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    How to-create-content-that-generates-links How to-create-content-that-generates-links Document Transcript

    • CREATE CONTENTTHAT GENERATESLINKSHOW TOA publication ofintermediateSEOFROM THEEXPERTSseriesBy Kevin Gibbons, blueGlass interactive
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS2www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Introductory content is for marketers who are new to the subject. This contenttypically includes step-by-step instructions on how to get started with thisaspect of inbound marketing and learn its fundamentals. After reading it, you willbe able to execute basic marketing tactics related to the topic.INTRODUCTORYIS THIS EBOOK RIGHT FOR ME?Not quite sure if this ebook is right for you? See the below description todetermine if your level matches the content you are about to read.Intermediate content is for marketers who are familiar with the subject but haveonly basic experience in executing strategies and tactics on the topic. Thiscontent typically covers the fundamentals and moves on to reveal more complexfunctions and examples. After reading it, you will feel comfortable leading projectswith this aspect of inbound marketing.INTERMEDIATEAdvanced content is for marketers who are, or want to be, experts on thesubject. In it, we walk you through advanced features of this aspect of inboundmarketing and help you develop complete mastery of the subject. After readingit, you will feel ready not only to execute strategies and tactics, but also to teachothers how to be successful.ADVANCEDTHIS RESOURCE
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS3www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!... brings your whole marketing worldtogether in one, powerful, integrated sys-tem.HubSpot’s All-in-OneMarketing Software.Marketing analyticsYRequest A DemoVideo OverviewAnalyze your web trafficand see which sourcesare generating the mostleads.NBloggingCreate blog contentquickly while getting SEOtips and best practicepointers as you type.MemailSend personalized,segmented emails basedon any information in yourcontact optimizations Improve your rank insearch engines by findingand tracking your mosteffective keywords.ULead managementTrack leads with acomplete timeline-view oftheir interactions with yourcompanyqsocial mediaPublish content to yoursocial accounts, thennurture leads based ontheir social engagement.
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS4www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!SEO from the experts:CREATE CONTENT THATGENERATES LINKSExpert Advice By Kevin GibbonsKevin is the UK Managing Director ofBlueGlass Interactive. Kevin is well-known within the search industry, andhas been in online marketing for thelast 10 years. He frequently speaks atconferences such as SES, SMX andA4UExpo. He writes for Econsultancy,Search Engine Watch and SearchEngine Land.Follow me on twitter@kevgibboFollow me on twitter@DetectiveddubsDesigned By Desmond WongDesmond is currently a creativedesigner and inbound marketer atHubSpot. He has worked with a varietyof start ups, medium, and large sizedcompanies over the years with a focusin branding and business development.
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS5www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Content-driven link building is hard work. There’s no denying theamount of effort that goes towards content campaigns -- whether it’sproduction, blogger outreach, or social promotion.But it all starts with a very simple phase -- an idea! If you get the ideaor angle wrong, it doesn’t matter how well executed your contentdevelopment or promotion is, it’s still not going to have the impact youhoped for.In this ebook, you’ll learn how to generate content by answeringquestions, identifying influencers, and keeping your audience in mind.Let’s begin.Introduction
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS6www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Too often I find that people start content projects too quickly, rushing inwith lots of new ideas. Obviously they want to make a quick impression– and rightly so – but by taking a step back, there’s a lot to learn aboutwhat your audience really wants to see.The first step is to analyse how your content is performing, and to learnwhich content styles resonate with your audience. Is it short-form blogposts, in-depth articles, infographics, video, or HTML5?Then ask yourself, do these content pieces generate:Analyse What Resonates WithYour AudienceComments (quality and in volume)Social Shares (retweets, likes, stumbles, etc.)Links (targeted and industry-specific)When those human engagement signals are active, there’s a connectionwith the audience. These are all signs of naturally good content,especially when all signals are combined and correlated.A common misconception is that keyword research and contentstrategy are the same. But this is not true. Keyword research lacks thecreativity required for outstanding content. But if you can learn from pastsuccesses and failures, you can begin to build this into your contentstrategy and editorial calendar planning process.
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS7www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Focus on the links that can impact search rankings, as opposed tovolumes, anchor text, etc. A good starting point is to build a list ofmarket-leading blogs and publishers within your sector, and find a way toget on their radar. Quite often the best way to get a link from these sitesis simply to write content for them.But even then, you need to find a way in. Large publishers will getoverloaded with requests for new writers and content. Use tools likeFollowerwonk and Linkdex to find influencers, and figure out who withinyour network can help you connect with them.This screenshot from Linkdex shows a social graph of conferencespeakers at RIMC 2013:Identify the Influencers:Focusing on People
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS8www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Once you’ve found your way in, I’d recommend following your owncontent strategy process, but tailoring it to the target site’s audience. Byfocusing on creating content for people, not search engines, you canensure that your content resonates with its target audience. That way,you should be able to get your content published, but it’s important toremember that it’s not just about the link – a good link should be a by-product of great content.If your content placements are generating their own natural links, that’susually an indication that the content is of value to users, and as a result,seen as a more trusted link to search engines too.A good link profile for a content placement should normally looksomething like this:
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS9www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!If there was one tip I’d give about creating content to generate links, itwould be to build helpful content to answer questions.I often find internal or client emails are a great way of forming the basisof useful blog content. Having the confidence that you are helping atleast one person can often form blog content that helps a much wideraudience answer the same problem.When you think about it, your customers are the perfect target audience.These are the people you really want to reach anyway. If you can createa piece of content that helps satisfy at least one client, there’s a goodchance it will be useful to others as well.Step 1: Find Questions in Your IndustryRegardless of which niche you fall into, people will always haveunanswered questions. Rather than writing for the sake of writing, stopand think about what the frequently asked questions in your industryactually are.5 Steps to Generating Contentby Answering Questions
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS10www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Here are some tips for how you can find unanswered questions in yourindustry:1. Talk to your customers2 .Attend industry events3 .Monitor Twitter trends4. Use keyword research tools5 .Ask your sales reps what the pain points of prospects areOnce you start digging for questions through any of these five, or other,methods, build a list of the challenges and questions you discovered.Step 2: Build an Editorial CalendarIf you have a big list of questions, your first step should be to prioritisethem. Look at popularity in terms of search volume, seasonality, andtrends, and then build this into a clear content plan. HubSpot even has afree template for you to create your own editorial calendar.Step 3: Create a ResourceOnce you’ve planned, you don’t want to waste all of this great contentinto a single FAQ. Try to think like Wikipedia -- they are the ultimateexample of creating great informational content that naturally generateslinks, because it’s often the most popular resource on a specific subject.
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS11www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Step 4: Setup AlertsObviously you want to find out what questions are being asked withinyour industry for research. But once you’ve written that content, findingsites who ask similar questions can be a very powerful link-building tool.Set up alerts using tools like Google Alerts and Mention to keep a trackof where new content is being published:Step 5: Build Resource LinksOnce you’ve got your alerts all up and running, you then know whenpeople are talking about subjects where your content may be of useIf you feel that you can add value to a conversation by referencing yourcontent, follow up on forums, blogs, Q&A sites, etc., offering your opinionas well as a resource link to your work. Try reaching out to authors andresource lists as well to see if they’d like to update their article with areference to your article.
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS12www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Drive Links to Key TransactionalPages You Want to InfluenceTo summarise, you need to shift your mindset so that you’re focusingon generating the right links – those that influence rankings. It’s aboutinfluencing the right rankings, those that generate traffic, and moreimportantly, sales.In order to achieve this, our process at BlueGlass is always to separatecontent into three main categories: Do, Know and Go, to targettransactional, informational, and branded searches.Informational content is likely to be where you attract the best links– which means it’s important to make sure you then drive link equityto those key transactional pages that really matter. That way, you arenot only increasing the link reputation and traffic of your site, but alsoimpacting the most important areas of your business.
    • seo from the experts: CREATE CONTENT THAT GENERATES LINKS13www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!Now that you know about building links, learn how HubSpot can give youinsight into your SEO. Click here to start a free demo.GAIN INSIGHT INTO YOURSEO STRATEGY WITHHUBSPOT.SEE HUBSPOT INACTION TODAY.