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Speech 1 presentation powerpoint

  1. 1. SPECIFIC PURPOSE My specific purpose is to inform my audience on how to balance out school, work, and family easier. My audience will benefit from this speech because the information given from me will give good advice from an experts perspective and real results proven to show a lower stressful lifestyle.
  2. 2. SCHOOL, WORK, AND FAMILY Out of the three life factors it is proven that work has the highest stress volume for the majority of American adults For younger people it is shown that school and family have a higher stress content which makes sense Work stress is very serious and when this stress gets out of hand people can be seriously hurt Family stress is shown in a majority of broken homes or family’s with members that suffer from addiction
  3. 3. SIMPLE WAYS TO LOWER STRESS LEVELS IN SCHOOL OR RELATED FUNCTIONS Be prepared and prompt when it comes to assignments and upcoming dates Communication is key don’t be afraid to ask questions so stress can be avoided in the future Be positive and tell yourself positive things failure is not an option Don’t become overwhelmed around a certain subject
  4. 4. SIMPLE WAYS TO LOWER STRESS LEVELS IN WORK OR RELATED FUNCTIONS Show initiative, remember the boss man is always watching even when you think he/she is not Don’t assume you will be awarded for hard work Be aware of dates and plan your work hours accordingly Let your boss know your schedule and how you feel about the work environment
  5. 5. SIMPLE WAYS TO LOWER STRESS LEVELS IN FAMILY OR RELATED FUNCTIONS Don’t let your family run your life you’re an individual Be nice to family but do not let them run you into the ground financially and mentally Show respect to family elders and listen to their advice because a majority of the time they have been where your going through and genuinely care for you and your well being Visit family as often as possible
  6. 6. AUDIENCE ANALYSIS How important is family to you? I let them know how I'm doing week 36.84% -7, I must see them everyday at least one member 42.11% -8 How Important is school and education to you? I try,42.11% -8, I come to class completely prepared and focused 47.37% -9 How important is work to you? I go to work to pay the bills 52.63% -10, I go to work to pay the bills and love every minute of it looking for extra work! 31.58% -6 How do you get along with other's coworkers, classmates, and teachers? Super easily love being socially connected! 63.16% -12 How much time do you spend with others not including family? It is nice to have someone to help and care 36.84% -7, I respect others space and they respect mine 36.84% -7, I don't mind being alone for days on end 26.32% -5
  7. 7. AUDIENCE ANALYSIS CONT.… How important is exercise to you? Extremely important 31.58% -6, Very important 15.79% -3, Moderately important 21.05% -4, Slightly important 15.79% -3, Not at all important 15.79% -3 How much do you enjoy being busy? It's good makes time go by faster 77.78% -14 In a brief statement tell me what you would do if you had an assignment due by midnight and had work all day till 9pm the day the assignment was due? Majority said they would complete it prior I'm a Mamma's boy/girl or a Daddy's boy/girl? Mamma's 75% -12, Daddy's 25% -4 How do you embrace a tough assignment or task? Majority said prepare
  8. 8. CONCLUSION So as you can see school, work, and family can add some serious stress in your life There are simple steps to resolve the stress levels from each of these things It is important to keep calm during all stresses don’t loose it, self control and scheduling can resolve almost all types of misbalance of every day life
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