Gaming can make a better world


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My evaluation of Jane McGonigal's presentation on TED Talks

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Gaming can make a better world

  1. 1. Jane McGonigal:Gaming Can Make A Better World
  2. 2. Jane McGonigal is an American world renowned game designer of alternatereality games, a New York Times Bestseller author, and founder of Gameful, “a secret headquarters for world changing game developers.”
  3. 3. In her talk, “Gaming Can Make A Better World” McGonigalstates gaming could find solutions to real world problems.
  4. 4. She believes if the incentives to better the real world, were like an online game, then people would be more willing to take action.
  5. 5. Jane McGonigal’s observations come from watching the hours players spent playingWorld of Warcraft, and determined that by the time of her presentation, players have spent the equivalent of nearly 6 years saving the land of Azeroth.
  6. 6. In a society with a strong gaming culture, a young gamer will spend: That is the same amount of time spent in school from the 5th grade to High School graduation with perfect attendance. So why are gamers so willing to put in that amount of time, effort and money? McGonigal suggests that online gaming offers players a sense of belonging the do not have in the real world.
  7. 7. Online gamers feel more productive, and feel deeper bonds with their fellowgamers, all towards epic or heroic goals that are not present in the real world.
  8. 8. In gaming people feel they have accomplished something, that there is someonewilling to trust us with a world saving task, appropriate to our level, but not without a challenge.The real world is not like this, so people get discouraged, and feel they’re not good at life
  9. 9. Solving problems with gaming• Online gamers spend at least Three Billion hours a week in their virtual worlds.• McGonigal believes if we want to survive the next century, and solve problems like world hunger poverty, global warming, global conflicts; that number needs to increase to 21 Billion hours a week.I have to agree because unlike just computersimulations, online gaming has the human factor,that shows what humanity can do in the real worldif they feel it was possible just like an online game.
  10. 10. Dynamism Rating: 4/5• I rated Ms. McGonigal a 4. She did have great anecdotes, but I feel that she could have connected with her audience better with personal stories. She also went over in the time in her presentation. I feel the key to being a good public speaker is knowing what information to include within the time provided. Despite these two issues I did think that Ms. McGonigal did an excellent job. She was passionate for her cause, and presented information that showed that online gaming could bring solutions to world problems.
  11. 11. Comparison• Comparing Jane McGonigal to Sir Ken Robinson is difficult. Both are passionate towards their causes, and both speeches reflected that passion. Both had reasonable goals, and information to back up their arguments. Jane McGonigal’s idea was more long term, and while the urgency was not immediate, she still proved that online gaming could help solve real world problems, with simply more people playing at least one hour of online gaming.• Sir Ken Robinson’s goal of restructuring the education system to promote creativity and collaboration, had a sense of greater urgency, and even implied less immediate investment, compared to Jane McGonigal’s proposal.
  12. 12. Sir Ken Robinson was the stronger speaker I feel Sir Robinson present his cause with more passion than Jane McGonigal. The goals of restructuring the American education system seems more feasible, and effects can last for generations. Sir Robinson kept my attention better, and connected better with the audience. Even though I connected better with Jane McGonigal’s topic better.
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  14. 14. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your comments, and questions
  15. 15. Best WishesMatt Connell