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  • 1. Mamas and Papas
  • 2. Mission Statement
    • Goal-To inform and provide young students of Campbellsville University, Campbellsville High School, Taylor County High School ways to raise their children while attending school. 
    • Website’s statement: The Mission of Educated Mamas and Papas is to support those student parents with raising children and balancing school. This site will guide parents to tips, testimonials and social sites where you can meet other student parents and share experiences.
  • 3. Danger!!
  • 4. A New Life
  • 5. Target Goals
    • Target Audience  
    • Age:Parents 15-25 years
    • Taylor County and Campbellsville University 
    • -hold a seminar on how to balance school and family
    • -build awareness through social media use
    • -possibly create a daycare service on campus or create fliers and create a babysitting group where non-parent students can earn extra cash while helping out a classmate.
    • -In an effort to save time, the school can provide a form of transportation for the students to put their kids on to take to school or a daycare facility.
    • Day care - Parents get education while children are carefully looked after
    • -save time because on campus
    • -spend less gas
    • -Closeness- Visit while on break from a class- MOMMY TIME
    • -Convinence of being on campus and so close to your kid
    • Create a Community of Parental Students through Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Youtube, 
  • 6. Publication Calendar
  • 7. Diagram
    • The center of the diagram will be the website. The blog will be used to inform mamas and papas and allow for testimonies. The testimonies can be integrated with youtube. Videos of testimonials and tips will be posted by members of the communities. Facebook will be used to announce when the Health Department announces things along with various support groups in town.  It can link to the blog and the youtube videos of testimonials and also keep the groups and sub groups connected.
  • 8. SM with M n P
    • Sites
    • Website:  The center of the whole network, will connect to all social media sites. 
    • Twitter:  announcements
    • Youtube: Testimonials and tips
    • Blog: Articles about how to support yourself and others. 2) Emotional testimonies can be provided with integrated video. 3) Videos of testimonials and tips can be posted. 4) Workout issues with blog being a form of personal expression. 5) Need to reconcile to be creative.
    • Facebook: 1) Chat with each other comment on each other's ideas and also communicate with each other. 2) Find other social networking groups for activism Announcements. 3) Public announcements concerning health Department and family resource center 
    • Ning: Creates a new social network. 2) Creates Community 3) New Feel 4) A sense of belonging to something special 
  • 9. Web Site
    • Home Page
  • 10. Blog site
    • Intro
  • 11. Blog cont.
    • PR
  • 12. Facebook
    • Home
  • 13. Youtube
    • Feature
  • 14. Ning
  • 15. Ning Cont.
  • 16. Ning Cont.
  • 17. Resources used
    • Content -
    • Law -