Community Radio Seminar - June 2010


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Brief presentation given at the Community Radio Seminar at the ATriUM, University of Glamorgan. Seminar explored the Community Radio sector in Wales and how best information sharing and networking could take place to support sector. I presented the CR and digital inclusion links.

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  • I’m here to tell you what Communities 2.0 is and what we are doing in relation to Community Radio
  • Name Organisation Brief overview of your job role? My role is to work within the communities of RCT/Caerphilly to develop collaborations and initiatives that will digitally include people who could most benefit from using technology in the best ways to get at the hard to reach. Tell us how you relax? Joke
  • Stress this is a digital inclusion programme and has a remit to get many in Wales using technology to improve their lives 2.0 supports community organisations and social enterprises 5 partners: Led by Wales Co-operative Centre University of Glamorgan through GEECS (George Ewart Edward Centre for Storytelling) PAVS (Pembrokeshire Association for Voluntary Services) Novas Scarman Carmarthenshire County Council
  • More information in your packs
  • Digital inclusion is a huge field – basic IT, recycling, media production
  • So what are we doing with CR? Broad discussions with CR stations in eligible areas As a digital inclusion project we wanted to look at how we can bring more numbers through a CR to mutually benefit each other Decision by the 2.0 panel has been to trial some best practice models which look something like through 3 pilots in North Wales, South East Wales and South West Wales
  • Explain the side Findings of the pilots will be known in 18 months to find out whether this is a good way of digitally including people effectively which benefits both the CR and DI You can still contact us to have a look at how 2.0 can support your organisation if you are eligble
  • Hopefully we will find many people through CR and many others routes who will not only be digitally included but also look like this lady! Thank you!
  • Community Radio Seminar - June 2010

    1. 1. Matthew LloydRegional Community BrokerRhondda Cynon Taff & Caerphilly
    2. 2. Project NameCampaign Name
    3. 3. Digital Inclusion Programme 6Six-years, up to March 2015 Funding from WAG and ERDF 5 Number of partners
    4. 4. Communities 2.0 Eligibility• Convergence areas only• Need to be in eligible area – mostly around CF• Community groups (constituted and non-constituted)• All Community organisations• Housing associations/Local authorities• Social enterprises
    5. 5. Digital Inclusion
    6. 6. Community RadioPilot project: digital hubs
    7. 7. & SupportReferrals Housing Communities Jobs CVCs Association First Organisations Project Steering GroupDigital Inclusion Activity Volunteer Crews ICT Clubs Media Crew Silver Surfers Digital Hub PC Builders Gamers Community Radio Station News Team Photography ICT Suite ICT Champions Family History Technical Support Music Project Outcomes Jobs/Skills Income Infrastructure Entrepreneurship Progression Generation Sustainability Activity
    8. 8. 0845 474 8282http://www.clickconnectdiscover.orgContact your Regional Community Broker