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Feminism Feminism Presentation Transcript

  • Feminist Analysisof MediaDr. Matthew Giobbi
  • Feminism“Feminist scholars concentrate on howbiological categories like Male &Female become conflated with culturalgender expectations, resulting indiscriminatory social systems thatprivilege men over women.”Ott & Mack, 2010
  • “Feminism is marked by a politicalcommitment to deconstruct theseoppressive systems in order totransform society into a fairer, moreequitable place for diverse peoples.”Ott & Mack, 2010
  • 1. History of Feminism2. Stereotypes3. Deconstruction of the M?F dichotomy4. Post-feminism
  • Feminism“Broadly speaking, is a political projectthat explores the diverse ways men &women are socially empowered ordisempowered.”
  • Feminism“A movement to end sexism, sexistexploitation, and oppression.”bell hooks
  • Sexism“ Discrimination based upon a person’ssex.
  • Sexism“Feminism seeks to reveal & eradicatesocially ingrained systems of sexismthat harm all individuals is some way.”
  • SEX“Innate, biological differentiation betweenmen & women: anatomy, reproduction,hormones, etc.”
  • Gender“Culturally constructed differencesbetween men & women: tastes, roles,activities, etc.”
  • SEX/GENDER• Sex= male & femaley chromosome-male• Gender= masculine & feminineAggressiveness-masculine
  • Sex/GenderOnly women can give birth to childrenViewing women as nurturing or motheringis a gendered quality.
  • ESSENTIALISM• The belief that gender distinctions areinnate and natural.
  • PatriarchyA system of power relations in whichwomen’s interests are subordinated tothose of men.Patriarchy essentializes women in a waythat favors men.
  • Patriarchy harms men too.Little emotionAvoid certain occupationsBreadwinner of family
  • StereotypeA misleading and simplifiedrepresentation of a particular socialgroup.• Elderly drive bad.• Southerners are not smart.• “White” people are uptight.• “Black” people are good dancers.
  • We all stereotype & havebeen stereotyped.• Why is there stereotyping in the media?“Socially powerful group have greateraccess to to media outlets as a functionof their privilege, and this access allowsthem to represent their particularperspective on other social groups tothe widest audiences.”
  • Stereotypes• Stereotyping helps people make sense of acomplex society.• Past experiences generalize to futurepredictions.• Mental categories allow for quick appraisal &decision making with strangers.• Mental shortcuts that aid in survival.
  • StereotypesSome people are accurately depicted by astereotype.Most are not and are injured by the stereotype.Simplistic reductions of character.+ Stereotype- Stereotype (not always realized as astereotype)
  • StereotypesStereotypes remain in the media becausethey have enough “truth” (validity) tosound plausible without much criticalthought.The amount of reality in the stereotype isgrossly overstated, misrepresented,and indiscriminately generalized.
  • Oppressors & the OppressedCan both learn how to act, think, feel, &believe from media representations.The media lends credibility to thestereotype. Reinforces a generalization.
  • Gendered Stereotypes inAmerican Media• Binary understanding of gender• Many stereotypes in the media functionin this M/F dichotomy
  • • M- power, significance, agency, socialinfluence.• F- insignificance, passivity,powerlessness.
  • 4 Typical StereotypicalBinaries1. Active/passive2. Public/private3. Logical/emotional4. Sexual subject/sexual object
  • Active/passive• Males depicted with strength & activity.• Sports, work, tools, vehicles.• Women depicted sit or stand, passively,weak, underweight, frail.“Being a man” or “being a woman” islargely taught by the media.
  • Public/private
  • Logical/Emotional?
  • Sexual Subject/Sexual Object