The best place for low rate boat loans


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Boating and related water sports provide excitement, relaxation and discovery for millions of
people around the world. Whether boat loans to purchase a first boat, another boat to add to your
personal fleet or to upgrade and refit a boat you already own, we want to help get you out on the

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The best place for low rate boat loans

  1. 1. The Best Place for Low Rate Boat Loans Boating and related water sports provide excitement, relaxation and discovery for millions of people around the world. Whether boat loans to purchase a first boat, another boat to add to your personal fleet or to upgrade and refit a boat you already own, we want to help get you out on the water! Boat Loan Center provides financing for all of your fresh or ocean water boating requirements. We finance: • Sport fishing boats • Ski boats • Sailboats • Cruisers • Private yachts • Re-financing for your existing boat Boat Loan Centre offers the lowest rate lending in the business. We also specialize in boat loans for those with bad credit or no credit. Our easy on-line application system guarantees quick, prompt review with no hidden fees or unscrupulous strings attached. Owning your own boat can be cheaper than most people might initially think. If you, your family or business enjoy spending time on the open water, purchasing a boat offers some very practical advantages. Generally speaking, boats hold onto their value very well and can be a great investment. We also firmly believe that there is no price for fun and excitement, so let us help you get started.
  2. 2. Reasons to Buy Your Boat Now In the current market, many existing or new boating enthusiasts are taking a cautious wait-and- see approach before making a financial commitment to a new boat. At Boat Loan Centre, we believe the time is right to take advantage of purchasing a boat right now. Here is why: • Dealers must move inventory and are willing to make deals • With many new and used boats available, it truly is a buyers market • It is a great time to “trade-up” to a bigger or faster boat • We offer low rate and bad credit boat loans Be it a small boat you pull on a personal trailer, a sailboat or motorboat you keep in a marina all the way to an ocean going yacht, we guarantee to offer the lowest rates on all boat loans. A Guide to Buying a Boat Before anyone decides to purchase a boat and take out loan, some particular areas of inquiry should be addressed to make sure any potential boat will best suit your individual needs. • Key questions to ask – Where will you be boating (inland lake, river or open ocean)? When, and how regularly do you plan to use the boat? Where do you plan on storing it? What type suits your personality? Who will predominately use the boat? Do you have the skills to operate your new watercraft? • Type of boat – Boats obviously come in all shapes and sizes and depending on what you plan to do, some offer distinct advantages over others. Ask yourself, do you want a simple paddle boat, a single or double masted sailboat, a motor boat or a full-size ocean yacht. Clearly knowing what you want is half the battle. • New or used – There are pros and cons to both brand new and pre-owned boats. New boats are in perfect working condition, have the latest designs and are covered under warranties, but they are also more expensive to purchase and insure and they lose value in the first year. Pre-owned boats are generally cheaper to buy and insure, but you often do not get the latest technology and the available choices can be smaller. It is all about choosing what works best for you and your boating needs. • Time to buy – Similar to buying a car or a house, purchasing a boat requires a number of steps before you pull up anchor and head out on the water. Much time must be spent researching types, setting proper budgets, arranging inspections and setting up finance. Do not overlook this step as it is vital to ensuring you are satisfied with both your purchase and the boat loans necessary to make it happen. We know that there is a wide range of boats available for a wide range of budgets. We look forward to providing any assistance you may need or answering any questions you may have in
  3. 3. order to make sure you get not only get the right boat, but the right financing in place. Financing Your Boat Boat financing does not have to be painful or frustrating. Predictably, prices for new and used boats vary depending on size, make, model and various amenities. Yet for many entry-level models, monthly payments can be as low as $200 per month. Boat Loan Centre knows that buyers have many choices when it comes to financing their purchase. Here are a few of the advantages we offer: • Low down payments – Most lenders require down payments typically in the 10-20% range. However, various manufacturers offer programs that could allow you to qualify for less, possibly even zero-down. • Fast credit decisions – Potentially, you could apply for a loan this morning and be boating by the afternoon. • Longer financing terms / Lower monthly payments – Our expertise and flexible financing options allow us to offer the longest loan terms in the industry equating to the lowest monthly payments for our clients.
  4. 4. • More features and extras for your boat – We also allow our clients to finance additional equipment or electronics, extend service plans and provide insurance coverage with their boat purchase. By allowing Boat Loan Centre to help you finance your boat purchase, we offer you the ability to reasonably afford a more powerful, newer or larger boat, an upgraded trailer or anything else you need to make boating safer and more enjoyable! Whatever your level of boating experience, we aim to assist you with everything you need to know so that you can responsibly begin to enjoy your new boat purchase. We provide loans for those with perfect credit or those who require bad credit boat loans, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen. Do not wait; call or go on-line now and let us start the process for you.