Miller Lite Treatment


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This is a commercial treatment for three :30 second television spots for Hungryman in Los Angeles. The director's name is removed to protect privacy.

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Miller Lite Treatment

  1. 1. Thank you guys for reaching out to me and sending these super funnyspots my way. I’m really excited about this campaign and the oppor-tunity to introduce “Miller Time” to a new generation.I love that the new focus of “Miller Time” is good friends. The brother-hood and bond between friends is what carries us through life and addsso much meaning. I completely believe that if we capture this transientquality in these spots among g groups of friends around the country, andcelebrate it with Miller Lite, we’ll gain a whole new generation of faithfulbeer drinkers and Miller Lite fans.
  2. 2. These movies display the genuine bro-ship between bros...
  3. 3. We’re all on the same page as far as the opportunity to move away from spots that look staged and sitcom. In most beer commericals, everybody looks the same and everbody is a kind of cutout of the same ‘beer world’. I like the idea of all three of these ‘conversations’ happening at the same time around the country; the effect of popping in and out of each of these situations at the same time seam- lessly, naturally and effortlessly. I think the brotherhood and intimacy of the new “Miller Time” is really fun and how that chemistry can be sha shared in common geographically, ethnically and socially across the three spots. This diverse commonality of friendships between guys all around the country make the spots more grounded, believable and real. That is the heart of the message and the strength behind the campaign. I fell in love with these spots because of the real conversations happening in the real world. These areall cool vignettes - ones that people want to be in. From scene-to-scene, nothing is going to look cliche or like a set on a back lot. I want to bring a coolness to the spots by creating a heightened reality but with a grounded-ness that really draws people in. I think that shooting these grounded vignettes with seamless storytelling in a cinematic style on-location will really allow us to show everything Miller Lite is - great friends celebrating a great light beer.
  4. 4. The look and feel of our friends... schluppy
  5. 5. We all agree that casting a pretty-boy club does not reflect the real friends that actually exist across the country and has been done to death in beer commercials. I also agree that we can achieve diversity without casting ‘schluppy’ dudes that people pity rather than aspire to be. I think that as we consider casting, we should try and cover the breadth of the U.S. and all the possible groups of good friends sharing a moment in different places. This makes it interesting, convincing and leaves a ton of room for hilarious jokes. The scripts that you wrote are funny as hell and well written. I love the idea of intentionally cutting in and out of conversations between groups of friends and shooting it in such a way that it appears tounintentionally form super-funny ‘guy-talk’ as each scene unfolds. Like I said in our phone conversation, it’s really important to me for the transitions to feel totally natural in the line delivery. Each individual conversation between friends would be otherwise totally relatable but it’s the way they’re cut that obviously creates wild and hilarious statements.
  6. 6. SPOT #1 - Setting the Scene 1) I think this spot opens up strong in the rear of a limousine of a bachelor party. I like beginning with the pinnacle of brotherhood -a night no one forgets... or remembers. Open with neon lights, luxury, nice suits and plenty of Miller Lite. These guys are living it up! The one in the middle looks at his buddies and says, “Well, it’s not a proper bachelor party unless we hire a couple of...”2) Next, instead of a campfire, I would suggest a country and western barreplete with mechanical bull in the background. The tie-in is more neonlights, but not from the Strip. These are young cowboys with ball capsand a day’s scruff. They’re referring to a scary looking rodeo clown in the corner when one of them says,“Clowns. Nothin’ scarier than clowns.” He gets more adgitated and huffs, “I just wanna grab his nose and...”3) Next, let’s make the BBQ on a Sunday afternoon at the park. It’s aquinceanera or a little kids birthday party and the brothers, cousins and familyfriends are around the grill. Carne Asada sends smoke signals and an Igloo fullof Miller Lite beckons our character who is trying painfully to use the ring onhis finger to pop the top. Maybe there’s a piñata in the background or familydancing. A friend explains, “Twist it off! You don’t need a bottle opener!What a you...” are
  7. 7. SPOT #1 - Setting the Scene - Continued4) Now we’ll show a few friends in the favorite booth of their favoritecasual bar. They’ve all just listened to a fish tale (about a supposedhook-up) and aren’t quite sure they belive it when the sarcastic onesays, “Weird...because how I heard the story you didn’t even get to...” 5) Arrive in an after work men’s softball league. This group is very diverse - a bunch of ethnicities are represented taking the field. The two coaches, friends, are standing in the foreground looking over the roster when one argues, “First base...are you kidding me? Ted doesn’t even know how to play...” In the background we see Ted kicking his glove or something.6) Back to the interior of the limo. The guys have been talking, drinkingMiller Lite and hatching a devious plan this whole time. We catch up withthem right when the one in the middle finishes explaining the itinerary,“Texas hold ‘em... then we grab some steaks, then we hit up a little placecalled...Pole Position” as he raises an eyebrow to the delight of the group. D” 7) CUT TO: A beatiful shot of a pilsner glass filling up with Miller Lite (would be cool if at Pole Position). E EN “TH VO: Great friends deserve a light beer that tastes like beer should. SHOW: Miller Lite logo TAG: It’s MIller Time.
  8. 8. SPOT #2 - Setting the Scene 1) I like the idea of opening on a can of Miller Lite on a table. Id like to see a group of friends enjoying the reception of a buddies wedding. In the background, we see the bride and groom slow dancing. These friends are swapping stories from all the weddings theyve been in. The vibe is a la Wedding Crashers. One friend says to the group, "You see Sheila? Thats her…the one with the nice…"2) Now were dollying backwards down a grocery isle, in front of a groupof friends who are studying the contents of the basket featuring MillerLite. Lets make these guys from the Pacific Northwest. Theyre fit,like rock climbers, wearing outdoor brands like Patagonia and Prana. Onesays to the others, "But... if we wait to hike until tomorrow, we can geta twelve pack tonight." Nods all around. Another adds, "Oh and we cant forget…" 3) Were inside a garage. A bunch of good looking straight-edge guys (WE-HO) are standing around their vintage motorcycles. Theyre looking at a friend holding up his sleeve, showing off a Sailor Jerry heart-and-arrow tattoo when we hear him explaining, "Valentines Day... Im not sure who invented it, but I bet you anything it was…"
  9. 9. “I’m so thirsty.”SPOT #2 - Setting the Scene - Continued 4) Now were on a boat dock of a cabin in the background. Its sunset. A bass boat is tethered to one side, fishing poles sticking out. Adirondack chairs surround a portable fire pit on the dock. A Miller Lite is on every armrest. Flanneled dudes are laughing at a dirty campfire story, "A ferret...and a baby tooth. To get my ring back I had to…"5) Troy Aikman is sitting around the edge of an infinity pool - presumablyhis - with a few ex-NFL-type friends enjoying some Miller Lites. Hes inthe middle of telling an old story from his Hall of Fame career, "Go deep...I just threw it as hard as I could and hoped…" 6) Now back to the wedding reception. The same guy is finishing his epic story about the bridesmaid, "Sheila would do it on the dance floor.. I mean, who doesnt appreciate a man who can line dance? *drops to a cool whisper* Its electric." 7) CUT TO: A beautiful shot of a pilsner glass filling up with Miller Lite (at wedding reception). VO: Great friends deserve a light beer that tastes like beer should. SHOW: Miller Lite logo TAG: It’s MIller Time.
  10. 10. SPOT #3 - Setting the Scene 1) Open on a can of Miller Lite. We see a hand pick it up and we pull out to reveal a wide shot of two golf carts side-by-side. Four friends sit in the golf carts killing time. We see old men in knickerbockers a short distance ahead of them. One old man swings and only hits the ball about 50 feet. Back to the friends. Pointing to the old guy one recalls, "You remember, in Shreveport, when that old man flipped you the…"2) Next, were in a sports bar in Indiana. A wide shot reveals Pacers, Colts andIndiana State memorabilia on the walls behind a couple of buddies sitting at thebar drinking bottles of Miller Lite. Larry Bird and a buddy enter frame and sit downin a booth right behind them. (QUIETLY) "Bird...don’t look. He just sat down rightbehind you." The friend sees Bird in the mirror and grabs his cell phone from the bar,"Does Bird tweet because I’m gonna…" 3) Were in a downtown L.A. loft. An Aziz Ansari type is removing what Miller Lite is left from the fridge and handing it to a couple friends to restock a crowded loft- party. He exclaims, "Crap...we’ve gotta get mas Miller Lite for the senioritas." Cut to a shot of pretty girls dancing. Cut back to him handing cash to a friend who asks, “Bottles or cans? Do girls like it...?”
  11. 11. SPOT #3 - Setting the Scene - Continued 4) Were in a hot karaoke bar in Koreatown. College friends stand to the side, arms around one another, Miller Lite in hand, as they watch their friend dance and sing Rick James classic, Super Freak. Think Gerard Butler in the dance scene in RocknRolla - a little silly but very charming while he sings, "Freaky...Super freak, super freak. Shes super…"5) A group of buddies are on the edge of the couch cushions, engrossed in MMAmadness; Miller Lite bottles and snacks on the coffee table. Watching intently, theone in the La-Z-boy chair says, "Ripped!” His friends all look at him. “What? I canappreciate a super ripped dude. It’s not like it makes me...” 6) Now back to the first scene on the golf course. The same guy is finishing his story about the old lady, "Horny...and I was like, I do like an old lady with attitude but this is ridiculous.” He leans forward and they all laugh obnoxiously. “That guy knows what Im talking about”, and he points to one of the old golfers who is playfully pinching his fellow old lady golfer’s behind while she putts. (O.S. LAUGHTER) 7) CUT TO: A beautiful shot of a pilsner glass filling up with Miller Lite (at club house). VO: Great friends deserve a light beer that tastes like beer should. SHOW: Miller Lite logo TAG: It’s MIller Time. ” Fin “El
  12. 12. I’m really excited about this campaign. These spots will be really funny inthe grounded, cool worlds of each group of friends as we fly dynamicallythrough a seemless story. A story, on one hand, that is hilarious script-wise but in the broader sense is all about great friendships. Which is what“Miller Time” is all about.These are just my initial thoughts. I’d love to get further into the scripts,locations and casting in detail. Please feel ffree to call me with any questionsor ideas or just to gossip about schluppy movie stars.