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Get up get moving quiz
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Get up get moving quiz






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    Get up get moving quiz Get up get moving quiz Presentation Transcript

    • By Matthew DavidsonSTART
    • Question 1 How long do you have to run to burn off thecalories from a ‘Big Mac Meal’? 10 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour
    • The Answer is… You would have to run for 30 minutes to burn offthe calories in a Big MacNext Question
    • Question 2 Which food contains the most vitamin C? Brussels Sprouts Oranges
    • The Answer is… When compared weight for weight, amazinglyBrussels sprouts contain three times the amountof vitamin C as oranges!Next Question
    • Question 3 How many grams of salt are you meant to have aday? 2g 6g 10g
    • The Answer is… Adults and those aged 14+ are recommended tohave a maximum of 6g of salt per day.Next Question
    • Question 4 Although not great, it’s OK to have a small amountof chocolate as part of a balanced diet. But whichtype is healthiest? Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate
    • The Answer is… A bar of dark chocolate is the better choice. Allchocolate contains cocoa butter, which is a sourceof saturated fat, but milk chocolate also containsmilk-derived butterfat, which gives it the creamytaste. The extra milk solids add to the fatcontent.Next Question
    • Question 5 We’re advised to eat five portions of fruit and vegetableeach day, but which of the following doesn’t counttowards the five? Baked Beans Chips
    • The answer is… Baked Beans are one of your five a day.Next Question
    • Question 6 It’s breakfast time. Do you: Have a quick cup of coffee and a breakfast bar Have a bowl of cereal and a slice of toast
    • The Answer is… The answer is having cereal and toast because itwill keep you going to lunch, whereas coffee willonly give you a short burst of caffeene.Next Question
    • Question 7 There’s nutrition in fruit and veg when they’ve beentinned. True False
    • The Answer is… True, because cans are vacuum-sealed to keepthem fresh.Next Question
    • Well done You Finished The Quiz