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Protestanism & Catholic Reformation
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Protestanism & Catholic Reformation


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Spread of Protestantism
  • 2. Switzerland - Reformed Church
    • Salvation by faith alone
    • Denounced many Catholic traditions such as purgatory and indulgences
    • Wanted a complete separation from Catholicism
    • Theocracy - church-run state in Zurich
  • 3. John Calvin
    • Grew up in Catholic France
    • Humanist
    • Studied the bible
    • Wrote The Institutes of the Christian Religion
  • 4. Switzerland - Calvinism
    • John Calvin - theocracy in Geneva
    • God was all-knowing and all-powerful
    • Predestination - God determines the fate of every person
    • All citizens had to attend church and could have their homes inspected
  • 5. Calvinism
    • Spread throughout Europe because local ministers and elected church members - very democratic
    • Had a very loyal following
    • Followers encouraged people to overthrow “ungodly” rulers
    • Led to rise of revolutionary movements in 1600s and 1700s
  • 6. Anabaptists
    • Baptized new adult members only
    • Only people who could make free and informed choices
    • Did not listen to government authority and refused to participate in society
    • Radical groups led to their downfall even though most groups were peaceful
    • Future Baptists, Mennonites, and Amish
    • Religious liberty and separation of church and state
  • 7. King Henry VIII
  • 8. Church of England
    • Separated from Catholic Church because Pope would not allow King Henry VII to divorce and marry again
    • Henry wanted a son to succeed him
    • Parliament passed laws making the King the head of the church
    • Kept catholic faith and traditions
  • 9. Dispute over Church of England
    • Devout Catholics refused to acknowledge authority of King
    • He closed monasteries, seized land, and used money for personal gain
    • Henry finally got a son with his 6th marriage
  • 10. I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am Herman’s Hermits (1965)
    • I'm Henry the Eighth, I am!
    • Henry the Eighth I am! I am!
    • I got married to the widow next door,
    • She's been married seven times before.
    • Every one was an Henry
    • She wouldn't have a William or a Sam
    • I'm her eighth old man named Henry
    • Henry the Eighth I am.
  • 11. Succession to Throne
    • Edward VI - died in his teens
    • Mary - tried to restore Catholicism, burned many Protestants at the stake - became known as “Bloody Mary”
    • Elizabeth I - tried to blend Protestant and Catholic traditions - Anglicanism
  • 12. Edward, Mary, Elizabeth
  • 13. Puritanism
    • Protestants in England that wanted to “purify” the church of Catholic rituals
  • 14. Catholic Reformation OR THE Counter-Reformation
  • 15. Goals
    • Church eliminated abuses
    • Clarified its theology
    • Reestablished the pope’s authority over church member
  • 16. Council of Trent
    • Pope Paul III and Bishops meet in Italy
    • 1545-1563
  • 17. Council of Trent
    • Salvation comes through faith and good works
    • Church tradition and the bible are equals as sources for religious truth
    • Forbid the selling of indulgences
    • Clergy had strict rules
    • Each diocese had to create a seminary
  • 18. Other Items of Catholic Reformation
    • Introduced censorship to stop humanist and Protestant thinking
    • Forbidden book list
    • Kept masses elaborate and in Latin
  • 19. Divided Europe
    • Holy Roman Empire - middle European countries governed by one emporer
    • Allowed each prince to choose its religion
    • Divided Europe into Protestant north and Catholic south
  • 20. Why support Protestantism?
    • Religious conviction (your beliefs)
    • Allowed princes to expand power
    • Supported the business side of the economy
    • Way to defy the Italian-controlled Catholic Church