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  • 1. Wrapper
  • 2. VITEEE-2013VITEEE - 2013 12. Your application should be complete in all respects. An incomplete application or an application filled in a language other than English will be summarily rejected.IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR 13. Options given in the application form cannot, in general,FILLING UP OF OMR APPLICATION be altered at a later stage.FORM 14. The cost of the application material is non-refundable.1. Please make sure that you are using the correct application 15. You should retain a photocopy of the application form. form for all your reference.2. Your application will be machine-processed. Use only sFor online application form visit black ball-point pen and CAPITAL letters to enter the sFor downloading admit card visit required information. Use only pencil to shade the circle sThose who have applied online need not send OMR to correspond with the code / appropriate alphabet / application form, but they need to send the printout of the numeral that you have entered as your option. Online application form.3. Do not scribble, smudge, tear or wrinkle the application form. Do not put any stray marks anywhere on the application form. CHECK LIST4. Your photograph, signature and address will also be Before posting the application please ensure that scanned by a machine that recognizes only good quality r You have read the instructions before filling in the images. Therefore, paste a good quality, recent, passport Application Form. size colour photograph and sign in the space provided in r You have used a black ball-point pen to enter the codes in black ball-point pen only. Do not have the photograph the boxes and pencil to shade the alphabet/numeral /circle as attested. indicated.5. Write the complete address giving your name and r have affixed a good quality recent, colour You PINCODE carefully and legibly. Please note that this photograph in the space provided. block will appear as such in all our correspondence with you. In case you happen to make a mistake, cover the r You have not got the photograph attested. whole box with a slip of white paper of the same size and r You have clearly and legibly written your complete postal write your address on it. Your address must not exceed the address to which communication is to be sent. box. r You have entered your correct PINCODE.6. The use of address of any coaching centre / Institution is strictly prohibited. If anybody uses the address of any rhave indicated your correct STD code and You coaching centre / Institution in his / her application Phone No. / Mobile No. form, it will be rejected. r You have mentioned your correct e-mail address.7. Do not staple, pin, stitch or stick anything on the rhave signed in the space provided below the You application form. Paste only the photograph in the space photograph. provided. r parent / guardian has signed in the declaration Your8. Ensure the correctness of your mailing address, form. PINCODE, e-mail, Telephone number with correct STD r You have not used any pins or stapler in your application. CODE and mobile No. if any. Please note that VIT will not be responsible if communications do not reach you r You have clearly indicated whether you require hostel due to incomplete or illegible address, e-mail and accommodation or not. telephone number. r You have entered the correct Test City Code on the9. You must quote your application number as reference in envelope provided. all your future correspondence. r You have retained a photocopy of your application.10. The completed application form should be enclosed r have entered your application number You separately in the printed envelope provided, addressed to 2 0 1 3 Director-UG Admissions, VIT University, Vellore- 632014 and sent through Registered Post or Speed Post, for all future reference. so as to reach the Office of Admissions on or before 28th February 2013. VITEEE11. VIT will not accept responsibility for any postal delay/ irregularity or loss in postal transit. pronounced “witty”
  • 3. VITEEE-2013CONTENTS1. Introduction 22. Programmes offered 23. Eligibility 24. Admission procedure 35. Schedule of VITEEE - 2013 36. Pattern of the Entrance Examination 37. Important instructions pertaining to VITEEE - 2013(CBT) 38. Application forms 49. e-Tracking through Internet / SMS 510. Test Cities for VITEEE - 2013 511. e-Admit Card 512. Results 613. Scholarship under “GV School Development Programme” 714. Tuition and Special fees 715. Counselling 716. Payment of balance fees 817. Submission of documents on Admission 818. Hostel - Vellore and Chennai Campus 919. Instructions for completing the computerised OMR application form 920. Check list 13 Appendix-I - Codes of the State / Union Territory 14 Appendix-II - Codes of the School Education Boards of Class XII 14 Appendix-III - Codes of the Test Cities for the VITEEE-2013 15 Appendix-IV - Syllabus for VITEEE-2013 16 Appendix-V - Sample Questions 21 Annexure-I - Affidavit by Student 25 Annexure-II - Affidavit by Parent/Guardian 26 Annexure-III - Certificate to prove Nativity and Community 27 Important dates 28
  • 4. VITEEE-20131. Introduction 3. Eligibility VIT is emerging as a benchmark for continuous journey 3.1. Nationality:towards excellence, among the institutions of higher education The applicant for admission should be a Resident / Nonin the field of technology in the country. Its values of equality, Resident Indian National.transparency and healthy collaboration have been ably guided bythe leadership of its founder Dr. G. Viswanathan, renowned 3.2. Qualifying Examination:for his principled life devoted to public service. Candidates appearing for the VITEEE-2013 should have eitherThe ubiquitous sense of joy and enthusiasm observed in the completed or shall be appearing in 2013, in any one of thecampus bears testimony to the positive learning and living following qualifying examinations:experiences enjoyed by every student at VIT. Ours is a placewhere opportunities for learning as well as recreation are The final examination of the 10+2 system of Higher Secondarymaximized and distractions are minimized. Examination conducted by the State Board;Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE, New Delhi); The Council forVIT Students get to feel the taste of a boundary-less world Indian School Certificate Examination (ISCE, New Delhi).through a heterogeneous mixture of students from across theglobe, who have made VIT as their institution of choice. Intermediate or Two-year Pre-University Examination conducted by a recognized Board/ University.VIT has long since been devoted to providing quality educationin various Engineering disciplines of Science and Technology High School Certificate Examination of the Cambridgeand of late it has proliferated into frontiers of Research as well. University or International Baccalaureate Diploma of theThe Institute has a rigorous selection procedure to admit the International Baccalaureate Office, Geneva.students into various programmes. An exclusive entrance General Certificate Education (GCE) examinationexamination for all B.Tech. programmes, Vellore Institute of (London/Cambridge/Srilanka) at the Advanced (A) level.Technology Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE), isconducted for all those aspiring for a career in engineering. Candidates who have studied in Regular, Full time and2. B.Tech. Programmes offered at Formal Education are alone eligible to apply Vellore Campus 3.3. Eligibility Criteria in the Qualifying Examination:l Bioinformaticsl Bio-Medical Engineering Candidates appearing for the VITEEE in 2013 should have secured an aggregate of 60% in Physics, Chemistry,l Biotechnology Mathematics/Biology in the qualifying examinationl Civil Engineering (+2/Intermediate).l Computer Science and Engineering The average marks obtained in the subjects Physics, Chemistryl Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mathematics or Biology (PCM / PCB) in +2 (or itsl Electrical and Electronics Engineering equivalent) put together should be 50% for the followingl Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering categories:l Information Technology l Candidates belonging to SC/STl Mechanical Engineering l Fill in the proforma as given in Annexure III and have itl Mechanical ( Spec. in Automotive Engineering ) attested by a competent authority (The list of authoritiesl Mechanical ( Spec. in Chemical Process Engg. ) empowered for the same is given in Annexure III).l Mechanical ( Spec. in Energy Engineering ) l Candidates hailing from Jammu and Kashmir and the North Eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam,2.1 B. Tech. Programmes offered at Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Chennai Campus Tripura.l Civil Engineering l Fill in the CERTIFICATE TO PROVE NATIVITYl Computer Science and Engineering (proforma given in Annexure III).l Electronics and Communication Engineering These documents should be produced at the time ofl Electrical and Electronics Engineering counselling, failing which they will not be considered forl Mechanical Engineering admission.2
  • 5. VITEEE-2013In case the marks statement is not produced by the candidates at 6. Pattern of the Entrance Examination – CBTthe time of admission, the decision of the Managementregarding his / her eligibility and admission to the programme 6.1. Question Paper:shall be final. All Questions will be of OBJECTIVE TYPE.l Candidates who have studied Physics, Chemistry l PART-I – Physics and Mathematics are eligible for all the 13 B.Tech. l PART-II – Chemistry Degree Programmes. l PART-III – Mathematics / Biologyl Candidates who have studied Physics, Chemistry l Candidates attempting Parts-Physics, Chemistry & and Biology are eligible only for B.Tech. Mathematics are eligible for all the 13 programmes Bioinformatics, Bio-Medical Engineering and offered. Biotechnology programmes. l Candidates attempting Parts-Physics, Chemistry &3.4. Additional Information: Biology are eligible for Bioinformatics, Bio-Medicall It is the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain Engineering and Biotechnology programmes only. whether they possess the requisite qualifications for l The selection of pattern (Physics/ Chemistry / admission. Having been called for the test/ counselling Mathematics or Biology) has to be decided at the does not necessarily mean acceptance of the eligibility. time of slot booking.l It is mandatory that all the original relevant documents l All the questions will be mostly from the State Board of (such as Marks statement, Transfer Certificate, Conduct Higher Secondary Education and the CBSE syllabus only. Certificate etc)should be submitted to the Admissions The syllabus for the Entrance Examination is given in Office at the time of admission. APPENDIX-IV of this Brochure.l Admission to various programmes will however be l Each part has 40 questions and each question carries one subject to verification of facts from the original mark. certificates/documents of the candidates. In case any l Each question is followed by 4 alternative answers. The discrepancy should arise, even at a later point of time after candidate will have to choose the correct answer and click admission, the management reserves all right to cancel the the same . candidate’s admission and this decision shall be final. l No negative marks for wrong answers.3.5. Age Limit : 6.2. Language of the Question Paper:Candidates whose date of birth falls on or after The Question paper will be only in English.1st July 1991 are eligible to apply for VITEEE-2013. The dateof birth as recorded in the High School / SSC / X Certificate 7. Important Instructions pertaining towill be considered authentic. Candidates should produce thiscertificate in original as a proof of their age at the time of VITEEE -2013 – CBTcounselling, failing which they will be disqualified. The salient features of the Computer Based Test are: l The candidate sits in front of the computer and the4. Admission Procedure questions are presented on the monitor.l The admission will be purely on the basis of the marks l The candidate submits his or her answer through the use secured in the VITEEE-2013, conducted by VIT of mouse. University. l The computer is connected to the server, which deliversl Candidates who have not appeared for the VITEEE the encrypted test in real time through a secure and are not eligible for admission. reliable connection.l The candidates will be short-listed based on their entrance l Entrance test assumes that the candidate has the basic examination marks and will be called for the counselling. familiarity with the use of computer like use of keyboard, if required and mouse operation.5. Schedule of VITEEE-2013 – l It is the responsibility of the candidate to acquire these Computer Based Test (CBT) skills before appearing in the entrance test and thel VIT Engineering Entrance Examination will be University cannot take the responsibility for the same. conducted from 15.04.2013 to 30.04.2013 Computer Based Test Procedurel The duration of the entrance examination will be 2 hours 30 minutes. l The candidates must ensure that the computer allotted tol Please refer slot booking for further details in them is switched on and any problem of the computer from March - 2013 onwards. should be informed to the invigilator immediately. 3
  • 6. VITEEE-2013l The questions appearing on the screen will be in English. Online Test Booking Procedure All questions will be of the Multiple Choice Question l While booking your test schedule, please ensure that you (MCQ) type. Each MCQ consists of a stem which may be have a photocopy of the application form you submitted in the form of a question or an incomplete statement and and the Online Test Booking Password four responses labeled A, B, C and D. Only one of the four responses is the correct answer. Candidate needs to l After logging into the Online Test Booking System you choose that answer. Candidates can navigate freely have to select the test you wish to apply for i.e. you have to through the questions back and forth. select Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics or Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology from the drop down menu toImportant Note proceed further.l The number of examination days will be estimated based l A slot once booked cannot be changed. Request for on the total number of applications received for the change of test city, date or slot will not be entertained particular group of courses and the test centre choices under any circumstances. given by the candidates in the application form. l In case of non availability of slots in a test centre ofl In the rare and unlikely event of a technical failure during choice, the candidate may choose to book a slot in an the test, the candidate may be required to attempt the test alternative centre/ date. again. l The online test booking system is available only for thosel Candidate must visit regularly to obtain eligible candidates who have submitted the application latest news, information and updates on the entrance test. forms complete in all respects on or before the last date7.1 Online Test Booking System mentioned.l Online Test booking system is a web based online l It is the responsibility of the candidate to book their test scheduling system available at schedule in ONLINE TEST BOOKING SYSTEM within the given time frame. VIT will not be heldl Candidate should first choose the Test City (This should accountable for the non bookings. The entrance test fee be the same as chosen in the applications form) and then will not be refunded under any circumstances for such the date and the batch for the exams. cases.l The schedule bookings are done on a first-come first- l The confirmation mail will be automatically sent to the served basis and are subject to the availability of the test candidate’s email address after he/she has booked his/her centre date and time. schedule through the Online Test Booking System.Online Test Booking Password l Also once the booking is complete the e-Admit card willl For both OMR and online applications, the password be generated which needs to be printed by the student by will be sent by email to the email address mentioned the student from our website in the application form. Therefore it is mandatory to 8. Application Forms give correct email address. 8.1. Issue of Application Forms - Onlinel University will not be responsible for non receipt of the l Candidates can also apply online at email, if the email address given is incomplete or incorrect. admissions through the following mode :l The security of your Online Test Booking Password is l (i) Net banking /Credit card/Debit card totally your responsibility. VIT University will not be held accountable or responsible for any claim or loss that l (ii) DD mode (online applicants need to pay ` 900/- only). results directly or indirectly from any unauthorized use or l It is mandatory that the online applicants should send the misuse of your online test booking password. hard copy of the application form to the University addressed to the “Director-UG Admissions”,l The Online Test Booking Password must be kept VIT University, Vellore-632014. confidential. Do not disclose it to others or write them down or store them in a file on your computer or as auto- 8.2. Issue of Application Forms - OMR save password. l The Prospectus and the information brochure for the B.Tech. programme, along with the necessary enclosuresl Your Online Test Booking Password is required only for which include the Application Form and a printed self- the purpose of booking a schedule given by the addressed envelope, can be obtained against cash payment University. Please note that the online test booking system of ` 950/- from the various post offices as given in the will not allow the candidates to book a slot after the VIT website: booking end date.4
  • 7. VITEEE-2013l Candidates can obtain the application form in person 8.4. Receipt of Completed Application Form: from the The last date for the receipt of completed applicationl (i) VIT University, Vellore Campus forms at VIT is February 28, 2013.l (ii) VIT University, Chennai Campus Any application received after last date will not be accepted. Anyl (iii) Chennai Administrative Office, delay in receiving the application by the candidate will not be considered a valid reason for late submission. The Institute will New No. 6, (Old No. W-73), Second Street (Opposite not accept responsibility for any postal delay, irregularity or loss Towers Club), Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040 (Phone: in postal transit. 044-42016555, 65480555, Fax: 044-26222555), by handing over a Demand Draft for ` 950/- drawn in favour of ‘VIT University’, payable at Vellore. 9. e-Tracking through Internet / SMSl Candidates can also obtain the application form through For the benefit of the candidates, the following arrangements post by sending a Demand Draft for ` 950/-drawn in have been made to inform the status of the application, venue favour of ‘VIT University’, payable at Vellore, with a of the entrance examination and results. covering letter addressed to “Director - UG Admissions”, Once the application is received at VIT, a message will be sent VIT University, Vellore-632014, requesting for the through SMS to the candidates stating that their application has application form and indicating their complete postal been received at VIT. This would however be possible only if address. On receipt of the DD, the application form with the mobile number is correctly shaded in the application form. the enclosures will be sent by post. The postal charges will The candidates may also track the status of their application by be borne by the Institute. Candidates should write their typing their application number in the VIT website. However, name, Mobile Number and address on the reverse of the this feature can be availed of only after about 3 weeks of DD. despatch of their application.l Candidates are advised to purchase the information At the time of publication of the results, the rank will be brochure/ application form only through means intimated through SMS as well as it will be available in the mentioned above and not from any private publishers / website as mentioned in 12.2. vendors. Fake application forms will not be processed and will be rejected. 10. Test Cities for VITEEE-20138.3. Returning the Completed Application: The VITEEE - 2013 will be held in 112 cities. The list of Testl The application form duly completed should be checked Cities along with their corresponding codes is found in if all the items have been correctly filled and appropriate APPENDIX- III of this information brochure. codes indicating your exact choice have been put in the right spaces provided against each. You are advised to go 11. e-Admit Card through the checklist available on the inside front cover of the brochure. Also ensure that you have adhered to the 11.1. Important Information: instructions for completing the computerized OMR application form (section-19 in the brochure) before l The e-Admit card will be generated once the candidate has mailing the application. The application should be booked his/her schedule through the Online Test refolded only along the original fold and inserted in the Booking System. envelope provided. l The e-Admit card will be auto generated for only those candidates who book a slot using the Online Test Booking Your application should be sent through either by Registered Post or Speed Post in the self-addressed envelope provided system before the last date. by VIT so as to reach the office positively on or before l The e-Admit card will indicate the e-Admit card number, February 28, 2013. Before despatching the application form photograph of the student, address of the test center, test ensure that you have filled in the correct Test City Code and date & time selected by the candidate. Discrepancies, if tick the checklist on the envelope provided. any, must be brought to the notice of VIT University immediately.Note: l The e-Admit card will be made available for candidates onIncomplete application form shall not be considered and no Candidate should provide the applicationcorrespondence shall be made in this regard. form number and Online Test Booking password to download the e-admit card.The application form once sold shall not be taken backunder any circumstances nor the application fee, refunded l The copy of the e-Admit card will also be emailed to thein any case. candidate. 5
  • 8. VITEEE-2013l Candidates must provide valid email ID in the Dos for the candidates application form. The e-Admit card will not be l You should arrive at the test centre as per the reporting dispatched to candidates via post or fax. time mentioned in the e-Admit card.l Candidate should ensure that a printer is connected to l You have to register your name in the registration counter their computer while printing the e-Admit card. and must carry the e-Admit card and a valid ID proof for Candidate should take a print out of the e-Admit card verification. using the print option on A4 size paper only. Please ensure l You have to sit in your allotted seat only. that all information on the e-Admit card including l You have to maintain perfect silence and work on your test photograph is clearly visible on the print out. only.l The candidate will not be permitted to appear for the test l You must sign the attendance sheet in the presence of without valid e-Admit card. invigilator.l The candidates must not mutilate the e-Admit card or Don’ts for the candidates change any entry made therein after it has been l You will not be allowed to carry any textual material, authenticated & received by them. Impersonation is a printed or written, bits of papers or any material except legally punishable offence. the e-Admit card inside the test hall.l The e-Admit card is an important document and it must l You are also not permitted to carry any electronic devices be preser ved and produced at the time of like mobile phones, paging devices, calculators, spy counselling/admission. cameras and music systems.l Candidate should report to the selected test center with l You will not be allowed to go outside the test hall till the1. e-Admit card completion of the entire duration of the exam time.2. Photocopy of the application form and l You are not allowed to eat or drink anything (snacks, tea,3. Any one of the following for photo identification. coffee and cool drinks etc.) inside the test hall. Plain water a. Passport bottles with nothing written or printed on them will be b. Driving License allowed. c. Voter ID card Violation of any instruction and adoption of any unfair d. IT Pan card means in the examination hall will make the candidate e. School or college Photo ID card ineligible for admission. f. Twelth Standard board exam hall ticket (or) admit card bearing photo. 12. Results11.2. Admit card will not be processed if the 12.1. Rank List: Application is incomplete: A merit list will be prepared based on the total marks secured inl In the case of an eligible candidate, whose application the VITEEE – 2013. form is incomplete (For eg. Declaration not signed, no signature below the photograph, photograph not affixed Note: There is no provision to send the marks of the candidates (selected or unselected) by post. At the time of publication of on the application form, address not clearly written etc.), the results, the rank will be intimated through SMS, if the mobile the application will not be processed for the issue of an number of the applicant is provided. Admit Card. VIT does not take the responsibility to inform such candidates. Since the machine gradable sheets are graded and scrutinized with extreme care, there is no provision for re-grading andl Candidates are advised to doubly check that the re- totalling. The photocopies of the answer sheets will not be application form (online/OMR) is complete in all made available. No correspondence in this regard will be respects before posting. entertained. Mock/Demo Test : 12.2 Announcement of Results: A mock test will be made available to the candidates on the The entrance examination results will be available in the website This is mainly designed to provide the following websites: candidates a feel of the test flow and its different components. The mock test will give the candidate an idea of = = all the features of the entrance test. The mock test will be in = = the form of flash file that can be downloaded to the system = =6 and candidate can go through the entire flash file of the = = demo/mock test multiple times.6
  • 9. VITEEE-201313.Scholarship under “GV School Development Programme” (GVSDP) Performance Scholarship Toppers of each State Board and Central Board 100% fee waiver for all the four years. VITEEE rank holders of 1 to 50 75% fee waiver for all the four years. VITEEE rank holders of 51 to 100 50% fee waiver for all the four years. VITEEE rank holders of 101 to 1000 Annual fees (Tuition fee & Special fee) : ` 95,00014. Tuition and Special Fees allocated for each branch at the time of counselling, number of seats still available will be displayed at the counselling centre forPlease refer to our website the benefit of candidates to make their choice. Based on the availability, the candidate will be allotted the branch.15. Counselling VIT will in no way be responsible for counselling information15.1. Advance Payment : not reaching the candidates. They should check the VITThe selected candidates will have to submit the DD for website: for information on counselling.` 30,000- in favour of ‘VIT University’, payble at Vellore, on No change of date / time of counselling is permissible. If athe Confirmation of seat and acceptance of branch alloted. candidate does not personally appear before the AdmissionThis includes ` 10,000/- towards couselling fee. Couselling Committee for counselling on the date specified, his/her seatfee is NON-REFUNDABLE, but it will be adjusted in the shall be offered to the next candidate in the order of merit.tuition fees once the candidate joins the University However, due to unforeseen reasons, if a candidate is unable to15.2. Counselling procedure for allocation of seats/ branch: attend the counselling on the specified date and time, he / sheThe counselling for allocation of branches to the short-listed can attend on a subsequent time / date, after duly intimating thecandidates is based on their All India Rank (AIR) in the office, regarding this. But the candidate can only opt for theVITEEE-2013. A candidate may obtain this information on our branch available at that time and cannot claim any other branchwebsite or by calling the VIT office, on the day after the as per his / her original turn / seniority.declaration of the results of VITEEE-2013. After the counselling for a particular day is over, the number of seats (branchwise) still available for allotment on the next day of The intimation regarding counselling dates will be displayed counselling will be published in the website and will also be in VIT website and also SMS will be sent to the qualified displayed on the notice board of the Institute for the benefit of candidates after declaration of results. Common selection candidates. and Admission procedure will be followed through single window counselling at Vellore and Chennai campus for all If the mark statement of the qualifying exam has not been the B.Tech programmes offered in both the campuses of received before the date of counselling, the candidate VIT University. would have to furnish an undertaking stating that ifCandidates who have been shortlisted for counselling should he/she fails to qualify as per the norms, it would lead him /also attend the same in person either in Vellore or Chennai her to forego his / her seat.campus. Advance payment for HostelTo take care of possible absentees, the number of qualified Candidate requiring hostel accommodation will have to submitcandidates is kept more than the number of seats available in a separate crossed Demand Draft for ` 20,000 drawn in favourVIT University. The fact that a candidate has qualified in the of ‘VIT University’, payable at Vellore and 4 nos. of recentVITEEE-2013 and has been called for the counselling does not passport size colour photos along with a hostel application formguarantee admission to him / her. This will depend upon the which is given at time of room counselling to the Chief Wardencandidates All India Rank (AIR) in the entrance examination Office to confirm the hostel room.and the availability of seats. Payment of Hostel Advance does not necessarily guaranteeDetails of various branches offered under the B.Tech. Hostel Accommodation. Hostel Accommodation will be madeprogramme in the current year, the total number of seats subject to availability. 7
  • 10. VITEEE-2013Submission of Documents at the Time of Counselling l Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate l Migration Certificate (if issued by the board)The candidates should produce the following documents in l Conduct Certificateoriginal along with one set of photocopies while reporting l Community Certificate (For SC/ST only)for counselling. Candidates will not be allowed to participate in l Nativity Certificate (For candidates hailing from Jammuthe counselling process without these documents. and Kashmir and the North Eastern states of Arunachall VITEEE-2013 e-Admit Card Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram,l Class X Board Certificate as a proof of date of birth or Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura). any age proof Certificate l Provisional Admission Letter. (photo copy)l Marks Sheet of Qualifying Examination (if available) l Recent Passport size colour photos – 4 nos.l Community Certificate (For SC/ST only) l Affidavit to be signed separately by Student & Parent inl Nativity Certificate (For candidates hailing from Jammu ` 20/- Stamp Paper. (Format is available and Kashmir and the North Eastern states of Arunachal l 2 sets of photocopies of all original documents. (except Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Affidavit) Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura). Students hailing from Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Board ofl DEMAND DRAFT for ` 30,000/- drawn in favour of Education should make it a point to submit their Pass Certificate ‘VIT University’, payable at Vellore. Cum Memorandum of Marks at the time of admission. Candidates without DD for the said amount will not be Candidates can download the acknowledgement for the permitted to attend counselling documents submitted from the VIT website. No writtenIt is only after the verification of documents, candidates will be acknowledgement will be issued.allowed to participate in the counselling process. Authentic All the above referred documents shall be handed over to therecords pertaining to identification, age, marks sheet of Admissions Office at the time of admission, failing which thequalifying examination, community, nativity (if applicable) and provisional admission accorded will stand cancelled.other eligibility criteria as specified in section-3, will be checked. 17.1. Submission of ‘No Dues’ CertificateIf a candidate fails to produce any of these documents, he/she A candidate who desires to leave the University after joining thewill not be considered for admission. programme will have to submit a ‘NO DUES’ Certificate from his / her respective school of study at VIT to get back theA candidate should decide for certain on whether he / she certificates. This should be accompanied by the application forshould join the programme based on the branch allotted to him / withdrawal duly signed by the Parent/Guardian (Fax/e-mailher at the time of counselling before the payment of the fee. request will not be considered)and the original fee receipt and provisional admission letter.Allotment of branch & Campus once made is final andcannot be changed under any circumstances. The certificates will be issued only on production of ‘NO DUES’ Certificate in the prescribed form, obtained from the Admissions Office.16. Payment of Balance Fees 17.2. Refund of FeesThe balance fee should be paid in the form of a DD drawn in The refund will be made as per the norms of the UGC. Thefavour of ‘VIT University’, payable at Vellore along with a Couselling fee (` 10000/-)is NON-REFUNDABLE, but itcovering letter should reach the Director - UG Admissions on will be adjusted in the tuition fees once the candidate joins thethe date specified in the provisional admission letter. The University.candidates should write their name, application number, Rank Refund will be made only after submission of original fee receipt,and the branch allotted at the time of counselling on the reverse Provisional Admission letter and No Dues Certificate. Refundof the DD. Intimation will not be sent separately in this regard. DD will be made in the name of candidate only. 17.3. General Discipline DD received after the due date (mentioned in the provisional admission letter) will not be entertained. All candidates admitted to the Institute shall maintain good conduct, pay the requisite tuition fees and other charges by the due dates, attend their classes regularly and abide by the rules17. Submission of documents on admission and regulations of the Institute. If at any point of time, the conduct and character of a candidate is not satisfactory or is of aThe following documents in original are required to be suspicious nature, the Management reserves the right, withoutsubmitted at the time of Admission: assigning any reason, to make him /her vacate the hostel orl Qualifying examination mark statements of all attempts expel him/her from the University.8
  • 11. VITEEE-201317.4. Measures for prevention of ragging at the institution l If you wish to change a marking, erase the shaded spotlevel:- completely and then shade the appropriate alphabet / numeral.Ragging is totally prohibited in the institution, and anyonefound guilty of ragging and / or abetting ragging, whether l Do not scribble, cut, tear or wrinkle the applicationactively or passively, or being a part of a conspiracy to promote form. Do not put any stray pencil marks anywhere onragging, is liable to be punished in accordance with these the application form.regulations as well as under the provisions of any penal law for l Do not write or make any marks on the Barcode.the time being in force. l Your photograph, signature and address are to beRagging juniors in any form is forbidden. If any one is found in machine-scanned. The machine recognizes only goodragging his/her juniors, he/she can be rusticated from the quality images. You are therefore to paste a good qualityInstitute. colour photograph with light colour background takenIt is mandatory that candidates and parents who are attending not more than two months earlier and write your addresscounselling have to sign an undertaking as the information given and signature in black ball-point pen (as per UGC Regulations-2009, l Please note that your name, your parent’s /guardian’sAnnexure-I & II in ` 20 non-judicial bond paper. Format is also name and your date of birth should be exactly theavailable on same as given in your High school/+2/ Inter mediate/Pr e-Univer sity examination18. Hostel - Vellore and Chennai Campus certificate.Hostel Accommodation: l Your application must be complete in all respects. Anl Separate hostel accommodation is available for boys and incomplete application or application filled in a girls in both Vellore and Chennai campus. language other than English will summarily be rejected.l Hostel accommodation will be provided only to those candidates whose residence is beyond 100 kms radius l Options filled by you in the application form cannot from the University Campus. Single room be changed at a later stage. accommodation will not be available for first year l Please note down the ten digit application number undergraduate students. for future reference.l For details regarding Establishment Charges, Mess, etc., Item–1–Name of the Candidate please visit Write your name in capital letters as it appears or would appear19. Instructions for completing the in your XII Std certificate. Write only a single letter in a box. Do computerised OMR application form not leave any blank box between the letters in a name. One box should be left blank between consecutive words of yourl The application form should be filled by the candidate in name. If your name has several initials, leave one blank after his/her own handwriting. each of them. Shade the corresponding alphabet underneathl It is suggested that the candidate make a photocopy each letter of the name. Do not write Mr., Miss, Km. etc before of the form and use it for practice. ONLY THE your name. ORIGINAL APPLICATION FORM SHOULD BE Item–2–Date of Birth SENT. Write the date, month and year of your birth as per the Englishl Read the instructions carefully before filling in the calendar and as recorded in your School Board/+2/ application form. Requests for corrections will not be entertained later. Refer to the specimen copy enclosed in Intermediate/ Pre-University examination certificate. Use this brochure. numerals 01 to 31 for DATE, numerals 01to 12 for MONTH,l Your application form will be Machine-processed. First, and the last two digits for the YEAR of birth. For example, if write in CAPITAL LETTERS the required born on 1st MAY 1992, the date should be entered as information or enter the relevant code with a black follows: 01 05 92. Shade the corresponding numerals for date, ball-point pen in the box(es) (wherever provided). month and year in each column. Shade the alphabet/numeral/circle corresponding to the above using HB pencil only. What you write in Item–3–Gender the boxes is only for your guidance and for verification Item–4–Religion (For statistical purpose only) that you are shading the correct alphabet / numeral /option. Item–5–Nationality 9
  • 12. VITEEE-2013Item–6–Community tem–13–Relationship of the person at item 12 with theWrite the appropriate code in the box provided and then shade Candidatethe appropriate circle to correspond with the code, in all the Indicate the relationship of the person whose name you have entered in item 12, to you, by putting in the correct code in theabove items. Candidates belonging to MBC category should use box provided and then shading the circle against the same.the same code as OBC / BC (for statistical purpose only). Item–14–Parent’s / Guardian’s OccupationItem–7–Mother Tongue Write the appropriate code in the box provided and then shadeUse the language codes as given below. Enter the correct code the appropriate circle to correspond with the the space provided and shade the numerals below to Item–15–Medium of Instructioncorrespond with the code entered. Write the appropriate code in the box provided and then shade Assamese - 01 Kashmiri - 07 Sindhi - 13 the appropriate circle to correspond with the code. Bengali - 02 Malayalam - 08 Tamil - 14 English - 03 Marathi - 09 Telugu - 15 Item–16–Mode of Study Gujarati - 04 Marwari - 10 Urdu - 16 Write the appropriate code in the box provided and then shade Hindi - 05 Oriya - 11 Others - 17 the appropriate circle to correspond with the code. Kannada - 06 Punjabi - 12 Item–17–XII BoardItem–8–Native State Refer to the codes for various School Education Boards given inRefer to the codes for various States given in APPENDIX-I of APPENDIX-II of the Information Brochure and write thethe Information Brochure and enter the appropriate code in the appropriate code in the box provided. Shade the corresponding numeral under each digit of the provided. Shade the numerals below to correspond with the Candidates who have studied in Regular, Full time andcode entered. Please mention particular state, candidates Formal Education are alone eligible to apply.belongs to. Item–18–Choice of campusItem–9–Hostel Accommodation Write the appropriate code in the box provided and then shadeWrite the appropriate code in the box provided and then shade the appropriate circle to correspond with the code.the appropriate circle to correspond with the code. Item–19–PincodeItem–10-Blood Group Write the PINCODE number in the space provided. Shade theWrite the appropriate code in the box provided and then shade corresponding numeral under each digit.the appropriate circle to correspond with the code. Item–20–Mobile NumberItem–11–Complete Postal Address Write your mobile number in the space provided. Shade theWrite the complete postal address to which any communication corresponding numeral under each to be sent. The address must include your name, C/O name Item–21–Test City(if required), and all other details including the correctPINCODE, for letters to reach you. Phone No. with the correct Refer to the codes for Test Cities in APPENDIX-III of theSTD code and Mobile number, if any. Please note that this block Information Brochure and write the appropriate code in thewill be machine scanned and therefore, it should be written space provided. Shade the corresponding numeral under eachvery clearly and in CAPITAL LETTERS in black ball- digit of the code.point pen only. In case you make any mistake, cover the entire Item–22–E-mail IDbox with an exact sized white paper slip and write your addresson it. Your address must not overflow this box. Give your correct email id. It is mandatory that you should produce your correct email id (in capital letters), as all the futureThe use of address of any coaching centre / Institution is correspondence will be communicated through email.strictly prohibited. If anybody uses the address of any coachingcentre / Institution in his / her application form, it will be Item–23–Where did you see our Admission Advertismentrejected. Please specify the Name of the Newspaper / Website (or) any other source where you have seen the AdmissionItem–12–Name of the Parent / Guardian Advertisement (write in CAPITAL LETTERS only)Write the name of one parent or guardian in capital letters. Write Item–24–Details of the Qualifying Exam passed / appearing foronly a single letter in a box. Do not leave any blank box between Write the relevant details as Registration number/Roll number /the letters in a name. One box should be left blank betweenconsecutive words of the name. If the name has several School Affiliation number /School Code /Complete schoolinitials, leave one blank after each of them. address with pincode in each box clearly in black ball-point pen10
  • 13. VITEEE-2013 E PL MSA 11
  • 14. VITEEE-2013 E PL M SA12
  • 15. VITEEE-2013only. (Affiliation : The board would provide affiliations to the Check Listgovernment and government aided schools; autonomous Read the instructions from 1 to 3 and shade yes.organizations, which would be controlled by the government;private educational institutions, recognized by the state 20. Check Listgovernment; society religious institutions, etc. which areincluded in the Bye-laws of the board.) 20.1. Documents to be Submitted at the time of Counselling:In case you have not yet been allotted your Registration 1. VITEEE-2013 e-Admit CardNo./ Roll No., please leave it blank. 2. Class X Board Certificate as a proof of date of birthItem–25–Declaration 3. Marks Sheet of Qualifying Examination (if available)The candidate must sign the declaration. The place and date 4. Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificateshould also be written. Applications without signatures will be 5. Migration Certificate (if issued by the Board)treated as incomplete and rejected. 6. Community Certificate ( For SC/ST only )The Declaration by the candidate must be Countersignedby the Parent / Guardian. 7. Nativity Certificate (For candidates hailing from JammuAffix one recent good quality colour photograph in the space and Kashmir and the North Eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram,ear-marked for this in the Application Form. Paste a good Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura).quality colour photograph with light colour background takennot more than two months earlier, indicating clearly your name 8. DEMAND DRAFT for ` 30,000 /- drawn in favour ofand the date of taking the photograph. Do not wear a cap or ‘VIT University’, payable at Vellore.goggles. Spectacles if being used regularly are allowed. Polaroid 9. If you are seeking hostel admission bring DD forphotos are not acceptable. The photograph should be firmly ` 20,000/- drawn favour of ‘VIT UNIVERSITY’ payableaffixed to the application form with gum or fevicol. at Vellore.Before affixing write your Application No. and Name on the 20.2. Documents to be Submitted at the time of Admission:back side of your photograph. It should not be pinned orstapled. The following documents in original are required to bel Candidates are advised to retain the negative of the same submitted at the time of admission: photograph for use at the time of Entrance Examination/ l Qualifying examination mark statements of all attempts. Counselling / Admission. Do not sign on the l Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate photograph. Do not have it attested.l It is expected that the candidate will have the same l Migration Certificate (if issued by the Board) appearance at the time of the examination and l Conduct Certificate counselling as in the photograph affixed in the application l Community Certificate ( For SC/ST only ) form. In case his/her appearance changes, he/she would be required to bring two new photographs at the time of l Nativity Certificate (For candidates hailing from Jammu the examination / counselling. and Kashmir and the North Eastern states of ArunachalNOTE: Photograph should not be larger than the space Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram,provided in the box for pasting it. Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura).Put your usual signature using a black ball-point pen, within l Provisional Admission Letter.the box provided. Your signature must not overflow or touch l Recent Passport size colour photos – 4 nos.the border of the box. Your signature establishes your identity. l Affidavit has to be given by the Student and Parents separately as per Annexure - I & II l 2 sets of photocopies of all original documents. If you have any suggestions to improve our Information Brochure or Application Forms please e-mail to - Thanks 13
  • 16. VITEEE-2013 APPENDIX - I Codes of The State / Union Territory State Code State Code Andhra Pradesh 10 Mizoram 28 Arunachal Pradesh 11 Nagaland 29 Assam 12 Orissa 30 Bihar 13 Punjab 31 Chhattisgarh 14 Rajasthan 32 Delhi 15 Sikkim 33 Goa 16 Tamil Nadu 34 Gujarat 17 Tripura 35 Haryana 18 Uttar Pradesh 36 Himachal Pradesh 19 Uttarakhand 37 Jammu and Kashmir 20 West Bengal 38 Jharkhand 21 Andaman and Nicobar Islands (UT) 39 Karnataka 22 Chandigarh (UT) 40 Kerala 23 Dadra and Nagar Haveli (UT) 41 Madhya Pradesh 24 Daman and Diu (UT) 42 Maharashtra 25 Lakshadweep (UT) 43 Manipur 26 Puducherry (UT) 44 Meghalaya 27 APPENDIX - II Codes of The School Education Boards of Class XII Name of the Board Code Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education 01 Assam Higher Secondary Education Council 02 Bihar Intermediate Education Council 03 Central Board of Secondary Education 04 Chhattisgarh Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal 05 Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations 06 Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education 07 Gujarat Secondary Education Board 08 Haryana Board of Education 09 H P Board of School Education 10 J & K State Board of School Education 11 Jharkhand Academy Council 12 Karnataka Board of Pre-University Education 13 Kerala Board of Public Examinations 14 Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education 15 Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education 16 Manipur Council of Higher Secondary Education 17 Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education 18 Mizoram Board of School Education 19 Nagaland Board of School Education 20 Orissa Council of Higher Secondary Education 21 Punjab School Education Board 22 Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education 23 Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education 24 Tripura Board of Secondary Education 25 U.P. Board of High School & Intermediate Education 26 Uttaranchal Shiksha Evam Pariksha Parishad 27 West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education 28 Others [ IB, Cambridge.......... ] 29 * Candidates who have studied in regular, full time and formal education are alone eligible to apply.14
  • 17. APPENDIX - III Codes of the Test Cities VITEEE - 2013 Test Cities15 VITEEE-2013
  • 18. VITEEE-2013 APPENDIX - IV Force on a moving charge in uniform magnetic field and electic VITEEE – 2013 Syllabus field – cyclotron – Force on current carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field – Forces between two parallel currentPART - I - PHYSICS carrying conductors - definition of ampere.Electrostatics Torque experienced by a current loop in a uniform magnetic field - moving coil galvanometer – conversion to ammeter andFrictional electricity, charges and their conservation; Coulomb’s voltmeter –current loop as a magnetic dipole and its magneticlaw-forces between two point electric charges - Forces between dipole moment- Magnetic dipole moment of a revolvingmultiple electric charges-superposition principle. electron.Electric field – electric field due to a point charge, electric field Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currentlines; electric dipole, electric field intensity due to a dipole -behavior of a dipole in a uniform electric field-application of Electromagnetic induction - Faraday’s law - induced emf andelectric dipole in microwave oven. current - Lenz’s law.Electric potential - potential difference-electric potential due to Self induction - Mutual induction - self inductance of a longa point charge and dipole-equipotential surfaces – electrical solenoid - mutual inductance of two long solenoids.potential energy of a system of two point charges. Methods of inducing emf - (i) by changing magnetic inductionElectric flux-Gauss’s theorem and its applications to find field (ii) by changing area enclosed by the coil and (iii) by changing thedue to (i) infinitely long straight wire (ii) uniformly charged orientation of the coil (quantitative treatment).infinite plane sheet (iii) two parallel sheets and (iv) uniformlycharged thin spherical shell (inside and outside) AC generator - commercial generator. (Single phase, three phase).Electrostatic induction-capacitor and capacitance – dielectricand electric polarisation – parallel plate capacitor with and Eddy current - applications - transformer - long distancewithout dielectric medium – applications of capacitor – energy transmission.stored in a capacitor - Capacitors in series and in parallel – action Alternating current - measurement of AC-AC circuit withof points – Lightning arrester – Van de Graaff generator. resistance - AC circuit with inductor - AC circuit with capacitorCurrent Electricity - LCR series circuit - Resonance and Q - factor - power in AC circuits.Electric Current – flow of charges in a metallic conductor – driftvelocity and mobility and their relation with electric current. Electromagnetic Waves and Wave OpticsOhm’s law, electrical resistance - V-I characteristics – electrical Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics -resistivity and conductivity-classification of materials in terms Electromagnetic spectrum-radio, microwaves, infra-red, visible,of conductivity – Superconductivity (elementary ideas) - ultra-violet, X rays, gamma rays.Carbon resistors – colour code for carbon resistors- Wavefront and Huygens’s principle - Reflection, total internalcombination of resistors – series and parallel – temperature reflection and refraction of plane wave at a plane surface usingdependence of resistance – internal resistance of a cell – wavefronts.potential difference and emf of a cell- combinations of cells inseries and in parallel. Interference - Young’s double slit experiment and expression for fringe width - coherent source - interference of light-Kirchoff ’s law – illustration by simple circuits – Wheatstone’s Formation of colours in thin films - analytical treatment -Bridge and its application for temperature coefficient of Newton’s rings.resistance measurement - Metrebridge - special case ofWheatstone bridge - Potentiometer- principle - comparing the Diffraction - differences between interference and diffractionemf of two cells. of light- diffraction grating.Effects of Electric Current Polarisation of light waves - polarisation by reflection - Brewster’s law - double refraction - nicol prism - uses of planeMagnetic effect of electric current – Concept of magnetic field - polarised light and Polaroids - rotatory polarisation -Oersted’s experiment – Biot-Savart law-Magnetic field due to an polarimeter.infinitely long current carrying straight wire and circular coil –Tangent galvanometer – construction and working – Bar Atomic Physicsmagnet as an equivalent solenoid –magnetic field lines. Atomic structure – discovery of the electron – specific chargeAmpere’s circuital law and its application. (Thomson’s method) and charge of the electron (Millikan’s oil16
  • 19. VITEEE-2013drop method) – alpha scattering – Rutherford’s atom model. positive and negative feedback - advantages of negative feedback in amplifiers - oscillator - condition for oscillations -Bohr’s model – energy quantization – energy and wave number LC circuit - Colpitt oscillator.expressions – Hydrogen spectrum – energy level diagrams –sodium and mercury spectra – excitation and ionization Logic gates - NOT, OR, AND, EXOR using discretepotentials – Sommerfeld’s atom model. components - NAND and NOR gates as universal gates -Laws and theorems of Boolean algebraMasers and Lasers – spontaneous and stimulated emissions –normal population and population inversion – Ruby laser – He- PART - II - CHEMISTRYNe laser – properties and applications of laser light –holography. Atomic Structure Bohr’s atomic model-Sommerfeld’s extension of atomicDual Nature of Radiation and Matter structure; Electronic configuration and Quantum numbers;Photoelectric effect - Light waves and photons - Einstein’s Shapes of s,p,d,f orbitals - Pauli’s exclusion principle - Hund’sphotoelectric equation - laws of photoelectric emission - Rule of maximum multiplicity- Aufbau principle. Emissionparticle nature of energy - experimental verification of spectrum, absorption spectrum, line spectra and band spectra;Einstein’s photoelectric equation - work function - photo cells Hydrogen spectrum – Lyman, Balmer, Poschen, Brakett andand their application. Pfund series; deBroglie’s theory; Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle – wave nature of electron – Schrodinger waveMatter waves - wave mechanical concept of the atom - wave equation (No derivation). Eigen values and eigen functions.nature of particles – De Broglie relation – De Broglie Hybridization of atomic orbitals involving s,p,d orbitals.wavelength of an electron - electron microscope. p, d and f - Block ElementsNuclear Physics P block elements – Phosphorous compounds; PCl3, PCl5 –Nuclear properties - nuclear radii, masses, binding energy, Oxides. Hydrogen halides, Inter halogen compounds. Xenondensity, charge- isotopes, isobars and isotones - nuclear mass fluoride compounds. General Characteristics of d – blockdefect - binding energy - stability of nuclei - Bainbridge mass elements – Electronic Configuration – Oxidation states of firstspectrometer. row transition elements and their colours; Occurrence andNature of nuclear forces- Neutron - discovery - properties - principles of extraction: Copper, Silver, Gold and Zinc.artificial transmutation - particle accelerator. Preparation, properties of CuSO4, AgNO3 and K2Cr2O7.Radioactivity - alpha, beta and gamma radiations and their Lanthanides – Introduction, electronic configuration, generalproperties- a -decay and g - Radioactive decay -decay, β -decay characteristics, oxidation state – lanthanide contraction, uses,law - half life - mean life - artificial radioactivity - radio isotopes - brief comparison of Lanthanides and Actinides.effects and uses - Geiger - Muller counter. Coordination Chemistry and solid state chemistryRadio carbon dating - biological radiation hazards. Introduction – Terminology in coordination chemistry –Nuclear fission - chain reaction - atom bomb - nuclear reactor - IUPAC nomenclature of mononuclear coordinationnuclear fusion - Hydrogen bomb- cosmic rays - elementary compounds. Isomerism - Geometrical isomerism in 4-particles. coordinate, 6-coordinate complexes. Theories on coordination compounds – Werner’s theory (brief), Valence Bond theory.Semiconductor Devices and their Applications Uses of coordination compounds. Bioinorganic compounds (Hemoglobin and chlorophyll).Semiconductor theory - energy band in solids - differencebetween metals, insulators and semiconductors based on band Lattice - unit cell, systems, types of Crystals, packing in solids;theory- semiconductor doping - Intrinsic and Extrinsic semi Ionic crystals – Imperfections in solids – point defects. X-Rayconductors. diffraction – Electrical Property, Amorphous solids (elementary ideas only).Formation of P-N Junction - Barrier potential and depletionlayer-P-N Junction diode - Forward and reverse bias Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium and Chemicalcharacteristics - diode as a rectifier - Zener diode-Zener diode as Kineticsa voltage regulator - LED - seven segment display - LCD. I and II law of thermodynamics – Spontaneous and nonJunction transistors - characteristics - transistor as a switch - spontaneous processes, entropy, Gibb’s free energy – Freetransistor as an amplifier - transistor biasing - RC, LC coupled energy change and chemical equilibrium – significance ofand transformer coupling in amplifiers - feed back in amplifiers - entropy. 17
  • 20. VITEEE-2013Law of mass action – Le Chatlier’s principle, applications of dicarboxylic acids; Preparation of oxalic and succinic acid.chemical equilibrium. Rate expression, order and molecularity Aromatic acids; Benzoic and Salicylic acid – Properties – Uses.of reactions, zero order, first order and pseudo first reaction – Derivatives of carboxylic acids; acetyl chloride (CH3COCl) –half life period. Determination of rate constant and order of Preparation – Properties – Uses. Preparation of acetamide,reaction Temperature dependence of rate constant – Arrhenius Properties – acetic anhydride – preparation, Properties.equation, activation energy. Preparation of esters – methyl acetate – Properties.Electrochemistry Organic Nitrogen CompoundsTheory of electrical conductance; metallic and electrolytic Aliphatic nitro compounds – Preparation of aliphaticconductance. Faraday’s laws – theory of strong electrolytes – nitroalkanes – Properties – Uses. Aromatic nitro compounds –Specific resistance, specific conductance, equivalent and molar Preparation – Properties – Uses. Distinction between aliphaticconductance – Variation of conductance with dilution – and aromatic nitro compounds. Amines; aliphatic amines –Kohlraush’s law – Ionic product of water, pH and pOH – buffer General methods of preparation – Properties – Distinctionsolutions – use of pH values. Cells – Electrodes and electrode between 10, 20 and 30 amines. Aromatic amines – Synthesis ofpotentials – construction of cell and EMF values, Fuel cells, benzylamine – Properties, Aniline – Preparation – Properties –Corrosion and its prevention. Uses. Distinction between aliphatic and aromatic amine. Aliphatic nitriles – Preparation – properties – Uses. DiazoniumIsomerism in Organic Compounds salts – Preparation of benzene diazoniumchloride – Properties.Definition, Classification – structural isomerism, stereo Biomoleculesisomerism – geometrical and optical isomerism. Opticalactivity- chirality – compounds containing chiral Carbohydrates – distinction between sugars and non sugars, centres – R – S notation, D – L notation. structure and formulae of glucose, fructose and sucrose, with their linkages, invert sugar – definition and examples ofAlcohols and Ethers polysaccharides, amino acids, peptides.Nomenclature of alcohols – Classification of alcohols - 0 0distinction between 10, 2 and 3 alcohols – General methods of PART - III - MATHEMATICSpreparation of primary alcohols, properties. Methods of Applications of Matrices and Determinantspreparation of dihydric alcohols: Glycol – Properties – Uses.Methods of preparation of trihydric alcohols - properties – Adjoint, inverse – properties, computation of inverses, solutionuses. Aromatic alcohols – preparation and properties of of system of linear equations by matrix inversion method.phenols and benzyl alcohol. Rank of a matrix – elementary transformation on a matrix,Ethers – Nomenclature of ethers – general methods of consistency of a system of linear equations, Cramer’s rule, non-preparation of aliphatic ethers - Properties – Uses. Aromatic homogeneous equations, homogeneous linear system and rankethers – Preparation of Anisole – Uses. method.Carbonyl Compounds Complex NumbersNomenclature of carbonyl compounds – Comparison of Complex number system - conjugate, properties, ordered pairaldehydes and ketones. General methods of preparation of representation.aldehydes – Properties – Uses. Aromatic aldehydes –Preparation of benzaldehyde – Properties and Uses. Ketones – Modulus – properties, geometrical representation, polar form,general methods of preparation of aliphatic ketones (acetone) – principal value, conjugate, sum, difference, product, quotient,Properties – Uses. Aromatic ketones – preparation of vector interpretation, solutions of polynomial equations, Deacetophenone – Properties – Uses, preparation of Moivre’s theorem and its applications.benzophenone – Properties. Name reactions; Clemmenson Roots of a complex number - nth roots, cube roots, fourth roots.reduction, wolff – kishner reduction, cannizaro reaction,Claisen Schmidt reaction, Benzoin Condensation, aldol Analytical Geometry of two dimensionsCondensation. Preparation and applications of Grignardreagents. Definition of a conic – general equation of a conic, classification with respect to the general equation of a conic,Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives classification of conics with respect to eccentricity.Nomenclature – Preparation of aliphatic monobarboxylic acids Equations of conic sections (parabola, ellipse and hyperbola) in– formic acid – Properties – Uses. Monohydroxy mono standard forms and general forms- Directrix, Focus and Latuscarboxylic acids; Lactic acid – synthesis of lactic acid. Aliphatic18
  • 21. VITEEE-2013rectum - parametric form of conics and chords. - Tangents properties of definite integrals.and normals – cartesian form and parametric form- equation ofchord of contact of tangents from a point (x1 ,y1 ) to all the sinn Reduction formulae – reduction formulae for ò x dx and nabove said curves. ò x dx , Bernoulli’s formula. cosAsymptotes, Rectangular hyperbola – Standard equation of a Area of bounded regions, length of the curve.rectangular hyperbola. Differential EquationsVector Algebra Differential equations - formation of differential equations,Scalar Product – angle between two vectors, properties of scalar order and degree, solving differential equations (1st order),product, applications of dot products. vector product, right variables separable, homogeneous and linear equations.handed and left handed systems, properties of vector product,applications of cross product. Second order linear differential equations - second order linear differential equations with constant co-efficients, finding theProduct of three vectors – Scalar triple product, properties of particular integral if f (x) = emx, sin mx, cos mx, x, x2.scalar triple product, vector triple product, vector product offour vectors, scalar product of four vectors. Probability DistributionsAnalytical Geometry of Three Dimensions Probability – Axioms – Addition law - Conditional probability – Multiplicative law - Baye’s Theorem- Random variable-Direction cosines – direction ratios - equation of a straight line probability density function, distribution function,passing through a given point and parallel to a given line, passing mathematical expectation, variancethrough two given points, angle between two lines. Theoretical distributions - discrete distributions, Binomial,Planes – equation of a plane, passing through a given point and Poisson distributions- Continuous distributions, Normalperpendicular to a line, given the distance from the origin and distribution.unit normal, passing through a given point and parallel to twogiven lines, passing through two given points and parallel to a Discrete Mathematicsgiven line, passing through three given non-collinear points, Mathematical logic – logical statements, connectives, truthpassing through the line of intersection of two given planes, the tables, logical equivalence, tautology, contradiction.distance between a point and a plane, the plane which containstwo given lines (co-planar lines), angle between a line and a Groups-binary operations, semigroups, monoids, groups, orderplane. of a group, order of an element., properties of groups.Skew lines - shortest distance between two lines, condition for PART - IV - BIOLOGYtwo lines to intersect, point of intersection, collinearity of threepoints. TaxonomySphere – equation of the sphere whose centre and radius are Linnaean system of classification and Binomial nomenclature;given, equation of a sphere when the extremities of the history and types of classification; status of bacteria and viruses;diameter are given. classification of angiosperms up to sub-class level (Bentham and Hooker’ systems); salient features of non-chordates up toDifferential Calculus phylum levels and chordates up to class levels.Derivative as a rate measurer - rate of change, velocity, Evolutionacceleration, related rates, derivative as a measure of slope,tangent, normal and angle between curves, maxima and minima. Modern concepts of organic evolution, evidences of organic evolution (Fossil records and biochemical evidences).Mean value theorem- Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange Mean Value Darwinism and neo – Darwinism, Lamarckism, Neo-Theorem, Taylor’s and Maclaurin’s series, L’ Hospital’s Rule, Lamarckism, sources of variation, mutation, recombination,stationary points, increasing, decreasing, maxima, minima, genetic drift, migration, natural selection. Origin and conceptsconcavity, convexity and points of inflexion. of species: speciation and isolation (geographical pre-mating and post-mating or post zygotic), adaptive radiations.Errors and approximations – absolute, relative, percentageerrors- curve tracing, partial derivatives, Euler’s theorem. Cell and Molecular BiologyIntegral Calculus and its Applications Discovery of cell, cell as a contained unit, pro and eukaryotic cells and its ultra structure. Cell division: amitosis, mitosis andSimple definite integrals – fundamental theorems of calculus, meiosis. The cell: cell wall, cell membrane and cell organelles 19
  • 22. VITEEE-2013(Plastids, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, Physiology: Plant and Humanribosomes, lysosomes, vacuoles, and centrioles) Plant Physiology: Movement of water, food, nutrients, gasesDNA and RNA, DNA as genetic material, RNA as genetic and minerals. Respiration, photosynthesis (light and darkmaterial replication, transcription, genetic code, translation, reactions), Factors affecting photosynthesis, electron transportgene expression and regulation, protein synthesis, DNA repair. chain (ETC), glycolysis, Kreb’s cycle, pentose phosphate pathway, hormones and growth regulators, Photo-periodismReproduction and genetics and vernalization.Reproduction in organisms: asexual and sexual reproduction, Human Physiology: Digestion and absorption, breathing andsexual reproduction in flowering plants, structure of flowers, respiration, body fluids and circulation, excretory system,pollination , fertilization, development of seeds and fruits, endocrine system, nervous system, skeletal and muscularapomixes, and poly-embryony systems: locomotion, and movement, growth, aging and death. Hormones; types of hormones and its functions.Human reproduction: reproductive system in male and female,menstrual cycles, production of gametes, fertilization, Biotechnology and its applicationsimplantation, embryo development, pregnancy, parturition and Recombinant DNA technology, applications in health,lactation. Sex determination in human, XX and XY agriculture and industries; genetically modified organisms; bio-Chromosomes: structure and types, genes and genomes, linkage safety issues, insulin and Bt cotton, transgenic plants andand crossing over, recombination of chromosomes, mutation, microbes, plant tissue culture and its application,chromosomal aberration, Mendelian inheritance, chromosomal micropropagation, protoplasmic fusions, single cell proteins,theory of inheritance, deviation from Mendelian ratio (gene biotechnology products in animal sciences and dairy.interaction, incomplete dominance, co-dominance, Biodiversity, ecology, and environmentcomplimentary gene, multiple allelism), chromosomal disordersin humans. Ecosystems: components, types, and energy flow in ecosystem; species, population and community, ecological adaptations,Microbiology and Immunology centers of diversity and conservation of bio-diversity, botanicalIntroduction to microbial diversity, history of medical gardens, national parks, sanctuaries and museums, environmental issues, human population explosion, greenmicrobiology, discovery of antibiotics, pasteurization, house effects, ozone layer depletion, government and Non-microscopes. Fungi, bacteria, virus, protozoa, algae – beneficial government agencies handling environmental issues: povertyand harmful. Parasites and pathogens. Structure of microbes and freshwater crisis, and management.and diseases caused by them.. Microbes in households, foodprocessing, industrial production of microbial products, Applied biology and human welfareSewage treatment, waste management, and energy generation.Basic concepts of immunology: Innate and humoral immunity, Bio-pesticides, genetically modified foods, bio-war, bio-piracy, bio-pattern, sustainable agriculture and medicinal plants,lymphoid organs, lymph nodes and spleen, antibodies, vaccines, economic important plants (food crops, oil seeds, fiber yielding,transplantation immunology, immune system disorders. sugar crops and timber yielding), bio-pharming, pesticides,Biochemistry organic agriculture. Population and birth control, contraception and MTP, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, cancer andSturcture and function of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins. AIDS. Adolescence and drug/or alcohol abuse.Disaccharide, starch, glycogen, fats, cholesterol, amino acids,peptides. Primary, Secondary and tertiary structure of proteins. Advanced BiologyEnzymes, sturcure and mechanism of enzyme catalysis, Plant and human genome projects, DNA fingerprinting and itsspecificity of enzymes, co factors an co-enzymes. applications, Bioinformatics and its applications, DNA sequencing and protein structure and biological databases.20
  • 23. VITEEE-2013 APPENDIX – V SAMPLE QUESTIONS PART – I – PHYSICS1. Three equal charges +Q each are placed on the vertices of an equilateral triangle. A charge +q is initially placed at the centre of the triangle. If this charge (+q) is slightly displaced towards a vertex and left free, the charge will A) continue moving towards the corresponding vertex B) move away from the corresponding vertex C) return back to the centre D) oscillate about the centre2. A particle of charge q and mass m is moving in a circular orbit of radius r with angular speed w particle of charge 2q . Another and mass 2m is moving in a circular orbit of radius 2r with the same angular speed w and m . Let m2, respectively, be the 1 magnitudes of the magnetic dipole moments of the two particles arising because of their orbital motion. Then the ratio m 2m 1 is equal to A) 2 B) 4 C) 8 D) 163. Three capacitors of capacitances 2m X m F, 4m F are connected in series. If the resultant capacitance is 12/11 mis the F and F, what value of X ? A) 6 m F B) 8 m F C) 5 m F D) 4 m F4. at 200C. The The resistance of a thin silver wire is 1.0 W wire is placed in a liquid bath and its resistance rises to 1.2 Wthe . What is temperature of the bath? The temperature co-efficient of resistance (a is 4 x 10-3/0C. ) for silver A) 730C B) 700C C) 690C D) 720C5. Two insulating plates are both uniformly charged in such a way that the potential difference between them is V2 - V1 = 20 V (i.e. plate 2 is at a higher potential). The plates are separated by a distance d = 0.1 m and can be treated as infinitely large. An electron is released from rest on the inner surface of plate 1. What is its speed when it hits plate 2 ? A) 2.65 x 106 m/s B) 7.02 x 1012 m/s C) 1.87 x 106 m/s D) 3 x 108 m/s6. A long straight wire carries a constant current of 5 A. At a distance of 10 cm from the straight wire, a shorter wire of length 10 cm and mass 3 g is kept parallel to it and carries a current of 3 A. If the shorter wire is released from its position, it’s acceleration just after being released is A) 10-3 m/s2 B) 2 x 10-3 m/s2 C) 4 x 10-3 m/s2 D) 5 x 10-3 m/s27. Two electron beams having velocities in the ratio of 1:2 are separately subjected to regions of magnetic field strength in the ratio of 1:2, respectively. The ratio of the radii of the circular paths they will traverse will be A) 1:4 B) 4:1 C) 1:2 D) 1:18. An alternating current, i=i0 sin (wthrough an electrical circuit. If w t) passes is the angular frequency and T is the time period of the alternating current, the thermal energy developed in a resistor R in the circuit during one time period will be A) I02RT/2 B) I02RT/4 C) zero D) I02RT9. An ideal transformer with a step up ratio of 100 operates with an input voltage of 230 V and current of 5 A. The output current at the secondary will be A) 0.05 A B) 0.5 A C) 0.005 A D) 500 A ®10. ˆ The electric field component of an electromagnetic radiation is given by E=i10sin{(108m-1)(x-vt).The wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation is x 10-8 m A) 2p x 10-7 m B) 2p x 10-8 m C) p D) (p -8 m /2)x 10 21
  • 24. VITEEE-2013 PART – II – CHEMISTRY1. With increasing quantum number, the energy difference between adjacent energy levels in H-atom (as per Bohr’s Model) A) increases B) decreases C) remains constant D) cannot be determined2. One of the elements below has all its electrons spin paired, identify it A) O B) Cl C) N D) Ne3. Which of the following is an effective reducing agent? A) H2O B) H2S C) H2Te D) H2Se4. Among the following the one that is ferromagnetic? A) CrO2 B) Fe3O4 C) MgFe2O4 D) MgCr2O45. The IUPAC name of [CuCl2{O=C(NH2)2}2] is A) dichloridobis(urea)copper(II) B) bis(urea)dichloridocopper(II) C) dichloridobis(ureaido)copper(II) D) bis(ureaido)dichloridocopper(II)6. The coordination geometry around magnesium ion and the size of any one of the corresponding chelate rings present in a molecule of chlorophyll are, respectively A) tetrahedral and six membered B) tetrahedral and five membered C) square planar and six membered D) square planar and five membered7. For a reaction A® concentration of A is 0.1M. After t = 10 min, the concentration of A becomes 0.01M. The B + C, initial numerical value of rate constant of the reaction is 9. What is the order of the reaction? A) Zero order B) First order C) Second order D) Third order8. In the Hydrogen-Oxygen fuel cell, which of the following overall reaction takes place? A) 2H2(g) + O2(g) ®2H2O(l) B) 2H2(g) + O2(g) ®2H2O(g) C) 2H2(l) + O2(l) ® 2H2O(s) D) 2H2(l) + O2(l) ® 2H2O(l)9. Shape of Carbanion CH3- is A) Linear B) Bent C) Pyramidal D) Tetrahedral10. Lower boiling point of ethers in comparison to those of alcohols of comparable molecular masses is due to A) polarity of ether B) dipole moment of ether C) absence of extensive hydrogen bonding D) both A and B22
  • 26. VITEEE-2013 PART – III – BIOLOGY1. Binomial nomenclature was given by A) Lamarck B) Linnaeus C) Darwin D) Tijo and Levan2. What is the scientific rationale behind Lamarckism? A) Germplasm theory B) Mutation theory C) Natural selection D) use and disuse of organs3. Single membrane bound organelles present in the cell which contain a number of hydrolytic enzymes are called A) Lysosomes B) Phagosomes C) Mesosomes D) Peroxisomes4. Lampbrush chromosomes are seen in A) Prophase B) Mitotic metaphase C) Mitosis D) Meiotic prophase5. In nature, cleistogamous flowers are A) Self-pollinated B) Insect-pollinated C) Wind pollinated D) Bird pollinated6. Which of the following is the odd category among worms? A) Taenia solium B) Ascaris lumbricoides C) Fasciola hepatica D) Planaria7. Which of the following disease-causing microbe is NOT transmitted by fecal-oral route? A) Polio virus B) Hepatitis B virus C) Vibrio cholerae D) E.coli8. Cholesterol is a A) derived lipid B) phospholipid C) glycolipid D) simple lipid9. In grasslands, ergot feeds by following grazing cows. Cow during grazing exposes insects from grasses to ergots. This is an example of A) Ammensalism B) Commensalism C) Mutualism D) Parasitism10. Which one of the following algae is used for production of agar agar? A) Acetabularia B) Macroalgae C) Gelidium D) Rhodoymenia24
  • 27. VITEEE-2013 ANNEXURE I AFFIDAVIT BY THE STUDENT (This matter has to be typed on a non-judicial stamp paper of ` 20)I, ________________________________________________________________________ (full name of student with admission/registration/enrolment number) s/o d/o Mr./Mrs./Ms. __________________ , having been admitted to _________________________________________ (name of the institution), have received a copy of the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009, (hereinafter called the “Regulations”) carefully read and fully understood the provisions contained in the said Regulations.2) I have, in particular, perused clause 3 of the Regulations and am aware as to what constitutes ragging.3) I have also, in particular, perused clause 7 and clause 9.1 of the Regulations and am fully aware of the penal and administrative action that is liable to be taken against me in case I am found guilty of or abetting ragging, actively or passively, or being part of a conspiracy to promote ragging.4) I hereby solemnly aver and undertake that a) I will not indulge in any behaviour or act that may be constituted as ragging under clause 3 of the Regulations. b) I will not participate in or abet or propagate through any act of commission or omission that may be constituted as ragging under clause 3 of the Regulations.5) I hereby affirm that, if found guilty of ragging, I am liable for punishment according to clause 9.1 of the Regulations, without prejudice to any other criminal action that may be taken against me under any penal law or any law for the time being in force.6) I hereby declare that I have not been expelled or debarred from admission in any institution in the country on account of being found guilty of, abetting or being part of a conspiracy to promote, ragging; and further affirm that, in case the declaration is found to be untrue, I am aware that my admission is liable to be cancelled.Declared this ___day of __________ month of ______year. ______________________ Signature of deponent Name: VERIFICATIONVerified that the contents of this affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and no part of the affidavit is false and nothing has beenconcealed or misstated therein.Verified at ___________________ (place) on this the ____ (day), of ____ (month), _______(year ). ______________________ Signature of deponentSolemnly affirmed and signed in my presence on this the _____(day) of ______(month), _______(year ) after reading the contents ofthis affidavit. OATH COMMISSIONER / ADVOCATE AND NOTORY PUBLIC 25
  • 28. VITEEE-2013 ANNEXURE II AFFIDAVIT BY PARENT/GUARDIAN (This matter has to be typed on a nonjudicial stamp paper of ` 20)I, Mr./Mrs./Ms. ___________________________________________________________ (full name of parent/guardian) father/mother/guardian of, ______________________________________ (full name of student with admission/registration/enrolment number) , having been admitted to _____________________________ (name of the institution), have received a copy of the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009, (hereinafter called the “Regulations”), carefully read and fully understood the provisions contained in the said Regulations.2) I have, in particular, perused clause 3 of the Regulations and am aware as to what constitutes ragging.3) I have also, in particular, perused clause 7 and clause 9.1 of the Regulations and am fully aware of the penal and administrative action that is liable to be taken against my ward in case he/she is found guilty of or abetting ragging, actively or passively, or being part of a conspiracy to promote ragging.4) I hereby solemnly aver and undertake that a) My ward will not indulge in any behaviour or act that may be constituted as ragging under clause 3 of the Regulations. b) My ward will not participate in or abet or propagate through any act of commission or omission that may be constituted as ragging under clause 3 of the Regulations.5) I hereby affirm that, if found guilty of ragging, my ward is liable for punishment according to clause 9.1 of the Regulations, without prejudice to any other criminal action that may be taken against my ward underany penal law or any law for the time being in force.6) I hereby declare that my ward has not been expelled or debarred from admission in any institution in the country on account of being found guilty of, abetting or being part of a conspiracy to promote, ragging; and further affirm that, in case the declaration is found to be untrue, the admission of my ward is liable to be cancelled. Declared this ___day of __________ month of ______year. _____________________ Signature of deponent Name : Address: Telephone/ Mobile No.: VERIFICATION Verified that the contents of this affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and no part of the affidavit is false and nothing has been concealed or misstated therein. Verified at ___________________(place) on this the ______ (day), of _____(month), ______(year ) . _____________________ Signature of deponent Solemnly affirmed and signed in my presence on this the ______(day), of _____(month), ______(year ) after reading the contents of this affidavit. OATH COMMISSIONER / ADVOCATE AND NOTORY PUBLIC26
  • 29. VITEEE-2013 ANNEXURE III CERTIFICATE TO PROVE NATIVITY (For candidates hailing from Jammu and Kashmir and the North Eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura)Certified that Mr. / Ms. ___________________________________________________________________________ anapplicant for admission to B.Tech. Degree programme in the year ___________________________, son / daughter of Shri. /Smt__________________________________________________________________________________ residingat____________________________________________________________________________________________________in _____________________________ District of _____________________________________ State, is a native of_____________________________________ State.Signature of Tahsildar or Revenue AuthorityName :Designation :Place :Date :Office Seal : Office Seal THE FORM OF CASTE CERTIFICATE FOR SC / STCertified that Mr. / Ms. __________________________________________________________________________ an applicantfor admission to B.Tech. Degree programme in the year ___________________________, son / daughter of Shri. / Smt____________________________________________________________ residing at________________________________________________________________________ in _____________________________________ Districtof _____________________________ belongs to the _____________________________________________ Caste / Tribe,which is recognized as a Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe under the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950 / The Constitution(Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950, as amended by the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders amendment Act, 1976.Signature of Competent AuthorityName :Designation :Place :Date : Office Seal Authorities empowered to issue Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe Certificatel District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector / Deputy Collector / Deputy Commissioner / 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate / City Magistrate / Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Taluk Magistrate / Executive Magistrate / Extra Assistant Commissioner.l Chief Presidency Magistrate / Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate / Presidency Magistratel Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahsildarl Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the candidate and / or his family normally resides 27
  • 30. VITEEE-2013 IMPORTANT DATES. Last date for Issue & Receipt of Applications form Thursday February 28, 2013 VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE-2013) - April 15th to 30th, 2013 Declaration of Results (Tentative) Monday May 6th, 2013 Commencement of Classes (Tentative) - Vellore Campus B.Tech. – CSE, IT Monday July 01, 2013. B.Tech-ECE, EEE, EIE Wednesday July 03, 2013 B.Tech. – Bioinformatics, Bio-Medical, Biotech, Civil, Mechanical, Mech(spec. in Energy Engg, Mech(spec. in Chemical Process Engg), Friday July 05, 2013. Mech (spec. in Automotive Engg) For Admission details contact: For Hostel details contact: Director - UG Admissions Chief Warden VIT University VIT University Vellore – 632 014, Tamil Nadu, INDIA Vellore – 632 014, Tamil Nadu, INDIA Phone: 0416-220 2028 (2 lines), 220 2528 Phone: +91-416-2202168, 2202157 Fax: +91-416 224 5544, 224 5766 Mens Hostel: +91-416-220 2028 (2 lines), 220 2528 Email: Fax: +91-416 224 4705 Ladies Hostel: +91-416-220 2710 Website: Fax: +91-416 420 7074 Commencement of Classes (Tentative) - Chennai Campus B.Tech. – Civil, CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechancial Wednesday July 03, 2013. For Admission details contact: For Hostel details contact: Administrative Officer Chief Warden VIT University Chennai Campus Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road Chennai - 600 127 Chennai - 600 127 Tel: +91 44 3993 1555 Tel: +91 44 3993 1205 Fax: +91 44 3993 2555 Mens Hostel: +91 44 3993 1205 Ladies Hostel: +91 44 3993 1251 Email: Fax: +91 44 3993 255528
  • 31. VITEEE-2012 SCHOLARSHIP UNDER “GV SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME” (GVSDP) Performance Scholarship Toppers of each State Board and Central Board 100% fee waiver for all the four years. VITEEE rank holders of 1 to 50 75% fee waiver for all the four years. VITEEE rank holders of 51 to 100 50% fee waiver for all the four years. VITEEE rank holders of 101 to 1000 Annual fees (Tuition fee & Special fee) : ` 95,000 r We do not accept cash. We collect fees only in the form of Demand drafts. r We do not have any agents. r If any one demands any cash, please report it to to enable us to take legal action. VIT-A place to learn; A chance to growLegal JurisdictionAll Suits and actions arising out of or relating to VIT University shall be instituted within the jurisdiction of courtsat Vellore, Tamil Nadu only. The Registrar of the University shall be the legal person in whose name the Universitymay sue or be sued.
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