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SGCS iPad Primer
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SGCS iPad Primer


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Presentation for iPad Primer

Presentation for iPad Primer

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. St. Gabriels iPad Primer!
  • 2. Our Plan for the DayOverview of the iPad ProgramPolicies & ProceduresSign-off on Acceptable Use AgreementHand out iPads & login informationHow to use your iPad (Hardware & Software)Internet SafetyWrap-up
  • 3. Overview of the iPad Progran
  • 4. Mr. LipsteinTechnology Champion
  • 5. What Do I Do?Manage the iPad Program Work with teachers on how to useiPads in classPartner with parents on iPad use inschool and at homeFixing iPads
  • 6. But its not Just Me! Technology Teachers Department Parents Administrators
  • 7. Its not about the iPads!Its what the iPads allow us to do!
  • 8. Why iPads?Swiss Army Knife of devicesPortableBattery-LifeInstant accessPersonalized for YOU andyour learning!
  • 9. This Years ApproachEverything we do will connect back to yourclassesWell be researching to see if giving you iPadshelps you learnThat research will include surveys for all,tracking test dataMaybe using a program that will make a uniqueplan for you on your iPad (stay tuned)
  • 10. Policies & Procedures (A Review of the Acceptable Use Agreement)
  • 11. When in Doubt... Students are expected to use the iPad at school and at home primarily for teacher prescribed education-related activities.Other Apps or Media for personal or educational use may be installed, using a parent or guardians account, as long as it does notinterfere with the iPads primary use.
  • 12. Some BasicsSt. Gabriels owns the iPadsGrade 4 will park their iPads here atschool each night for the first gradingperiod (9-weeks) iPads will live in charging carts here
  • 13. Studnet ExpectationsBring the iPad fully charged to schoolKeep your iPad with you (dont lose it!)Dont let anyone else use your iPadKeep the iPad in its caseReport ant problems, damage or theft to yourteacher firstiPad usage falls under our Acceptable Use Policy
  • 14. LimitationsNo personaliztion of the equipmentFacetimeMessagingYour parents can enable restrictionsWeb filter
  • 15. Apps!Your iTunes accountGetting school issued AppsGetting additional Apps with yourparents
  • 16. What if my iPad breaks? Not working = Mr. Lipstein Breaks, damaged or lost = Insurance Negligence
  • 17. Acceptable use =Unacceptable use = Consequences
  • 18. Sign-Off & iPads!
  • 19. Your iPadThe Buttons on the sidesThe Home ButtonThe Dock Connector
  • 20. The Case
  • 21. Care & FeedingKeep it in the caseKeep it dryKeep it cleanKeep it charged
  • 22. Personal SafetyDont sit it in your lap for a long timeTake frequent breaks Do not provide your personal info to anyoneonlineDo not share your passwordsKeep the iPad somewhere secure when not atschool
  • 23. Using Your iPad
  • 24. Basics of the iPadHome ScreensAppsHome buttonKeyboard
  • 25. eMailLimitationsUsing the Mail App
  • 26. Backing UpSync with computerat homeSync with iCloud
  • 27. Internet Safety
  • 28. Internet SafetyBe careful what you share onlineDigital FootprintUsing the iPads with friends &classmatesRemember: iPad is for school relatedactivities!
  • 29. Wrap Up
  • 30. Wrap UpWere Excited!Why are we using iPads?Upcoming parent sessionon 9/6, 6pm, CommonsParent communication
  • 31. Questions?
  • 32. THANKS!