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A brief insight into The Calabretta Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

A brief insight into The Calabretta Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

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  • 1. The Calabretta Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Passionately Committed To Managing Your Wealth
  • 2. The Calabretta Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney provides comprehensive wealth management solutions to help connect all the pieces of your financial life. 2/MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY
  • 3. Our Commitment Our clients are the foundation of our practice. As such, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in their lives by guiding them to make well-informed financial decisions, helping them to attain their goals and striving to transcend their expectations. Our dedication to this commitment encompasses providing a high level of client service, both proactively and responsively. Equally important is our attentiveness to anticipating changes and challenges in our clients’ lives and to helping them be prepared to meet those circumstances as they arise. We endeavor to earn our clients’ trust, thereby building long-lasting relationships with them and their families. Our Vision We believe that you deserve financial advisors who share your vision, earn your trust and work diligently to help you attain the life you desire for you and your family. As we work together towards your goals, we are committed to providing you with distinctive, caring and personalized attention. Equally important is our attentiveness to helping you anticipate the changes and challenges in your life so you can be prepared to meet those circumstances when they arise. MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY/3
  • 4. Meet the Professionals As wealth managers, we seek to understand our clients broadly and deeply enough to find opportunities that add value not only to their financial needs, but also to their life aspirations. 4/MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY
  • 5. MATTHEW A. CALABRETTA SETH W. PREDIX REBECCA A. GEBHART First Vice President Financial Advisor Registered Client Service Associate Senior Investment Management Consultant Financial Planning Associate Financial Planning Associate Matt began his career Seth began working Becky began working with Morgan Stanley with The Calabretta with The Calabretta Smith Barney in 2000 Group in 2008. As Group when she upon completing his a Financial Planning joined Morgan Stanley M.B.A. in Finance. Specialist, Seth Smith Barney in Since joining focuses primarily 2000. She has served Morgan Stanley on retirement, as Senior Registered Smith Barney, Matt has earned certifications estate, education, insurance and financial Client Service Associate for The Calabretta as a Senior Investment Management planning. With Seth’s innovative approach Group since its inception. In addition to being Specialist and Financial Planning Specialist. in portfolio structure and management, he securities licensed, Becky is certified as a His broad financial background and strong creates a customized plan for each client Financial Planning Associate. commitment to client service has been and develops effective strategies to obtain Becky has multifaceted duties, which invaluable to his clients, which include their financial goals. comprise ensuring that client’s issues affluent individuals, families, corporate Seth attained his Bachelor of Science and accounts are addressed with personal executives and business owners. in Finance from The Pennsylvania State attention and care, coordinating The Matt focuses on a comprehensive wealth University. He belongs to The Penn State Calabretta Group’s overall day-to-day management process, which includes Alumni Association and is actively involved operations, and implementing business developing a financial plan customized to in Habitat for Humanity. As a lifetime management systems to increase client each client’s goals, tailoring a prudent asset resident of York, Seth strives in giving back service quality. allocation strategy, and continuing to review to the local community. He enjoys spending Becky is a graduate of York College of the plan and monitor the progress on an time with his family, and participating in Pennsylvania, with a degree in Business ongoing basis. In addition to the design outdoor activities and sporting events. Management and Administration. She is and implementation of prudent investment He has a passion for helping clients define a team member and volunteer for the strategies, Matt also specializes in retirement, and reach their financial goals, while American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. education, insurance and estate planning. sharing in the successes and milestones along the way. As an alumnus of The Pennsylvania State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science, as well as an NCAA Division I wrestler, Matt remains involved with The Penn State Alumni Association and is a board member on The Penn State York Advisory Board. Matt is actively involved in The Rotary Club of York, Big Brothers Big Sisters of York County, and The Special Olympics. MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY/5
  • 6. The Way We Do Business We know how hard our clients work for their money, and why. They do it to build a meaningful life for themselves, their family and their community. We work just as hard to help them achieve that life. We are backed by years of experience helping clients manage their wealth and access the depth of resources that comes from being part of one of the world’s largest financial firms. 6/MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY
  • 7. But before we develop any specific recommendations, we take the STEP 3. IMPLEMENTING YOUR PLAN time to understand who you are as an individual and what you After presenting you with a detailed strategy for your portfolio, want to accomplish with your wealth and your life. We will work we work closely with you to bring the elements to life. Should we through the following process together: decide that outside money managers are appropriate for you, we will rely on our research to select from the hundreds of investment- STEP 1. SETTING YOUR FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES management firms competing for your business. Or perhaps you’d We’ll begin our relationship by asking questions—a lot of questions. prefer individual securities; if so, we can identify specific stocks, Like what you want to do with your life, the things you want to bonds and other securities that would be suitable for your portfolio. have, and whether you’d like to pass any of your wealth to others. Whatever approach we decide on, we will help keep your portfolio We’ll ask about your current financial resources, your time horizon on track. for various goals, your tolerance for risk—even how your liabilities are structured. If you’re a business owner, we also might discuss STEP 4. REVIEWING YOUR PERFORMANCE your current banking and cash-management needs.. When your personal situation or market conditions change significantly, we can recommend adjustments to your portfolio as STEP 2. DEVELOPING YOUR necessary. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive quarterly WEALTH MANAGEMENT STRATEGY review that outlines your portfolio’s performance and whether it is Based on your input, our recommendations will likely address on track toward meeting expectations. income and retirement planning, asset protection, investment Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss. management, strategic borrowing, wealth transfer and business succession. Of course, your plan will include an asset allocation strategy designed to achieve a return in line with your risk tolerance and investment time horizon. MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY/7
  • 8. Wealth Management Resources As Financial Advisors at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a new industry- leading wealth management firm, we have access to a global platform of resources that enables us to select the products and services that match the diverse financial needs of our clients. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following resources: 8/MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY
  • 9. Our Wealth Management Resources WEALTH PLANNING WEALTH PRESERVATION AND TRANSFER Income and cash-flow planning, strategic borrowing, Can help protect wealth from creditors and taxes; transfer assets, asset protection, wealth transfer, investment analytics business holdings and values to future generations • Financial Planning • Investment Advice • Retirement Planning • Insurance • Education Planning • Trust Services • Estate Planning • Philanthropic Services • Fiduciary Services BUSINESS OWNER SERVICES • Online Account Access Business banking and insurance services, working and growth • Portfolio Management Group capital, diversification of personal wealth, capital structure and exit strategies INVESTMENT CONSULTING AND MANAGEMENT • Capital Strategies Group Customized asset-allocation advice, extensive investment • Borrowing advisor research, automatic rebalancing, ongoing monitoring and performance reporting • Cash Management • Investment Advisory Services • Retirement Plans • Select Portfolios • Business-Succession Planning • Portfolio Management Group • Insurance • Smith Barney Advisor • Alternative Investments BORROWING Restructure debt, improve cash flow, facilitate estate planning, pledge capital to help family members, access capital to operate and expand a business, finance a home • Home Finance • Securities-Based Loans • Commercial Banking MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY/9
  • 10. The Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Advantage Our approach is simple. We want to know as much as we can about our clients, so we’re in the best possible position to help them. And that doesn’t mean we just want to know about their finances. True, we have to understand what your assets and liabilities are, and how your portfolio is structured. But the more important information has to do with your goals for yourself and your family, your feelings about where you are and where you hope to be and, of course, your fears, and the things that might prevent you from getting what you want. Because everyone is different, we tailor our recommendations for each client’s unique set of goals and challenges. Maybe you want to retire at 55 and start a new business. Maybe you want to be able to pay both college tuition for your child and nursing home care for your mother. Maybe you’re in the middle of a divorce and you want to ensure your children’s inheritance doesn’t go to the future spouse of your ex. This in-depth knowledge of you, combined with our in-depth knowledge of planning and investing, will help us create strategies aimed at trying to achieve the things you really want. And we have the freedom—and the good fortune— to implement those strategies using the products, services and skills of a large financial services firm. It’s time to throw out your notions of what you can talk about with us. We look forward to the conversation. 10/MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY
  • 11. “We believe that you deserve Financial Advisors who share your vision, earn your trust and work relentlessly to help you attain the life you desire for you and your family.” The Calabretta Group MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY/11
  • 12. The Calabretta Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 204 North George Street Suite 300 York, PA 17401 TELEPHONE: 717.854.5553 TOLL-FREE: 800.343.5235 FACSIMILE: 717.852.4101 TheCalabrettaGroup@mssb.com www.fa.smithbarney.com/thecalabrettagroup Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC and its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice. To the extent that this material or any attachment concerns tax matters, it is not intended to be used and cannot be used by a taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed by law. Any such taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer’s particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. © 2010 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. 3591 5/10