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Case Study - Rickshaw shares custom pages for their customers on Twitter and their customers do the marketing for them. Social Media Marketing program.

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  • Social networking is a conversation among people. And it is people sharing experiences\n\nThey are sharing their mommy stories, their kids, their food, their night\n\nIn fact, they are sharing 10s of billions of comments and over 1B pieces of content every day.\n\nThey are sharing experiences about people, they are not sharing corporate content.\n\nI run BO.LT\n\nBO.LT is a service for collecting and sharing interesting content. We allow people to copy web pages they like and personalize them before sharing them through their existing networks like Facebook and Twitter.\n
  • Behind me is a snapshot of our page feed. I can see everything that is being shared on BO.LT. People are not sharing your content. They are sharing photos, articles, and experiences. But they are not sharing product pages.\n\nAs marketers, our response has been to try to create social activity outside of our products and services. We hire agencies to monitor feeds and create expensive, high-production games, sweepstakes and contests in the name of engagement.\n\nBut social media is a vast array of parties, coffee houses, and dinners. And our current, campaign-driven approach is equivalent to crashing parties like Rodney Dangerfield, throwing money around for attention.\n\nBut what if we could get invited to the party. Or better yet, what if we could turn our customers into emissaries, taking us along into parties with them, where they know the appropriate topics for conversation and already have trust?\n\nTo do this, we need to move away from creating new social content, away from expensive production, and towards using our customers and products to tell stories.\n
  • What got shared. A lot\n
  • Show Amazon\n\nOur content is not social because we are trying so hard to tell our story that we fail to let the customer tell their story.\n
  • Use the web as a medium for letting the customer tell our story as their story\n\nIn the Rickshaw example, we are creating the page, but it is not a product page, it is a purchase page.\n\nTo make this work, we need to recognize that our products, and in fact consumer behavior, is inherently social.\n\nWe like our products, and we like talking about them. We want to share what we consume, \nclothes, cars, books, and bikes. We want to talk about cruises and restaurants.\n\nWe need to be more effective at helping them tell that story.\n
  • Desire - Check this out\nAnticipation - The moment our customer bonds with us around the transaction. How do you make an event out of this\nFulfillment - The relationship - photos from the cruise, the drive I took in my new car\n
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  • So remember that consuming is, at its essence, a social behavior. We like our products and we like talking.\n\nWe are trying to turn out customers into emissaries.\nWe are working less at telling our story and more on letting them tell our story\nThey are better at it\nIt is more authentic\n\nThe fundamental unit of all of these interactions is a web page. It is the master storytelling template.\n\nOur job as marketers is just to make it as simple as possible to tell your story\n\n
  • Give them something to talk about. Then get out of the room.\n
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  • Creating social reach from transactions - BO.LT

    1. 1. CASE STUDY:BRAND ADVOCACY AND THE #FreshBagFeed Matthew Roche Chris Schroeder @matthewroche @reallytallchris BO.LT Rickshaw Bagworks
    2. 2. FRESH BAGS MADE DAILY Every bag tells a story.
    3. 3. CREATE AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE How can we re-create the magic of the in- store experience online? #FRESHBAGFEED Replicating the personal in-store experience.
    4. 4. ASK FOR ENGAGEMENT. Create a connection, then, a reason to share
    5. 5. WE HAD A GOOD IDEA People loved the fresh bag feed. But it needed to evolve...
    6. 6. Before BO.LT Unbranded. Cluttered. Competitor’s Ads.
    7. 7. THEN WE MET BO.LT They said, “What if we brand it?” is an awesome service. You will love it too.
    8. 8. with BO.LTBranded.Focused.Social. We created a place to put the customer’s story front and center.
    9. 9. MAKE IT ABOUT CUSTOMERSPeople will authentically amplify the message. Give customers a reason to share their experience.
    12. 12. PAGES OF NEW ADVOCATES Average views per purchase: 155 Normal range: 30-250 views Maximum: >3,000 views! Click through 15-24% 0.5% of click thoughs convert!
    13. 13. 1B Shared Links per day
    14. 14. 15@putafaceonitLet the customer tellyour story as their
    15. 15. OUR STORIES• Desire:• Anticipation: Rickshaw• Fulfillment: Disney “I want it, I bought it, I got it!”
    16. 16. TACTICS• Tell a Friend - Rickshaw• Contests - Public Bikes -• Events - Red Bull -
    17. 17. THE NET• Consuming is social• Turn customers into emissaries•A web page is a storytelling unit• Let them tell your story
    18. 18. BO.LT Bagworks