Tulsa Area United Way Agencies' Website Assessment & Recommendations


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Report summarizing the results of a cursory review that was was performed for each website of the 64 Tulsa Area United Way agencies with websites*. All reviews were conducted between August 1, 2009, and September 7, 2009.

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Tulsa Area United Way Agencies' Website Assessment & Recommendations

  1. 1. Tulsa Area United Way Agencies’ Website Assessment & recommendations September 14, 2009 by Matt Galloway
  2. 2. Motivation & Scope Motivation: To gain insight into the state and needs of the web presence of agencies that receive funding and support from the Tulsa Area United Way. Scope: A cursory review was performed for each website of the 64 TAUW agencies with websites*. All reviews were conducted between August 1, Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway 2009, and September 7, 2009. *As listed on the TAUW website (http://www.tauw.org/tauw/Member_Agencies.asp?SnID=1388822234) on August 1, 2009.
  3. 3. Included TAUW Agencies 2-1-1 Helpline Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. 12 & 12, Inc. LIFE Senior Services A New Leaf Margaret Hudson Program Ability Resources Mental Health Association in Tulsa American Heart Association - Tulsa Chapter Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League American Lung Association of the Central States Okmulgee County Family Resource Center, Inc. American Red Cross - Tulsa Area Chapter Okmulgee County Homeless Shelter Arthritis Foundation Okmulgee-Okfuskee County Youth Services Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Operation Aware of Oklahoma Boy Scouts of America, Indian Nations Council Owasso Community Resources Bridges Foundation, The Palmer Continuum of Care, Inc. Bristow Social Services Parent Child Center of Tulsa, The Broken Arrow Neighbors RARC, Inc. Broken Arrow Seniors RSVP Camp Fire USA Green Country Council Salvation Army - Community Centers The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges Salvation Army - Social Services Child Care Resource Center Sand Springs Community Services Circle of Care - Frances E. Willard Ministry Center Show, Inc. Community Action Project of Tulsa County Street School Community Care, Inc. of Sapulpa Total Source for Hearing-Loss and Access (TSHA) Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities Credit Counseling Centers of Oklahoma Tulsa Boys' Home Creek County Literacy Programs Tulsa C.A.R.E.S. (Center for AIDS Research, Education & Support) Crossroads Tulsa Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway Daily Family YMCA of Bixby Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS)/Call Rape United Community Action Program, Inc. Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services (EODDS) Visiting Nurse Association of Tulsa Family & Children's Services YMCA of Greater Tulsa Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Youth at Heart, Inc. Goodwill Industries of Tulsa Youth Services of Creek County Homelife Association Youth Services of Tulsa Hospice of Green Country YWCA Tulsa
  4. 4. Part I: By The Numbers
  5. 5. Local vs. National Is the website locally or nationally managed? 4.5% of agencies have sections of their national organization’s 91% of agencies website localized with for the Tulsa area. are either local to the Tulsa area or have local Local Tulsa Area Websites websites 58 Agencies independent of 4.5% of agencies have 91% their national national organization’s organization. site only (i.e., no Tulsa Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway localization.) Tulsa Local National Only Tulsa Section on National Site
  6. 6. Mission: Possible Is the mission clearly communicated by the site? No No 28% 2% Yes 98% Yes 72% Is the mission explicitly Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway Is the mission obvious? stated or paraphrased on (subjective) the home page?
  7. 7. Phone Home Is a phone number easily found on the site? No No 39% 2% Yes Yes 98% 61% Is a phone number Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway Is a phone number available on the site? displayed on the home page?
  8. 8. You’ve Got Mail! Is a contact email easy to find on the site? No 23% Yes 20% No 80% Yes 77% Is a contact email Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway provided somewhere on Is a contact email provided the site? on the home page?
  9. 9. You Are Here Is a physical address easy to find on the site? No No 2% 48% No 69% Yes 31% Yes Yes 52% 98% Is a physical Is a physical Is a map or a address provided address link to a map somewhere on provided on the Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway provided? the site? home page?
  10. 10. In Good Form Is there a “contact us” form on the site? No 69% Yes 31% Is a contact form Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway provided somewhere on the site?
  11. 11. It’s Better To Give... Is donation information available on the site? No No 13% 27% Yes Yes 88% 73% Is information on how Is information on how & what Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway & what to donate to donate available within available on the site? one click of the home page?
  12. 12. Even Better To Give Right Now... Is online donation available from the site? No 34% No 59% Yes 41% Yes 66% Is online donation Is online donation available Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway available anywhere on within one click of the the site? home page?
  13. 13. You & What Army? Is volunteer opportunity information provided? No 36% Yes 64% Is information on Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway volunteering available anywhere on the site ?
  14. 14. When & Where? Does the site have a calendar and/or events page? No 22% Yes* 78% Does the site have a calendar Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway and/or information about upcoming events? * “Yes” was given liberally. Many events pages and calendars had no future events listed.
  15. 15. Take It to the People Does the site collect addresses for email campaigns? Yes 22% No 78% Does the site collect email Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway addresses to distribute newsletters or other email campaigns?
  16. 16. No Press is Bad Press Is the site journalist-friendly? Yes 17% No 83% Does the site provide contact Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway information and/or resources specifically intended for journalists?
  17. 17. Getting Social? Is social media promoted on the site? Yes Yes Yes 9% 14% 6% No No 86% No 91% 94% Blog RSS Yes Yes Yes 2% 2% 16% No 84% No No 98% 98% Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway NOTE: Numbers reflect links from organizations’ websites to specific social media platforms. Organizations using social media accounts that are not promoted or linked from website, if any, are not included.
  18. 18. You Scratch My Back... Does the site promote the TAUW? No No 22% 38% Yes Yes 63% 78% Is the TAUW logo Is the TAUW logo Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway displayed anywhere on proudly displayed on the the website? home page?
  19. 19. That’s So Last Year Does something on the site indicate it’s out of date? No 59% Biggest Offenders: Yes •outdated copyright notice 41% •long past events •no new newsletters Is there something visible on Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway the site that indicates that the information may be out of date?
  20. 20. Part II: Setting A Good Example
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  22. 22. n &nal leasio c C s i ed e t r as of sthe ✓ pr e ph ion a P araiss ✓ M m ing co ts Upven ✓ E t eer n l un atio Voorm y ✓ Inf d Wa k n ite & Li Ungo ✓ Lo ess & er b f dr um ri Ad e N ndeke . ✓Phon to n wo ta lub I hey C ickatio Cl on ✓ t r’s ine Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway ne D O ne D ✓ nli O c ial ink So rk L ✓ Net wo
  23. 23. pleout Simlay tom ✓ tock cuder s s& s ith ea d res e w h Ad honber ✓ P um N n m ing na tio co ts Do Upven ✓ e ✓ E on on rs s si Ph be Mi ✓N um ✓ t ham UWink s toa TA & L I f ? ✓ ogo ✓ sea reen L g Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway
  24. 24. se d t eer a hr n un o ol nf ng rap sio V I mi Pa is ✓ o ✓ M pc nts U ve E yetark ✓ ple st r Sim tly olo nan c gn ✓ oig wo si p t de l ing ciaLinks m Sork ts cont wo idg e Up ve E ✓Net W ✓ & n entnk o min Lniline he Pr tio to no) T neaclionatio ly ople on Pe ck ✓ Don d Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway (o s & er Ifage w. d res mb ✓ Vill kne Ad e Nu ail ✓Phon ct Em nta Co ✓
  25. 25. w elle e, om ars d h r Spigne ge t he ink ✓des pa no n L A io ✓D o nat ing arrre e d EHe k to n Ne ke lic atio ✓ Jo e C on Onne D ✓ nli nts ap O ve E oM m ing s ✓ ink t co New L Ups & ✓ ✓Event s ail on es Emcti A ddr oll e ✓ e oner ✓ C Ph b ✓ N um Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway o s L og es t UWink work tel igh ds Da yr voi f- TA & L et p o ✓ ial Nks ✓ coice a ut- ot ing ote n k S oc Lin o da ✓ lo
  26. 26. Part III: Ten Recommendations for Improvement
  27. 27. 1. Do the most important thing first There are so many different things a website can do, and so many different people it can serve. Before you get too deep, ask yourself this question... If your website could only do one thing and one thing only, what would it be? That’s the most important thing. Make your website do that thing first. And make certain it does it really, really well. Then be vigilant; never lose sight of it as you add other elements. Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway If someone you’ve never met, say from Idaho, visits your website for the first time, they should inherently know what your one thing is.
  28. 28. 2. If you’re gonna ask for money, be heard For Online Donations: •Top half of home page •Big visible button •One click to donation form •Explain why it matters For Other Donations: •Links from menu •Explain why it matters Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway •Give clear, concise & complete instructions
  29. 29. 3. Ditch the splash page If your first page isn’t useful to the user then eliminate it. (Like right now, before you move on to the next slide.) Useful to the user means that it provides information the user desires. HINT: Cool graphics, TV commercial-esque videos, Flash animation, your awesome logo and talking points are not useful. Sorry. Everything you put in front of the page that contains your one thing is a chance for the user to go to another site. Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway Wouldn’t that be a shame?
  30. 30. ll ca e im 4. Gimme the 411 r o go -5 a 67 8 t d 309 Fo For the love of Pete, put your phone number and address on your home page. Don’t make me dig. If having people call your organization or show up at your office is generally a good thing, then your website should make this as quick and easy as possible. Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway
  31. 31. 5. Be Easy to contact online Provide an obvious and easy way for folks to contact you online. Don’t make me pick up the phone if I don’t want to. I may be more comfortable typing than talking. Provide at least one email address. If there’s a chance your target audience might not have email access, provide an online form - and don’t require an email address. If you deal with sensitive issues, consider Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway providing ways to communicate anonymously online. Be certain inboxes are frequently checked and regularly tested.
  32. 32. 6. Don’t Make Me Google Anytime you present information on your site that may induce the Google-reflex, provide a link that opens another browser window. For example, always provide a map link next to your address. This simple gesture helps the user save time (they were gonna Google it anyway) while ensuring that your browser window stays open a little longer. Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway Win-win.
  33. 33. 7. Collect Email Addresses!!!!! Email is still the single most effective online communications tool in existence. It’s cheap. It’s easy. Use it. Email campaigns can be used to: om •Distribute newsletters •Find those needing your services h.c •Find volunteers du •Solicit donations @ •Invite folks to join your social media programs llo •Bring folks back to your website Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway e •Advertise special events .h uh
  34. 34. 8. Change we need At a minimum, keep your Pop Quiz: Online, outdated content current! content can makes an organization seem? If you can’t/won’t keep your content up-to-date, then avoid a.) out-of-business date related material. b.) aloof c.) disinterested The best strategy, however, is d.) all of the above to update your content frequently*. Fresh content gives users a reason to return and it dramatically improves Search Engine Optimization. Blogs are awesome for Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway dynamic content. Added bonus: blogs are cheap and easy**. * “Frequently” is a relative term. Biweekly, monthly or even bimonthly updates can be very effective. **Way, way easier than a newsletter, or a conversation with your average teenaged boy.
  35. 35. 9. Everything you need; absolutely nothing else The difference between a good site and a great site is often pages of pleasant but unnecessary rambling that prevents the user from recognizing the one thing. If your site contains extraneous content that isn’t contributing to your ultimate goal, then it’s detracting from it. Eliminate it. Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway If it helps, send your well written but extraneous content to me. I’ll read it. I promise.
  36. 36. 10. Do the most important thing first d id n I io , es me nt Y ’s y it ad re , bu tan t t. al is r t h po ne im y o h at m t ’s ing. It th Copyright 2009 Matt Galloway If your website could only do one thing and one thing only, what would it be?
  37. 37. Questions & Comments • Please use this report in whatever way you’d like. While I’d appreciate it if you’d attribute my work to me where appropriate we both know that nothing (but bad karma) awaits if you don’t. Meh. • Contact info for questions or comments: Matt Galloway Email: matt@thebasement.com Phone: 918-808-3072 Twitter: @mattgalloway Blog: http://thebasement.com • I’m available to present or discuss this report, and/or your specific web efforts with your organization. Drop me a line if you’re interested.