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Merb presentation at ORUG

Merb presentation at ORUG



Is Ruby really slow? Why should I choose Merb?

Is Ruby really slow? Why should I choose Merb?



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    Merb presentation at ORUG Merb presentation at ORUG Presentation Transcript

    • merb & f l e x i b i l t y p e r f o r m a n c e
    • Me
    • Matt Aimonetti Me irc: m a t t e t t i http://github.com/mattetti
    • Matt
    • don’t work for Engine Yard Matt
    • don’t work for Engine Yard Matt
    • Consultant Me based in San Diego, CA
    • http://ma-agile.com/training
    • Blogs: http://merbist.com http://railsontherun.com
    • “It’s also worth mentioning that there shouldn’t be doubt in anybody’s mind at this point that Ruby itself is slow. It’s great that people are hard at work on faster implementations of the language, but right now, it’s tough.” Alex Payne, Twitter
    • I for one am scared of Ruby because ... it's known to be slow, so if you become The Next MySpace, you'll be buying 5 times as many boxes as the .NET guy down the hall. Joel Spolsky
    • Rails is for the vast majority of web applications Fast Enough... I just happen to care much more about free developer cycles and am willing to trade the former for the latter. David Heinemeier Hansson
    • Ruby is so embarrassing.
    • Rails is slow
    • Ruby is slow
    • “The slowest programming language in the world”
    • What does the community say?
    • Hardware cost > Development cost
    • ¡we program faster!
    • ¿srly?
    • benchmarks someone?
    • raw PHP: 331 rps
    • raw PHP: 331 rps cake PHP: 3.6 rps / 8 rps(eaccelerator)
    • raw PHP: 331 rps cake PHP: 3.6 rps / 8 rps (eaccelerator) code igniter: 21.5 rps / 98.2 rps (eaccelerator)
    • raw PHP: 331 rps cake PHP: 3.6 rps / 8 rps (eaccelerator) code igniter: 21.5 rps / 98.2 rps (eaccelerator) Rails: 88 rps
    • Rails with 1 mongrel is pretty close to the fastest PHP framework.
    • what about merb?
    • hello world benchmarks baseline results
    • Merb merb requests per second
    • Merb Static HTML requests per second
    • Merb Static HTML PHP requests per second
    • Merb router Merb controller Sinatra Rails CakePHP requests per second
    • We don’t need to be embarrassed
    • Ruby might be slow at fibonacci benchmarks who cares?
    • Ruby is fast at real life web benchmarks that’s what matters!
    • stop saying Ruby is slow because that’s not true
    • what about merb? because that’s why you’re here
    • merb is fast
    • merb is flexible
    • $ merb-gen app app-name merb stack merb-action-args dm-core merb-assets dm-aggregates merb-cache dm-migrations merb-helpers dm-timestamps merb-mailer dm-types merb-slices dm-validations merb-auth merb-param-protection merb-exceptions
    • $ merb-gen very_flat app-name 1 file Merb::Router.prepare do match('/').to(:controller => 'very-flat-app', :action =>'index') end class VeryFlatApp < Merb::Controller def index quot;Hi, I am 'very flat' Merb application. I have everything in one single file and well suited for dynamic stub pages.quot; end end
    • $ merb-gen flat app-name 4 files application.rb - controllers & actions config/framework.rb - framework config config/init.rb - app settings views/view_name.html.erb - action view
    • $ merb-gen core app-name same as merb stack app no dependencies when you don’t want DM when you use JRuby when you want an opt-in solution
    • http://flickr.com/photos/ezzyponchi/283381271/ http://bonluxat.com merb is modular
    • http://flickr.com/photos/24567277@N00/2374743628/ merb is agnostic
    • merb can be opinionated
    • merb recycling
    • merb has an api
    • Merb has a bright future for the people who are not satisfied by the fixed ways in Rails. I think that Merb will give users more freedom in a Ruby-ish way of programming. matz likes merb
    • $ sudo gem install merb --development $ merb-gen app my-first-app $ merb-gen resource article title:string,author:string getting started
    • merb 2.0
    • admin interface
    • e sy rapid prototyping
    • swiftiply e sy rapid deployment
    • Ruby 1.9 + i18n/l10n
    • 2.0 schedule? in less than 12 months
    • questions?