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US Media TV - Who we are?

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Us media tv - Who we are

  1. 1. Detailed Presentation on US Media TV
  2. 2. ABOUT United States Media Television, Inc. is a rapidly expanding enterprise dedicated to creating communication solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries.
  3. 3. EXPERIENCE: More than thirteen years, United States Media Television Inc. has specialized in developing, producing, and distributing programming for diverse audiences. Today, from our corporate headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida, our editorial and business teams collaborate to provide new and exciting programming, as well as social media marketing, public relations campaigns, Internet marketing, consulting, and other multimedia services.
  4. 4. TEAM
  5. 5. Paul Douglas ScottA television-programming and new media pioneer, Doug Scott,43, was awarded 9 Telly Awards for his company’s work in 2010.As President of United States Media Television, Inc., Doug leadsone of Florida’s largest independent production companies, with4 celebrity-hosted shows and counting. With a steady stream ofimpressive national and international Featured Guests on hisshows, a strong and ever-expanding internet presence, androbust airings nationwide, Doug’s path to leadership mirrors thatof the industry itself – continuously thriving.Prior to founding United States Media Television, Doug had over 15 years of experience inmass media. He worked for Inter-media Marketing Solutions, Inc. for 3 years while servingas Vice President of Marketing and the Senior Vice President of New Media Development.Doug has served on several non-profit committees and is particularly involved insupporting single mothers in South Florida.
  6. 6. Jim Nicholas VeserJim Nicholas Veser, this year marks a decade with UnitedStates Media Television. Jim began his career at a very earlyage on stage and in front of the camera. During hisattendance at West Virginia University on a full theatrescholarship, he became interested in hospitality and workedin the industry while performing on Equity stagesthroughout the Northeast. His Creative and Leadershipstrengths eventually landed him Director of Business TravelSales for The Ritz Carlton, Battery Park in Manhattan. Soonafter, he was drawn to the warm weather and endlessopportunity of television in South Florida. He began hiscareer at Today in America with Terry Bradshaw. as aCreative Director and ultimately became the SeniorProducer for several shows produced by the company. In2008, he was promoted to Vice President of Production.
  7. 7. Kyra BurtonKyra Burton spent the first four years of her career as ateacher in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. As a memberof the United States Media Television Inc., Inc. team, Kyrahas held several positions within the company. Kyra wasthe company’s Production Manager for five years and wasdirectly responsible for running all aspects of thedepartment’s activities.
  8. 8. Gary BarisWith more than 13 years of experience in televisionproduction, Gary Baris brings extensive knowledge ofevery aspect of the industry, from concept throughon-air execution and media consulting. Gary was bornand raised twenty minutes from New York City andreceived his Bachelors of Science in Marketing andBusiness Administration from the prestigiousVillanova University, located in Villanova, PA.There, he earned Dean’s List accolades, and was also afounding father at Villanova of Beta Theta Pifraternity.
  9. 9. TV Shows
  10. 10. Services
  11. 11. Television Production Event Videos Press Services BrandingMedia Consulting Commercials & Promos Web Design SEO
  12. 12. Thank you!