Ask yourself these
important questions

“ any of the concepts in the 020 program are basic, but
the structured approach ...
Give us two days and we’ll boost your
win rate on big opportunities – for years to come!
Do you ever wonder if your salesp...
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Mercuri O2O - Turning Opportunities into Orders


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Mercuri O2O - Turning Opportunities into Orders

  1. 1. Ask yourself these important questions “ any of the concepts in the 020 program are basic, but M the structured approach to reviewing them gave my team hands-on tools to convert key opportunities into orders.” How many of your salespeople are focusing on business that will never happen? Can your sales team develop irresistible offers to close larger deals? O2O - Turning opportunities into orders Developed by Mercuri International, 020 is an exciting new two-day program that is tailor-made to turn a higher percentage of sales opportunities into orders, particularly on larger strategic deals. Mercuri International is the world’s largest performance development company with operations in 44 countries. How many of your salespeople are actually dealing with the right decision maker? Are your sales teams presenting their solutions in a way that wins those big deals? The company focuses on sharpening its customers’ competitive advantages, enabling them to take their sales to the next level. Mercuri currently serves customers such as HP, Siemens, Roche, Huawei, Electrolux, Novartis, Philips, Samsung, BASF and HSBC. What’s preventing your sales team from turning opportunities into orders?
  2. 2. Give us two days and we’ll boost your win rate on big opportunities – for years to come! Do you ever wonder if your salespeople are focusing on the wrong business leads? Do you feel that you could improve your win rate on those larger deals? You know the ones we mean – where the sheer size of the deals or margins are high. By mastering four key steps, your team can turn more opportunities into orders. Assess all the opportunities. Top salespeople start by gathering just the right information they need to make a structured assessment of their opportunities. Align with the right decision makers. The best salespeople understand which decision makers to meet and in which order. They have these people carefully mapped out. Create an irresistible value proposition. By strategically evaluating the customer’s key buying criteria, winning salespeople can weigh and score their arguments to find the most relevant messages. Make key presentations with added persuasion. The final presentation on big deals needs to be carefully structured to ensure that every key decision maker can understand and buy into the offering. “The beauty of the online tool is that we could visualize opportunities and continue to reinforce positive behavioral change.” “ y sales team got really engaged in the game M exercise – ‘learning by doing’ in a realistic, relaxed and hands-on environment.” Why the 020 program is different As a sales manager, you’ve no doubt attended many sales training courses in your career. The first thing to say about 020 is that it’s not simply a training course. As one recent participant told us: “It’s more like a dynamic immersion into opportunity management with a mix of powerful tools to help change behavior for good.” The 020 difference is not just one thing, but includes a mix of three key components: 1) SIMPLE LEARNING MODULES – based on proven, disciplined methodologies and 50 years’ experience as the world’s largest sales consult- Experiential learning is a proven method that is now being used by Harvard Business School and other wellknown companies. ing firm. We add our deep knowledge of opportunity management, including our “before, during and after” approach for guaranteed results. 2) ENGAGING METHODOLOGY – modern business simulation for engaging “learning by doing” cases. Experiential learning helps salespeople to think and act differently, causing a change in behavior. 3) LASTING RESULTS – includes an online tool that allows salespeople to visualize their opportunities and continue to apply the steps learned in the training modules. The program in brief 1. Two-day opportunity management training course for sales teams, with a number of components: • Pre-assessment by participants • Four pre-learning modules • Workshop with interactive board game • E-learning modules • Best case tracking and follow-up webinars 2. Online, cloud-based planning and execution software tool (optional with licenses). = A proven way to turn more sales opportunities into orders. of lost opportunities could be attributed to poor alignment with the decision makers Reasons for losing deals, according to our own study of 265 salespeople. The online O2O software tool can be easily integrated with your current CRM system, such as Salesforce, as well as with enterprise resource planning software like SAP. O2O - Turning opportunities into orders