Chapter 9
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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Slideshow

Chapter 9 Slideshow

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  • 1. n ins ula ian Pe he ArabT
  • 2. If you lived there....You are in a plane flying over the vastdesert areas of the Arabian Peninsula. Asyou look down, you see some tents ofdesert nomads around trees of an oasis.Sometimes you can see a truck or a line ofcamels crossing the dry, rocky terrain. Ashiny oil pipeline stretches for miles in thedistance.What is life like for people in the desert?
  • 3. Climate and Vegetation Desert Climate: Empty Quarter: Oasis: Wadis: Fossil Water Oil:
  • 5. SAUDI ARABIAGovernment & Economy Saudi Arabia is a monarchy OPEC: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries An international organization whose members work to influence the price of oil on world markets by controlling the supply.
  • 6. KUWAITOil has made Kuwait very rich.Persian Gulf WarRuled by a royal family but have an electedlegislature.
  • 7. BAHRAIN & QATARBahrain is a monarchy with a legislature. Theyare a rich country due to oil, banking, andtourism.Qatar is ruled by a powerful monarch. They arewealthy due to oil and natural gas.
  • 8. THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Seven tiny kingdoms make up the UAE. Profits from oil and natural gas have made them all wealthy.
  • 9. OMAN & YEMENOmans economy is based on oil...they are attempting to develop newindustries.Yemen has an elected government but itsuffers from corruption.Oil and coffee generate much of theirincome.It is the poorest country on the ArabianPeninsula .
  • 10. IraqSaddam Hussein:United Nations:Embargo:
  • 11. Iraq & 9/11U.S. government officials believed that Iraqaided terrorists.March 2003: President Bush ordered U.S.forces to attack Iraqi targets.Weeks later the Iraqi army was defeated andSaddams government was crushed.
  • 12. Peoples & CultureThere are two major ethnic groups:1. Arabs: They make up more than 75% of Iraqs population. They speak the countrys official language- Arabic.2. Kurds: Make up 15-20% of the population. They are farmers and live in a large region in northern Iraq. They speak both Kurdish and Arabic. Nearly all Iraqis (both Arab and Kurdish) are Muslim
  • 13. IranShah:Revolution:Farsi:Theocracy: