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Developing Your Campaign Fundraising Plan hca webinar
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Developing Your Campaign Fundraising Plan hca webinar


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Matt Harney of Harney Coster & Associates presents the "Developing Your Campaign Fundraising Plan"

Matt Harney of Harney Coster & Associates presents the "Developing Your Campaign Fundraising Plan"

Published in: News & Politics

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  • Texas Ethics Commission: No contribution limits for non-judicial candidates. Must be from a permissible source (not corporate or labor union checks). Moratorium during leg session, plus 20 days before and 30 days after. Up to $100 cash. California SoS: Different amount for state legislative, statewide non-Governor, and Governor Pennsylvania Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation: No contribution limit for candidates. No corporate contributions. Up to $100 cash.
  • It’s not good enough to simply know where you’re going. You must know how you’re going to get there. Your fundraising plan, in many ways, is the map to your destination. It doesn’t matter if you’re running for President or your local school board, you need a concrete fundraising plan. The tangibility allows the candidate, spouse, kitchen cabinet, campaign manager, finance director, and even volunteers to rally around a common vision.
  • Most easily organized via spreadsheet. Whether you can gather contact info right away or not until later, it must ultimately join the de-briefing data. This serves as the foundation of your fundraising plan. While there will ultimately more donors down the road, this is your starting place. Code-most notable association to candidate or $ committee member Ask amount-always overestimate potential. Notes-any background info.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Harney Coster & Associates Developing your Fundraising Plan @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 2. Know the Rules
      • Oklahoma:
      • Texas:
      • California:
      • Pennsylvania: Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 3. Fundraising Methods
      • Direct Solicitation
      • Events
      • Direct mail & Online solicitation
      • Fundraising by Committee
      • Phone Banking & Telemarketing
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 4. Before you begin…
      • True understanding of political environment
      • Viability
      • Internalize candidate’s personal & professional history
      • Internalize your opponent’s history
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 5. Does my campaign need a Fundraising Plan?
      • Yes! Every campaign, regardless of size, must have a detailed, written fundraising plan.
      • Why?
      • Tangible
      • Monitor goals
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 6. Initial Steps
      • Enlist kitchen cabinet, most ardent supporters for Fundraising Committee
        • Grow your potential donor base
        • Access to those who would otherwise be untouched
        • General support goes viral
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 7. Maximize your Contacts
      • Create exhaustive list of candidate’s contacts
        • Collect as much contact info as possible-phone #s, email, mailing address, etc.
        • Debrief list
          • Adding code, ask amount, and notes
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 8. After debriefing your list:
      • Prioritize fundraiser event hosts
      • Group contacts by code
      • Analyze & research extended potential donor groups
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 9. Extended Donor Groups
      • Ideological: donors who support you because of advocacy for a particular cause
      • “ I’m not the other guy”/ax to grind: donors who support you because your opponent’s victory would negatively affect their interests
      • Unique Interest/Power: donors who support you advance their economic interest
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 10. Components of Fundraising Plan
      • Intro
      • Specify staffing and responsibilities
      • Brief summary of campaign finance laws & rules
      • List of event hosts
      • Logistics--scheduled call time, # of events, targeted groups, fundraising method outline, outstanding research, etc.
      • Calendar of Events
      • Campaign Budget
      • Monthly (weekly) fundraising goal schedule with itemized methods
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258
    • 11. Don’t forget to ask…
      • Has candidate been thoroughly debriefed? Has the fundraising committee been a part of the process or reviewed the results?
      • Is the campaign staff aware of reporting deadlines?
      • Has the treasurer or compliance officer been trained on all aspects of campaign compliance?
      • Has the campaign considered civic organizations and opinion leaders who are potentially supportive or sympathetic to candidate?
      @MatthewHarney 405-503-6258