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  1. 1. Georgia Cyber AcademyGeorgia’s School System Online Public School
  2. 2. Actual Classes• Virtual Class – Interface online • Actual certified teacher teaching a class full kids • “Virtual whiteboard” • Headphones and microphone so you can interact and ask questions • Exactly like being in a class at any traditional school – 1 class per week, per class • Example: Math class Monday, Science Tuesday, Social Studies Wednesday, etc.• Partner Public School – Example: Milton, Alpharetta, etc. – Sense part of public school system, you can get with a counselor and discuss going to one of the local public schools 1-3 days a week to get on site learning experience
  3. 3. What do you outside of class the other 4 days a week?• Teacher assigns readings, homework, worksheets, lessons (on video), etc. for one day – Would if I don’t understand one of the out of class assignments? • Teachers work everyday, AND YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THEM TO ASK QUESTIONS EVERY DAY VIA EMAIL OR PHONE
  4. 4. Assignments given for the day count as the “class period” if you don’t have a virtual class that day• Just like traditional school, if you skip class, you are marked absent. – This is different from most online schools • Most online schools are very self-paced and not like normal school – Georgia Cyber Academy IS NOT. You must go to school EVERY DAY, and it very structured, because it IS PUBLIC SCHOOL, just online. – This means you have to go to school everyday, and you can not fall behind » This takes away any reason to feel like school is “optional” for the day• Therefore this is not Home School – There are classes, tests, projects, presentations, etc.• If you miss a certain amount of school, you are held back, just like normal school.
  5. 5. How much time a day?• This is where the flexibility comes in – You must attend school at least 5 hours a day but, you can choose when those hours our • The only requirement is you have to be in the virtual classroom for that day• Example of a day at school – Today you have a math class at 10:30-11:30 • 8:00 – 10:30 – Science and Social Studies assignments • 10:30-11:30 - Math Class • 11:30-12:30 – English • 12:00-12:30 – Elective (P.E., Graphic Design, etc.)
  6. 6. Busy Day Example Schedule• Today you have a Social Studies class at 4:00 – 7:00 – 8:30 – Math assignments • 8:30 – 9:45 – Doctor apt. – 10:00- 11:00 – English assignments • 11:15- 12:15 – Vocal Coaching with Brett Manning Studios • 12:15 – 2:00 – Co-Writing – 2:00-3:00 – Science assignments – 3:00-4:00 – Social Studies Class • 4:00 – 5:00 – P90X, or other workout • 5:15 - 6:00 – Dinner – 6:00 – 6:30 – Elective
  7. 7. Extra Time• Say you finish all your work and went to your class for the day by 12:30 – What will I do with the rest of my day? • 2012 Artist Development Program ( in next PowerPoint) – 3 – 4 hours a day • Run errands, and or do chores for you guys (This could be a part time job) – Enough for $30 a week – That’s $120 dollars a month » Gas for Nashville » 1 vocal coaching with Jason » 1/2 vocal coaching with Brett
  8. 8. Worried about balancing in social life?• Worry not!  – We’re talking about Matt “the Motermouth” here – Have already talked to my friends about this • They want me to succeed in music (Hey who wouldn’t want a famous friend) and if that requires switching schools for more music time they are supportive – I will still hang out with friends from BT on the weekend » I don’t as often as I used to now because I hardly have any free time, so I use all that on music • I will have more time daily for music, therefore more time for social life on weekends  – I am in a interactive class just like in school for at least an hour every day with other students
  9. 9. Georgia Cyber Academy Curriculum• Same as Milton, Alpharetta, etc.• Courses Specifically Designed for High School Students• GCA uses the K¹² high school curriculum to serve our students in 9th and 10th grade. The K¹² online high school environment blends the best features of the companys world-renowned K- 8 learning environment—the elegant and research-driven design, the compelling interactivity, the ease of use of both online and offline content—with key features designed to make the high school experience successful, given the far more complex high school world of content, skills, and time management.• A Robust Catalog of Courses Meets the Needs of Diverse Learners• The K¹² High School Course Catalog is robust, offering several core and elective courses. K¹² Math, Language Arts, Science, and History courses are offered in multiple versions to meet the needs of diverse learners with diverse goals. Two levels of World Languages are offered as well. Students can chart their own course, choosing from among three levels of courses to match their aptitude and goals.• Two Versions of Core Subjects• With the K¹² high school curriculum, students can harness the power of individualized learning by choosing from the following two versions of Math, English, Science, and History courses:• K¹² Core courses are similar to the standard courses offered by many other programs. They meet all academic requirements for each course area both for graduation as well as for potential admission into a wide range of colleges.• K¹² Comprehensive courses are designed for students entering with a strong foundational knowledge and aptitude in the subject area being covered, as well as solid study skills.
  10. 10. Worried about switching “too much”?• Technically I am not switching more than once. – As I have said this is part of the Georgia public school system • Fall 2012 when I start with Northsprings I will be going to 4 classes a day there, but then I will still be doing 2 with Georgia Cyber Academy – I will already be used to and adjusted to online classes, and will not be “switching” a second time. I will just be partnered with Georgia Cyber Academy and Northsprings
  11. 11. Worried about not going to a school as “reputable as BT”?• Georgia Cyber Academy is a Georgia Public School, therefore they have had just as great of acceptances to colleges as schools like Milton, Northsprings, and even BT • Auburn • Alabama • Penn State • Texas A and M • UNC • UCONN • Julliard School of Music
  12. 12. Advantages• My grades will sky rocket – I wont have the distractions traditional school have • Falling asleep in class • Non stop talking • Other ADHD issues I have suffered from – I hereby promise to maintain a 85 or above GPA • If I don’t you may stop music lessons until it is there • Or any other punishment you wish• I can go to school anywhere – Flexibility to go to Nashville – Or anywhere else, I mean ANYWHERE• Will learn and practice more independence – The days I do not have the actual class, yes, I am required to log in my work for that class for the day, but I will learn to work more independently and work with my teachers independently
  13. 13. Why do I want to do this?• I am ready to take the next level in my music – Artist Development Program • Explained in next slideshow – I absolutely love music, and I know it is what I want to do • I need the more time EVERY DAY to develop myself. That is the most important thing. • I know I will get where I want to be with EXTREME hard work, and to be able to do that, I need the flexibility of school.
  14. 14. Who else in my position at one point in their music career has done this?• Before anyone of these people got where they are now in music they switched to something similar to Georgia Cyber Academy – Taylor Swift – Hunter Hayes – Tori Ray – Chancie Neal – Lauren Alaina – Scotty McCreery – And many more teen stars you wouldn’t know about if I said their names 
  15. 15. What is my role as a parent in my education?• Sense this is NOT homeschool, and IS a public school.. – I have teachers, that is covered – I have classes, that is covered – I HAVE to do my work, that is covered – You’re only role is to do what you are doing now • Check in on grades • Ask how I am doing • Etc.
  16. 16. My thoughts I would like you to leave with• I need a change – Im very unhappy where I am now and I know there is something bigger for me and Im ready to go after it• I cant get anywhere further than where I am now without change• I know it’s a big decision but I am convinced it is the right one• No one knows what tomorrow holds, but if you give your 100% and take chances, it could be something you never expected• You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take“The rest of my life starts today. Im just a boy with a guitar, asking theLord to take me far. I got a big dream and a restless heart, and fire down inmy soul, taking my chances, not knowing what tomorrow holds, hopingand praying that theres one more lucky star for a boy with a guitar.”
  17. 17. 2012 Artist Development Program
  18. 18. • The following will be the daily program I will follow..
  19. 19. Vocal Coaching• At least 1 1/2 hour a day – Will do tapes recorded from lessons, and will not move onto next exercise until I can do the one before – Will complete Brett Manning’s Singing Success Program – Will complete Brett Manning’s Mastering Mix Program
  20. 20. Writing• Some form of songwriting – At least 45 minutes a day• Write with another writer at least once a month• Record demo for each song written and get critiqued on writing
  21. 21. Song Search / Album & Set List Prep• Practice songs for at least 1 ½ hours a day for either• Album/EP – Songs from songwriters – Songs I have written good enough to make a record• Set List – Songs that will be performed live • Originals • Covers
  22. 22. ImageAt least 1 hour a day• Working Out – Must have no “gut” – Be in “model” shape – Intense training program daily • P90X • Program designed by Dad
  23. 23. Recording• At least 2-4 times a week – Record covers for YouTube • Builds fan base – Record DEMO originals • For marketing • To get material out • YouTube
  24. 24. MarketingAt least 4 times a month• Get gigs – Send out recorded material to get live gigs local and in Nashville• Get Fan Base – Upload things to YouTube – Promote myself via Twitter, and other Social Networking• Get critiqued – Get voice, image, and songs critiqued by industry professinals
  25. 25. Performing• At least 2 times a week – Bars – Open Mics – Coffee Shops – Festivals – National Anthem – Etc.
  26. 26. None of this is possible without your support. I need you to look past the “normal high school experience” I’m not a normal high school kid, and I’ve tried to make myself one for too long. I want to do what I love. And I will.“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” -Bob Proctor