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Cog 7 genre

  1. 1. Learning Objectives Apply the conventions of the crime genre to our focus films Identify in what ways our films defy convention and how this informs our understanding of the filmsEvaluate the use of genre ineffectively communicating with theaudience
  2. 2. GenreIn pairs, note down the conventions and themes of thecrime genreOften highlight the life of a crime Rivalry with other criminalsfigure or a crime victim is often a significant plot characteristicHead-line grabbing situations, real-lifegangsters and crime reports have been They can glorify the riseused and fall of a particular criminalUsually set in large cities to provide aview of the criminal underworld Film gangsters are usually materialistic,Exotic locales for crimes often street smart, immoral,add an element of adventure meglo-maniacal andand wealth self destructive
  3. 3. Genre• Why do directors continue to use Genre?• Genre is the most effective way in appeal to an audiences expectations• It allows a lot of information about characters, theme and narrative to be communicated to audience in a very short space of time• There must be familiarity and recognition if an audience is going to take a ‘preffered reading’ of a film• As we have seen with our study of Science Fiction during FM2, filmmakers often use convention to comment upon social / political / cultural issues of the time• The Crime Genre is no different in this respect!
  4. 4. Genre• Using the handout provided complete the following tasks: Identify the conventions that are present within each of our focus films Note down a scene or sequence from each film that demonstrates those conventions
  5. 5. Genre Crime films…• In your exam you must demonstrate how both Narrative & Genre have …Often highlight the life of a been used crime figure or a crime victim Both City of God & La Haine• Using the information collected in contain this convention but your hand outs, you must write a utilize it in different ways. La short answer that demonstrates how Haine uses the convention to Genre has been used to comment highlight the position of upon Social Issues at the time of immigrants and the underclass each films’ production in modern French society. The audience are forced to• For example: empathise with three young immigrants and consider the prejudices and aggression they encounter at the hands of the state, and other groups in French society.
  6. 6. Genre• Working in groups of 2 complete your handouts and provide short answers for how each convention has been used to comment upon any issues raised by our focus films
  7. 7. Genre• To what extent can we consider both La Haine & City of God ‘crime films’?
  8. 8. Summary• Whilst both La Haine & City of God can be considered Crime films due to their reliance on convention• Both film use conventions of the Crime Genre to explore cultural issues whilst appeal to audience expectations• The analysis of both Micro Elements and Marco Elements such as Genre & Narrative is a requirement of your exam and you must be prepared to use the information gathered today and in subsequent lessons to inform your understanding of our focus films