How much radical openness does innovation need? Intimacy vs. Openness Deathmatch bt @matteoc

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15 November - Berlin - Summit of Newthinking. We live in the age of openness, of collaborative consumption: we are creating a new phase in human relations and development where the paradigm of sharing is brought to its fullest potential.
Yet we lack a language to speak about our souls, what’s inside us, what is intimate about us.
We have created a new social infrastructure (we called it social graph or social networks) yet we have re-created in digital form all the taboos and limits inherent to our physical, still closed society.
We need to explore a new paradigm. What happens to openness when it meets intimacy? How can we stop using our social graph as a stage for what we want the world to see and start using it to share what we truly are? How much value can we create in the world if we share not only our goods, but our souls?
This interactive and engaging talk explores the problem by contextualizing the exciting time we live in and introduces the topic of “Coming out in the digital age” through the meeting of the radical openness concept with the depths of our souls.
It’s the most current and most interesting development in human social interactions since social networking was born, a riveting new way of seeing the world and a call for a global coming out.
This call for coming out has a name and a manifesto under OUT AS YOU: a non-profit, R&D based startup project with ambitious goals. Visit the link to know more:

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  • 1. How much radical opennessdoes innovation need? Intimacy vs. Openness DeathmatchSummit of Newthinking - Open Innovation - Berlin, 15th November 2012
  • 2. <intro>
  • 3. startup guy
  • 4.
  • 5. </intro>
  • 6. <housekeeping>
  • 7. #son12
  • 8. #outasyou
  • 9. </housekeeping>
  • 10. HOW OPEN?
  • 11. <refrain>
  • 12. In the age of radical openness & collaborative consumption we need newtools to share what is intimateabout us #outasyou #son12
  • 13. </refrain>
  • 14. <radical openness>
  • 15. <ideas>
  • 16. From 1 to 3200+ conferences, 1 to 100+ countries,from elite conference to household name.
  • 17. Phil Libin, from CEO to guru of the Freemium model
  • 18. <what we have>
  • 19. <self>
  • 20. We have social networks...
  • 21. ...places where we smile and look happy!
  • 22. Coming out on social networks
  • 23. Still only 2 genders
  • 24. One checkbox...
  • 25. ...a look at the options and...
  • 26. Voilà: coming out!
  • 27. Gender is binary
  • 28. Coming out is a switch
  • 29. </radical openness>
  • 30. How do we communicate what is intimateabout us?
  • 31. <!-- society -->
  • 32. How can we achieve a non normativesociety?
  • 33. We need a new language
  • 34. That language is
  • 35. The one stop online destination for everythingComing Out
  • 36.*
  • 37. Find help and courage
  • 38. Connect with your community
  • 39. Help who is around you tounderstand your coming out
  • 40. Join a cause
  • 41. Celebrate coming out
  • 42. Not another social network
  • 43. A social startup
  • 44. 1A non profit foundation with an ambitious 10 year goal
  • 45. 10%of the worldwide population
  • 46. 10countries where we are not needed anymore
  • 47. #outasyou
  • 48. <refrain>
  • 49. Coming out is not a switch
  • 50. Gender is not just binary
  • 52. In the age of radical openness & collaborativeconsumption we need http:// to share whats intimate about us #outasyou #son12
  • 53. </refrain>
  • 54. Start counting
  • 55. Matteo Cassese@matteoc on
  • 56. Presentation Credits: Logos of Airbnb and Couchsurfing are copyright of their respective owners Screen captures of Facebook are property of Facebook Slides by Rachel Botsman used with permission (@rachelbotsman)"How to Care for Introverts," designed by Becky Cullen, written by Linda Kreger Silverman Source: http:// The Noun project for the Male, Female symbols “Be exactly who you are” uncredited, looking for attribution Photocredits: genderbread-person/ File:Phil_Libin_at_LeWeb_in_2011.jpg 72057594060779001/ attachment/01