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Lead valves (atlanta marketing consultant)

  1. 1. Generating Cost-Effective Leads via the Internet By Matthew Lord Atlanta Internet Marketing Consultant
  2. 2.  A service business must generate new leads to survive.  Lead valves are online marketing instruments that your business can use to attract new customers/clients.  A lead valve is any avenue of online marketing that can deliver business.
  3. 3.  Most small business websites are not “user friendly” and thus do not generate sufficient leads.  Each website needs a lead capture form placed in a prominent location. (Ex. Name, email, etc. to request a free quote).  Most individuals are more likely to fill out a short lead form than pick up the phone and call.
  4. 4.  “Driving traffic” is internet marketing lingo for getting visitors to a website.  Most websites generate little traffic, and have no method of tracking monthly visitors.  If your website does not get a significant amount of the marketing search volume, how can it generate consistent leads?
  5. 5.  Search engine optimization  Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.).  Blogging  Pay per click advertising (GoogleAdwords,Yahoo Search Marketing).  Article marketing  Press release distribution  Video marketing  All of these traffic generating strategies are designed to funnel targeted traffic to your website.Your website (with proper lead capture installed) will turn this traffic into leads, which will turn into sales.
  6. 6.  (First page listing on Google,Yahoo, and Bing for target keywords). (Ex. My Atlanta marketing consulting website is currently on Page 1 of Google for a variety keyword phrases).  This is a passive form of lead generation that can literally turn a struggling business into the top producer in town when implemented correctly.
  7. 7.  Facebook andTwitter and not just for kids. In fact, they are sophisticated networking tools that can build incredible business relationships.  Facebook allows businesses to target customers by a variety of demographics including: age, interests, geographic location, and much more.  Twitter is the ultimate social networking tool for connecting with potential customers in a matter of minutes.
  8. 8.  Search engines love blogs.  Blogging is a critical aspect of SEO.  Wordpress, Blogger,Weebly, andTypepad are popular blogging platforms.  For an example of aWordpress blog click here.  Blogging literally allows small businesses to compete with fortune 500 companies (no joke!).
  9. 9.  Pay a small amount (ranging from .25 cents to $20.00 or more) every time someone clicks your advertisement.  Primary PPC platforms are Google Adwords andYahoo Search Marketing.  Facebook PPC is fast approaching as the #1 PPC advertising medium because of the laser target advertising options.
  10. 10.  Incredible form of traffic generation  Write short, informative articles about your business and submit them to popular article directories.  To this date I have received over 240,000 (Yes that is the correct amount of zero’s) visits to my websites via article marketing.  Here is the proof: Ezinearticles.com expert contributor Matthew Lord
  11. 11.  Powerful method to generate immediate buzz about the products or services your business offers.  Can be syndicated to over 100 news aggregators, including being featured on Google News!  Also will boost your website’s search engine rankings.
  12. 12.  Youtube is currently the #3 visited website in the world!  Your business can upload videos toYoutube (as well as other video sharing websites) and receive tons of targeted traffic (and leads!).  Videos are interactive, and often appear on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords.
  13. 13.  Has your business opened the lead valves with online marketing?  Do you have a website?  What are you doing to market the website?  Note: A website that is not being marketed is basically worthless. Sure, it looks nice, but it won’t get you much business!
  14. 14.  I specialize in helping small business owners open the internet lead valves and generate more business.  I would love to talk with you about your business, and send a few free recommendations your way.  Please contact me at 706-975-8045 for your FREE 15 minute phone consultation!
  15. 15.  Please visit My Blog for a ton of free internet marketing tips to improve your business!  Thanks for viewing this special presentation!