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Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
Matt Couch
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Matt Couch


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  • 1. By: Matthew Couch
  • 2. Parents
    • My mom was born on April 22, 1954 at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Both her parents are from Panama.
    • My dad was born on November 22, 1958 at Air Force Base in Germany. His mother was born in Belgium, Germany but his father’s birth of place is unknown because he was adopted.
    • Yvonne Marie Barger / Couch
    • Michael Stephen Couch
    • Edward’s Air Force in California
  • 3. Grandma
    • My grandma was born on November 17, 1925 in Panama.
    • She became a United States citizen on March 7, 1955.
    • She married my grandpa, Rodney Josiah Barger on September 9, 1950 in Albrook Field, Canal Zone.
    • Beatriz Isabel Mckay
  • 4. Beatriz Isabel McKay’s Family History
    • Her mother was Luciana Almendral of Panama.
    • Her father was Guillermo McKay of Panama.
    • Guillermo’s father was Oscar Marcelino and his mother was Pastora de Gracia de McKay.
    • Luciana’s father was Francisco Melendez and her mother was Dionisia Almendral.
  • 5. Grandpa
    • My grandpa was born on May 6, 1929 in Panama Canal.
    • He went in the air force at the age of 17 and retired with the ranking as a master sergeant in communications.
    • Rodney Josiah Barger
  • 6. Rodney Josiah Barger’s Family History
    • His mother was Mildred Alexandria Smith. She was born on September 7, 1909 in Spanish Town, Jamaica but ended up in Panama.
    • His father was Evan Allen Barger born in March 30, 1908 in Layette City, Panama. He was a merchant stationed in Panama. He married Mildred on May 21, 1928 in Ancon, Canal Zone.
  • 7. Rodney Josiah Barger’s Family History Cont’d…
    • Evan’s father was Washington Holister Barger and he was born in Pennsylvania. His mother was born in Pennsylvania as well.
    • Mildred’s father was Alexander Cook and her mother’s name is unknown.
  • 8. Siblings
    • Richard Stephen Couch is my oldest brother. He was born on April 26, 1986 in Pomona, California.
    • Christopher Micheal Couch is my middle brother. He was born on October 3, 1988 in Pomona, California.
  • 9. Michael Stephen Couch’s Family History
    • My father’s mother, Germaine, refused to give any information about her ancestry or the ancestry of my dad’s father, Benjamin Couch.
    • The only information I know is that Germaine was from Belgium and came to the United States when she married Benjamin.
    • Benjamin was in the Air Force and stationed in Germany when they met.
  • 10. Michael Stephen Couch’s Family History Cont’d…
    • Germaine came to the States after my dad was born which was in 1958.
    • Germaine has bad memories of the war and does not like to discuss her past.
  • 11. Matthew Ethan Couch
    • Im a 20 year old young buck .
    • My birthday is December 4, 1990.
    • I was born in Chino California. I lived in Ontario my whole life.
    • I enjoy the outdoors and hunting is a hobby of mine. This picture is of me and my middle brother Chris. r