42 linked in inside sales tips


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Get the most from Linked in with these top tips

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42 linked in inside sales tips

  1. 1. 42 LinkedIn Inside Sales TipsBy Ken Krogue and Jamie ShanksKen KrogueJamie Shanksinsidesales.com42
  2. 2. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeIntroductionLinkedIn isout-pulling email7-to-142The 42 LinkedIn Inside Sales Tips eBook is designed to help you drive newbusiness. You’ll learn critical practices to help you connect better withprospects and customers and increase revenue.Traditional selling channels of email and phone are tried and true, butLinkedIn and other social channels can greatly increase sales performance.Here is a preview on just one of the powerful tips — did you know LinkedInperforms 7 times better than email in some cases? Get social and leave oldschool selling in the dust.These 42 tips were originally presented by Ken Krogue and Jamie Shanksas a webinar which you can watch here.
  3. 3. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeLinkedin CheatSheet12 Grab Your Name13 Use a Good Picture14 Complete your Profile15 Make your Wedding/Funeral List16 Connect to your Customers17 Follow your Customer’s Companies18 Connect to your Employees19 Have a Point Person20 Connect to your Prospects21 Respond by Email then Connect22 Connect at Trade shows23 Join Industry Groups24 Join Local Groups25 Update on Twitter26 Connect a Widget on your Blog27 Send Messages Instead of Email28 Use Tags to Categorize29 Use LinkedIn Events30 Offer Value to Connections31 Recommend Others32 Use LinkedIn for Introductions33 Do a 3x3 Analysis34 Follow Prospect Companies35 Use 3 Free SEO Links36 LinkedIn Events with Trade Shows37 Promote & Share Every Event you Attend38 Target Prospects by Size, Title, Industry39 Ask for Recommendations40 Ask for Customer Recommendations41 Make it Easy to Ask for Referrals fromyour Customers42 Don’t SPAM1 Be a Thought Leader2 Drive Opportunity3 The Secrets within Groups4 Skills as a SEO Hunting Tool5 Save Your InMails6 ‘Hot Prospects’ in Groups7 Follow ‘Hot Prospects’8 Timing Within Followers9 Timing Within Signals10 Attack Followers11 Insights into their businessJamie Shanks TipsKen Krogue Tips
  4. 4. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeAbout the authorsTips: 12-42Throughout Ken’s career, he has worked to growtheinsidesalesindustryfromasmalldepartmentinto an industry. Through his professionalexperiences, Ken has conducted research on thebest practices and methods of selling—includingsocially. At InsideSales.com, Ken has used hisexperience of the inside sales industry to createa powerful sales automation software platformwhich increases the effectiveness and efficiencyof an inside sales department.Tips: 1-11Sales for Life provides two things for clients.First, they train sales teams to drive businessthrough LinkedIn and Twitter. Second, theybecome the sales rep themselves. Sales forLife has a social selling, lead generationprogram that takes over a company’s LinkedInand Twitter accounts and begins drivingnew opportunities similar to traditional B2Blead generation.Jamie ShanksManaging PartnerSales for LifeKen KroguePresident Co-founderInsideSales.com
  5. 5. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeLeaderBe a ThoughtTo start generating results from LinkedIn and social selling, you need tobecome a thought leader within your industry. There are two avenues ofapproach to being a thought leader in business.Step OneIf you’re a sales rep at Company ABC, you need to be subscribing to piecesof thought-leadership that you can share with your prospects, vendors, andclients.For example, Ken is a fantastic creator of great thought-leadership. Jamiesubscribes to Ken’s blog and views the information using Feedly, a productused to visualize RSS feeds into a newspaper. Other tools he uses to capturequality content to share with his prospects are Scoop.it and HootSuite.Step TwoCreate original content. Easy ways of distributing content are using a blog,SlideShare or YouTube (video is becoming extremely important).1
  6. 6. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for Life2DriveOpportunityAfter relevant content has been curated and digested by your prospects,you can start driving meeting requests through LinkedIn.Remember, LinkedIn is not a repository for your resume. It’s a place toactively drive business.ExampleIf your prospect posted an article (update) on LinkedIn four minutes ago,you can see they are engaged online. Whether you use the telephone tocall them or send a message through LinkedIn, you know the chances arehigh that they are available to pay attention to your message.Additionally, make sure you’re using a call-to-action at the bottom ofevery message. This creates a much higher ROI. It’s a great method tobooking meetings.NotPlace to sit passivelyRepository for resumeIsTo Use call-to-actionActively drive business
  7. 7. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeWhen deciding which groups to become a memberof, think in three levels.FirstJoin five to ten groups that everyone else in yourindustry is joining.SecondGo a layer lower within specific verticals. Forexample, join groups that clients are involved in.ThirdMost importantly, is to understand the personaof your buyer.At Sales for Life, they sell to VPs of Sales and SalesDirectors. Therefore, they need to be involved inevery major group in North America that thesebuyers are part of.3Secrets withinTheGroupsIndustryClientInvolvedBuyersPersonaGroups to joinThink in3 LevelsNothing is more powerful within LinkedIn than groups. As a member ofLinkedIn, you are allowed to join 50 groups. Use every one.
  8. 8. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for Life4Skills as a SEOHunting toolAt the top of a company’s LinkedIn corporate page there is a buttoncalled “Insights.” This is where LinkedIn provides a profile outline of thatparticular company.For example, on InsideSales.com’s LinkedIn page, it shows the most commonskills that InsideSales.com employees have.How to TargetIf you’re targeting companies like InsideSales.com, you can select a skilllike “Lead Generation.” The link will take you to a page that shows all themost influential companies relating to that skill and the most populousgroups you’d want to join. This tool is extremely useful when mappingout groups to join.
  9. 9. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for Life5Save yourInMailsIf you aren’t connected to someoneon LinkedIn, you are unable to sendthem a message without using InMail,a paid service.However, if you’re a member of Sales2.0 and Inside Sales Experts you cansend anyone within that group aprivate message even though youaren’t a 1st degree connection.There isn’t enough data yet todetermine if InMails are opened morefrequentlyandhaveagreaterROIthanother LinkedIn messages. Regardless,sending messages through sharedLinkedIn groups is the best avenue.send messagesthrough a group page
  10. 10. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeIn Groups‘Hot Prospects’6The great part about groups is that they provide numerous prospects. Aftersending a message and starting a conversation with a quality prospect, goback into that same group and target other group members.How to Find ProspectsYou can do this by conducting advanced searches based on targetedkeywords, key company functions or seniority. This will provide you anendless prospecting pool, all of which is available with free messaging.
  11. 11. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for Life‘Hot Prospects’Follow7LinkedIn allows users to follow up to 5,000 people. Following is differentthan connecting but the benefits are the same.Best PracticeTo build your database, go into any group you are a member of and pull upthe list of group members. You’ll notice that at the bottom of the profilesof the people who you are in 1st degree connection, it will say, “Unfollow.”If you start scrolling into the 2nd and 3rd degree connections, you’ll noticethat the button changes to “Follow.”
  12. 12. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeFollowersTiming within8Timing is everything when it comes to getting in touch with prospects. Thisis where LinkedIn is so helpful.By using LinkedIn as a “time trigger,” you know the moment a prospectposts an update. Because of this, there is a strong possibility they could stillbe on their computer. Use this as an opportunity to time your message andincrease the likelihood of making contact with a message on LinkedIn ora phone call!TipIf your prospect has the time to be using LinkedIn right now – they probablyare available to take a phone call. You have a much higher probability ofgetting him on the phone at this time than at any other time.
  13. 13. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeSignalsTiming within9Use this tool to createbetween 30 and 50trigger words usingcompetitors and key industry phrases. Check this tool threetimes per day: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.How ToOn the top bar within LinkedIn, hover over the option thatreads “News.” Within that drop down menu, select the thirdselection called, “LinkedIn Signal.” This tool allows you tocreate trigger words to keep track of particular topics.You can probably imagine how powerful this tool is. Ifsomeone says the words “social selling” and that’s one ofyour keywords, you will hear it and will be able to respondaccordingly.TipSales for Life has found, from their own business, that 70%of every lead created is through this method.
  14. 14. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for Life10AttackFollowersIn addition to the “LinkedIn Signal feature,” thereis another technique that is equally importantfor driving business with LinkedIn.FirstPick a client with a strong success story fromusing your product.NextGo onto their corporate LinkedIn page and clickon “Followers.”This immediately tells you they’re going to bethe most receptive to a message that includes asuccess story featuring that client.Why?Because if you are a follower of a company youare one of three types of people: the directcompetitor (they want to know what you’redoing), competitive emulation (other companiesin your space with the same target audience), orconsumer that have used your product (vendors,partners and past clients).DirectCompetitorCompetitiveEmulationConsumer3 types ofFollowers
  15. 15. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeBusinessInsights into their11In addition to viewing the followers of a client, you can also gain powerfulinformation by clicking on that same company’s “Insights” button.How ToThis feature within LinkedIn will retrieve six similar businesses that you cantarget. These are the people who would probably care about the successstory of that similar company. Start messaging these people—they couldprovide great value.
  16. 16. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifenameGrab your12Make sure that your public profile URL is shortened to contain just yourname, i.e. http://www.linkedin.com/in/kenkrogue. If you leave the defaultassigned by LinkedIn, your personal URL will have a series of random lettersand numbers. It looks like a mess and is hard to remember and link to. Makesure you grab your name before someone else does.TipIf you aren’t able to grab your own name, try adding something that sayssomething about your professional expertise or industry. For example,if Ken Krogue had been taken, I would have chosen /kenkroguesales.Sales says a lot more about me than /kenkrogue1, which is the typicalfallback selection.www.linkedin.com/in/kenkroguewww.linkedin.com/pub/ken-krogue/2/4a/328www.linkedin.com/in/kenkroguewww.linkedin.com/pub/ken-krogue/2/4a/328DoDon’t
  17. 17. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeUse a GoodPicture13LinkedIn is a professional site—it’s not a personal site like Facebook. Thatbeing said, make sure your LinkedIn profile picture portrays you in aprofessional manner. You probably won’t have the same profile image asyou do on Facebook.How ToTo ensure your picture looks professional, use a good, close-up picture thatstands out. At InsideSales.com, we use a black and white, short-croppedhead shot. Why black and white? It stands out. Make your picture uniquewhile maintaining a professional appearance.
  18. 18. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeProfileComplete your14Set up your profile correctly to keep it fresh. This will help you gain credibilitywithin the LinkedIn environment. It’s actually not as hard as it sounds.LinkedIn provides the user with the necessary steps to complete theirprofile. By following all the steps, your LinkedIn profile can be 100 percentcomplete within a few hours.Take the time to fill in educational history and professional experience. Itwill be easier to expand your professional network. More importantly, itsends a message of proactivity to prospects who may look at your profile.Warning: Using LinkedIn with an incomplete profile is a mistake. Itshows a lack of credibility and professionalism.100% profile completeness
  19. 19. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for Lifewedding/funeral listMake your15MYNETWORKBuildyourNetworkTo begin building out your network, the first thing you can do is make awedding or funeral guest list.Why?This is an old prospecting technique with a new twist. I’m told that weddingplanners and funeral directors estimate the average wedding or funeral at250 attendees if they don’t know how many people are coming.Imagine if you linked to 250 people who care about you. Wouldn’t theybe the best place to start prospecting and looking for introductions,recommendations, and referrals?
  20. 20. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeCustomersConnect to your16Within the B2B world, nobody is more important than your customersand clients. With that in mind, it makes sense that you should connect toeach of them, adding them as part of your LinkedIn network.By receiving their LinkedIn updates and content posts, I get to knowthem and can start to connect to others that have similar interests andpain points.From connecting with your customers, they become your biggest resourcefor prospects. We recommend that your CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Support,among others, reach out as part of the welcome process to each newcustomerandconnect.Thenreachouttothemnowandagaintoask,“Howarethings coming?”TipBe sure to organize your customers with tags. That way you can easilyfind them.Organize Customers with tagsReach Outto customers
  21. 21. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeCompaniesCustomer’s17Follow yourAfter connecting to your customers, follow their companies so that you cansee the news flow that comes through LinkedIn. Similar to Jamie’s previousidea, by following customer companies you gain insight into the biggestnews coming out of that company.Keep in MindCustomerslikewhenyouknowthingsthataregoingonintheirorganizations.It shows that you care and that you are invested in keeping them asa customer.
  22. 22. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeEmployeesConnect to your18When deciding who to add as a connection, start with the people you’resurrounded by every day—fellow employees. If you’re in a management levelposition, spend time and teach your colleagues and employees the valueof using LinkedIn as a team.TipDo it from day one in the onboarding process for all new hires. In orderto gain the maximum results from LinkedIn, this should be a group effort.Make sure you get your people together and coordinate your effortsand strategies.
  23. 23. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeHave a PointPerson19LinkedIn works by letting you view people who are two levels deep­–meaningyou can connect to a person through a series of two other people startingwith the one you know.Best PracticeHave at least one person in the company who reaches out to a lot ofconnections. Make sure these are real connections and that your connectionrequests aren’t spam. If everyone else at the company is connected tothe point person, they act like a “doorway” with great connections foreveryone else.At InsideSales.com, I am the point person. Within my professional networkon LinkedIn, I am connected to over 3,100 people. Through me, all of mysales reps have the potential to connect to far more people.Beware: If headhunters and recruiters connect with your point person,they have access to all of your people. Connect with caution!Who’s Viewed Your Profile?Your profile has been viewed by 6 people in the pastday.You have shwon up in search results 44 times in thepast day.644Your LinkedIn NetworkConnections link you to 14,680,285+professionalsNew people in your Network sinceOctober 2Add Connections3,10120,395
  24. 24. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeConnect to yourProspects20Just as you should connect to all your customers, you should also connectwith your prospects. Our salespeople are asked to connect to their prospectsright after the first contact attempt.Do they always do it? The smart ones do. They understand that byasking to become connected on LinkedIn it increases the rate of building arelationship and rapport.How ToYou can search by keyword to find prospects. For us, anybody with “insidesales,” “lead management,” or “salesforce.com” in their LinkedIn profile isa prospect. Find out what the keywords are that target your audience andbegin generating your prospecting lists.
  25. 25. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeRespond by emailthen connect21People always ask, “How do you build your connections?” Personally I usethe technique, “respond by email and then connect.” This method is a greatway to make connections with interesting and valuable people.How ToWhenever you receive an email from someone you think would be a valuableconnection, simply respond by email and mention in the email that you willbe connecting by LinkedIn. In your connection request remind them youjust emailed them. LinkedIn penalizes you if you try to connect to too manypeople who reject you because they don’t know or don’t remember whoyou are.
  26. 26. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeTrade showsConnect at22My favorite task after going to atrade show is to take all of the newbusiness cards given to me andconnect on LinkedIn.When you send the request toconnect, remind them of the“common experience” you hadtogether at the trade show so theyremember and don’t reject you.Best PracticeWe have a rule at InsideSales.comthat we will never go to a tradeshow unless we are sure that wecan set enough appointmentsbefore the show even happens topay for the show.Beforewewenttooneofourbiggestshows, Dreamforce (a Salesforce®show) last year, we already hadover 700 appointments for demosat the show. This year it wasover 1,000.Remind about CommonExperience
  27. 27. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeJoin IndustryGroups23I strongly suggest that sales reps join industry LinkedIn groups. Why?Because the days of lunch networking groups are gone. A great group onLinkedIn for those in the inside sales industry is “Inside Sales Experts.” Thegroup was created by Trish Bertuzzi, the Founder and CEO of The BridgeGroup, Inc. in Boston.When I first joined the group, there were 8,000 members. I recently checkedand there are now over 20,000 members. I don’t know anywhere else onthe planet where that many inside sales professionals congregate. Over theyears I have now met hundreds of them and I count them as friends. I didthis by getting involved in their discussions.Trish Bertuzzi
  28. 28. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeJoin Local24In addition to joining industry groups, join professional groups in yourgeographic area. This is a great tool, especially if you sell locally.How ToGo to the Groups search window at the top right and type in your homecity and/or home state to find groups close to you. Now look for industriesthat you want to find prospects in. These groups usually have quarterly orannual meetings. That are a great resource for prospecting locally.Groups
  29. 29. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeTwitterUpdate on25For the most part, you probably post similar content on LinkedIn andTwitter. At least occasionally. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Bylinking together your LinkedIn account with your professional Twitter profile,specified LinkedIn updates can be sent out to your Twitter followers as well.It’s a great way for your prospects and followers to see the latest newsabout you and your company.Warning: Just like most tools, this can be overused. I like to filter itdown to just the best updates.
  30. 30. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeblogWidget on your26In the social media age, content is king. By bringing in quality content thatyour connections on LinkedIn would care about, you offer value.TipCheck out the widgets available on LinkedIn. I love the WordPress widgetthat publishes my three most recent blog articles to my LinkedIn page. Justlike with automated Twitter posts this can be overused.Make sure you are only pulling in the most relevant content to yourconnections. However, if your blog is targeted at the same audience as yourprofessional LinkedIn audience you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.If you’re interested in inside sales, subscribe to my blog KenKrogue.com.Connect a
  31. 31. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeInstead ofemail27Through LinkedIn, InsideSales.comconstantly tests different mediathrough which to send messagesto prospects in addition to testingthe content of the messages. Interms of response rates, emailsrange between .1 percent and.3 percent.The exact same message sentin our early in-house tests byLinkedIn responded 300 percentbetter.We recently released a new product,PowerSocial, that integrates socialplatforms into sales automationtechnology. Already we have seenincreases in or response rates.PowerSocial gives your reps a socialview without the distractions ofgoing to the social networking sites.Send messagesPowerSocialEnable sales reps to learnabout and engage prospectsmore intelligently.Learn More
  32. 32. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeCategorizeUse Tags to28LinkedInallowsyoutousetagstocategorizeyourcustomersfromprospects,friends, etc. tags are like ‘Circles’ on Google+. As your connections grow,the tag allows you to slice and dice your LinkedIn network for all kinds ofcommunication purposes.How ToTags are found in the Contacts section of LinkedIn and are absolutelyinvaluable for more advanced methods of using LinkedIn for prospecting,such as sending targeted emails to only specific categories.
  33. 33. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeLinkedinevents29Look for LinkedIn events thatcorrespond to trade shows. By addingthe event, you can network within thegroup and invite them to come meetyou at your booth at the trade show.These groups attract hundreds ofusers that will be attending the sameevent. For example, if a group has190 people who have said they areattending that gives you 190 peopleyou can introduce yourself to beforethe event even begins.Remember Tip 22InsideSales.com has a rule to scheduleenough appointments before theevent to pay for it. LinkedIn groupsare one way we accomplish this.Use
  34. 34. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeOffer value toConnections30It’s important to interact occasionally with your LinkedIn connections andbuild relationships with them. Offer valuable content to your connectionsincluding training materials, quality books, best practices, tips, tricks, andbest of all, referrals.Best PracticeThe best way to build a relationship is through providing quality, relevantcontent. I reach out about every six months to my LinkedIn connections inUtah and share my latest seminar with them for free. I probably have 70 to80 people come. I do the same with webinars nationally and usually have afew thousand attend.
  35. 35. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeRecommendOthers31I strongly endorse giving recommendations to contacts such as co-workers,colleagues, former employers and authors. It’s a great way to build moraleand friendships. Don’t wait for people to ask.TipMake a personal goal to reach out and recommend one person a week.If someone does something special, go tell them! You would be surprisedwhat taking the time to show gratitude and respect can do to open doorsand build strong rapport.
  36. 36. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeLinkedin forIntroductions32I wanted to get in contact withthe inside sales department atNovell. I looked up the company,found an old friend of minethat works there, connectedwith him, sent him a messageand asked for a referral. The resultwas better than I could havehoped for.My friend called me up and not onlyknewwhoIwastryingtogetintouchwith at Novell, but his office was onlytwo doors down. He walked downthe hall, knocked on his colleague’sdoor and got me an appointment. Itwas amazing.That was my first productive useof LinkedIn and I’ve been hookedever since.Use  MyFriend Got me an  appointment
  37. 37. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeDo a 3x3Analysis33If you’ve ever had a call that you weren’t quite sure how to begin theconversation, this tip is critical. This is a technique that Steve Richard, fromVorsight, taught me.How ToBefore reaching out to your prospects take three minutes and find threethings you have in common. This will help you have something to talk tothat prospect about. Keep this tip in mind when preparing to meet withanyone for the first time whether it’s sales related or not.
  38. 38. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeProspectCompanies34When following prospect companies, you can’t follow too many or your feedgets overwhelmed–just as Jamie said. You have to be very strategic aboutthe companies you are trying to get into. This is a great way to be able tospeak intelligently when you have conversations.TipI would recommend that you look at your prospect companies every timebefore you call them back so you can know the very latest news fromthat company.Follow
  39. 39. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeSeo LinksUse 3 free35Most people don’t realize that LinkedIn provides three free backlinksthat anyone can use for “Google juice.” These links should direct yourconnections to content to gain more information about you, your company,or your industry.FirstIn the “Edit your profile” layout, click on the “Edit Contact Info”, this sectionwill expand.SecondNext to “Websites” will be a “+ Addto website” link, clicking the linkwill open a new page. Change thefirst box to “Other” and type thecontent that you would like to bethe backlink.Think of keywords that you want torank for on Google. These keywordsshould be the text in your backlink.ThirdInsert the link the content will point to. For additional content on buildingquality SEO, check out Ken’s articles on Forbes.com.
  40. 40. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeEvents withTrade shows36We talked about LinkedIn Events in regards to trade shows. But how do youactually make connections at these events? Well, if you find that the tradeshows you’re going to have the social media foresight to build a LinkedInevent, then all you have to do is bring up all the individual attendees.How ToSend a message saying, “Hi, I want to meet you and shake your hand. Comeby my booth during the show and let’s get to know each other.” By usingthis method we’ve been able to add dozens upon dozens of additional visitsto our booth, even if we can’t set appointments.Linkedin
  41. 41. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeYou AttendEvery event37I speak probably 20 to 25 times ayear and, often, I have found myprospect base within LinkedIn.I want to make my prospects awareof where I’m speaking because Iwant to meet with them.We’ve been able to move severalLinkedInconnectionsfromprospectstatus to customer because theycome to the event we’re alreadygoing to. Everybody wins whenyou promote events.How ToIt’s really easy to do. Go intoLinkedIn, add the event to yourcalendar, and promote it throughthe “share” feature.Promote shareEveryone Wins When you promote Events
  42. 42. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeIndustrySize, Title,38To help target prospects better, slice and dice your prospects throughLinkedIn’s advanced search. The advanced search allows you to search forpeople and companies.How ToWhen you search for companies you can target what you are looking for bythe size of the company, industry, and title. It’s all about the power of thelist, and LinkedIn is becoming one of the best in the world.I love the concept of dynamicemails. LinkedIn sends me halfa dozen dynamic emails withdifferent sources of leads everymorning.I’ve found that the bestcompanies to target are thosewho are hiring inside salesreps. It’s a strong sign that theyare growing.Target prospects By
  43. 43. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeAsk ForRecommendations39Just as you should give recommendations, you should also ask forrecommendations from co-workers, colleagues, and former employers.Once you have lots of honest and frank recommendations, I like to move toasking for recommendations from customers.How ToIt works best when you ask for recommendations early in the process asa measure of how well you do. I also do this if a prospect is asking foradditional pricing discounts or negotiating terms aggressively.You could say, “Well, with this discount I’m giving you, would you recommendme on LinkedIn if I have earned it?”
  44. 44. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for Life40If you present at a seminar, ask for a grade from those in attendancethrough a LinkedIn recommendation. Having these recommendationsfor prospects to see can also help to shorten the sales cycle.This is similar to the Salesforce AppExchange—but here people recommendyour apps that work with Salesforce from third party vendors. For our app,PowerDialer for Salesforce, we care deeply about recommendations thatare left on the AppExchange for our product.In the social media world,recommendationsandcommentsare the new currency used topromote your business (checkout this article on Forbes.com formore information about socialmedia currency).CustomerAsk forRecommendations
  45. 45. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeYour Customersreferrals from41To help generate more referrals, I tell myprospects, “One of the best ways I grade myselfon how well I do is whether or not you arewilling to recommend me to other people justlike yourself when we are done.”I set up this expectation early on and remindthem once or twice during the sales process.Quite often I need to prompt them with ideas.Recently, I’ve been using LinkedIn.How ToThis makes the whole process easier for bothparties. I often say something like, “To make iteasy for you and to help me grow my businesswith your recommendations, I’ve found a fewpeople you know that I would greatly appreciatean introduction to.”Once they have given their approval you canuse the normal LinkedIn process. The LinkedInprocess is better than cold calling them onmy own.Make it easy to ask for
  46. 46. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeDon’tSpam42Overzealous marketers ruined contacting by telephone, faxing, and emailby sending spam. Just don’t do it. It’s a mistake we should make only once.I wish we had a dye that turned their LinkedIn page red for a week whensomebody uses LinkedIn to brazenly pitch their product!Best PracticeDon’t try and sell them something, it’s a turnoff. Just offer great content.If they want to buy something from you they will seek you out.offergreat ContentSpamDoDon’t
  47. 47. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeSummaryNow that you fully understand how to make the most of LinkedIn to drivebusiness and results, you can now create a strategic plan to incorporatesocial media efforts to increase revenue.LinkedIn will play a large role in the future of sales – the good news is,you’re already ahead of the majority of the industry. Hardly anybody isusing LinkedIn in a way to expand and grow business.For an additional, more in-depth discussion on using LinkedIn to drivebusiness, watch this webinar featuring Ken Krogue and Jamie Shanksavailable here.Be sure to connect with Ken and Jamie on LinkedIn for inside sales industryupdates and best practices.42
  48. 48. Share this eBook:InsideSales.com | Sales for LifeOffersThanks for reading “42 Linkedin Inside Sales Tips.” While LinkedIn andother social media platforms can certainly help drive business andrevenue, combining these tips with sales automation technology willincrease the productivity and efficiency of your sales team even more.For additional resources to support your inside sales team, check outsome of the other solutions from InsideSales.com and Sales for Life.Learn MoreSchedule My Demoor Call: 877-798-9633
  49. 49. Share this eBook:Copyright © 2012 InsideSales.comCreditsContentKen Krogue |http://kenkrogue.comJamie Shanks |http://salesforlife.com/blogWritersAlex Orton |Jessica Winn |Copy EditorsJessica Dyer |Thomas Oldroyd |DesignersScott Humphries |Stephen Gashler |42co-authored by Jon Miller of MarketoMaximize ResultsCheck out the eBookDownload eBook