and FAQs are published on, welcome pull requests from developers
    * Be Easy to use - make Piwik beautiful and usable even for users new to analytics
    * Be Available to all cultures and languages - grow software translations, establish website translation teams
    * Be Accessible to all humans - make the User Interface accessibility to all, including blind people → some disabled people helped us writing reports
    * Be Agile - release one new version every month
  • + You can view custom data here
  • Now that we have this core platform,
    We want people to build more useful plugins.
    We will work on both fronts:
    - make the core platform more powerful
    - build as many new features as possible as plugins
  • Piwik already performs well for high traffic websites
    but we also want to make Piwik work well for the most visited websites in the world.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The making-of the analytics platform of the future
    • 2. Table of Contents 1) Introduction, mission, values 2) Presentation 3) Analytics of the Future
    • 3. Who am I? ● Matthieu Aubry ● Frenchman living in New Zealand ● Founded Piwik, Lead dev ● Co-founded Piwik PRO ● Software Engineer ● Favorite things in life: Privacy, Freedom, www, Peace, Love and Nature.
    • 4. Why is analytics useful? You spend a lot of time building websites, apps, products... ● Learn who are the people using it ● Understand their behavior ● Monitor over time → Improve your sites and apps!
    • 5. What is ? The leading open Web Analytics platform Used by more than 1% of the Internet 1,100,000 websites worldwide Translated in 53 languages Free/Libre software
    • 6. Piwik Mission Statement "To create, as a community, the leading international open source web analytics platform, that gives every user full control of their data."
    • 7. Brief history
    • 8. Some stats 80 releases in 7 years
    • 9. Our core values at Piwik ● Alternative to Google Analytics ● Decentralised Platform ● Security ● Reliability, QA ● Freedom ● Engineered to last
    • 10. Our community values ● Be Open ● Be Easy to use ● Be Available in more languages ● Be Accessible to more humans ● Be Agile as a community
    • 11. Let's see how Piwik can help you understand your audience
    • 12. What can I use Piwik for? ● Website analytics ● Ecommerce analytics ● Intranet analytics ● Mobile app analytics ● Web Server log analytics
    • 13. What types of devices are popular?
    • 14. Where are users connecting from?
    • 15. Geolocating regions and cities
    • 16. What do users search for in the search box?
    • 17. Which channel brings you “highest engaged” visitors?
    • 18. View where users click on each page
    • 19. View the flow of clicks before and after a page, here for the Résumé page
    • 20. Most analytics tools give only aggregated reports... Piwik offers insights on a per-user level
    • 21. Users appear in Real-Time on the map
    • 22. View details of all visits
    • 23. Piwik Mobile
    • 24. Extend Piwik with Marketplace
    • 25. Alert me by email when the site becomes slow
    • 26. Building the analytics platform of the future together
    • 27. Better Web Analytics ● User ID ● Advanced Content Tracking ● Web form analytics ● Customer Journeys: Goal Funnels
    • 28. Measure Anything Measure... ● Retail shops ● APIs ● the Internet of Things (Machines, Sensors, Wearables...) ● Monitor IT infrastructure
    • 29. Piwik as Data hub Liberate external data: bring it into Piwik ● Use plugins to extract data from your favorite tools ● View your third party data in Piwik ● Easy to build new connectors as Piwik plugins.
    • 30. Long term technical vision ● A powerful analytics core platform ● New features built as plugins ● UI exclusively built on top of APIs
    • 31. Long term technical vision ● Support more backends (Postgresql, Nosql…) ● Piwik Big data
    • 32. More than just Analytics... We recognise Piwik can have an even bigger impact in the web tools ecosystem. ● A/B Testing Framework ● Tags manager ● Big insights? ● Recommendation engine?
    • 33. If you are interested in any of these features, please get in touch with us
    • 34. Thank you!
    • 35. Questions?